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LINK Why would someone do this?

Hot date or ran out of time at home?

HippieChick58 9 June 16

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Down with fakebook links

I know, I'm sorry.


not sure where I saw it but someone was shaving their legs at a public swimming pool

btroje Level 9 June 17, 2018

Is this woman any weirder, or a greater hazard to herself than than a driver passing me at over a 100km per hour shaving in his visor mirror? LLOL If the train/subway suddenly jerked, blood everywhere. But each to her/his own. Many can rationalize anything they do. Just check out all those unbelievable selfies posted almost continuously.




Made me chuckle. Wonder how far up she shaved.


Or sent in to the Daily Mail by someone seeking a cash payment?
If it's in the Daily Mail, I immediately become wary.

Petter Level 8 June 16, 2018

Ummmm... I like to think I have an open mind but this is ...... well......I don't know what this is. I'm trying not to be too judgey!!!! ??


That's just odd.

To say the least 😀


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