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There is a connection between Bernie Sanders and Jesus. From my Facebook today.

sassygirl3869 9 Dec 26

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Bernie was my mayor when I lived in Burlington, VT years ago. Love Bernie


Also between Babe Ruth and Colonel Sanders

lerlo Level 8 Dec 27, 2017

They were both born Jewish.

@sassygirl3869 Please help me understand the "religion gene" and why no other religion has it.


Bernie Sanders is great. Bernie Sanders give us hope in the US system, a small hope but hope. And I'm not an American. I wish we had a BS in my country, Australia, instead of bunch of right of centre nobodies.




I find it ironic that the "Party of Jesus" would do anything to harm the very people Jesus gave his life to defend.


I worked for his campaign, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


Pope Frank called Bernie the most Christian of all the candidates for POTUS. Ha!


Well he halfway right. The NT Jesus certainly portayed in this way. Trouble is it is all fiction.

1st Century Jews certainly resented their financial plight. They had to pay taxes to Rome and pay a Temple tax as well as go to Jerusalem as a pilgrimage on passover to sacrifice at the Temple. This inlvolved buying sacrficial animals from approved vendors. You also had to pay fot your sacrifice in Temple money, not every day money .So you had "money exchangers" not "money lenders" in the often misunderstood point.

2 points to make here;

  1. The writers of the gospels were very keen to show their version of Jesus violently opposed these money exchangers as it was a major bone of contention in Isreal before the fall of the Temple in AD 70 because that was a political hot potato of the day .The Pharisees being the main beneficiaries because they actually created the Temple money that required hard earmed real money to purchase it ,giving them a considerable and easy income. The writers of the gospels wanted to show their hero fighting this cause,maybe he did stand up for the rightous worshippers,who knows? ,I like to think he would have,but we have no other real proof to be honest.
  2. Banks today fulfill the same role,they create our money which we have to buy(borrow at interest),so Bernie's comparison is correct,if not a bit clumsy.

Lmao! I love this!


Love this guy!


Jesus was a Jew ? Goodness gracious me !


Yes I do.


Stifled? I'd be more inclined to see it as becoming a mouth piece for them.


Do you think he will ever run for office on an atheist agenda?........LOL

During one of the debates he was asked about his belief in God. He answered the way I would have if I couldn't just come straight out and say I was a secular humanist


The bird landing on his podium was an indicator! 🙂




Where have all the centrist gone?


I have never seen Jesus and Bernie in the same room. Just saying.

LOL ... me either!


And if Bernie Had been elected, congress would have crucified him....he would have wound up having his great ideas made to look like failures. I think congress needs to evolve before our presidency can support a Bernie Sanders...wonder who is judas was....the DNC?...hehe

Progressive candidates are doing pretty well in a number of different races these days. Today's reality does not dictate tomorrow. It's a subtle ebb and flow.

This Congress wasn't going to work with anyone not twice as conservative as Reagan was.

@macrobius I have been keeping track. I was hoping for a backlash. After Obama was elected, he got slammed with a republican congress, and changed his political stance, as he put it, "The people have spoken and I hear you." I am hoping for a crippling of the trumpling agenda.


I Knew It!!!!

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