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Will Trump win in 2020?

Has anyone changed their mind about Bernie Sanders, and the America he wants to see in the future, since the last election?

I received many great answers to my last question asking if Americans view Canada as a socialist country.

Many Canadians are just as informed about American politics as we are our own - in some cases, due to vast, sometimes disturbing changes (within the current administration in particular), even more so. Our discussions about Trump are no doubt as frequent as your own, with major concerns about the current state and future of the US, and the impact it will have on the world.

I am a huge fan of Bernie Sanders, who I believe is a solid, honest man with great integrity, regardless of whether one agrees with his ideas. Many of us here would love to see him win 2020, but I understand there is still this fear of socialism, which is not to be confused with social democracy, where social programs are in place to protect all of its citizens - not just the very wealthy few.

My gut told me Trump would become president, from the moment I heard his first speech (much to my chagrin). Now, I can't imagine a second term for Trump - my gut tells me no, which I understand is not based in any reality of the possible outcome. What are your thoughts on this now? Will Trump be reelected? Could Bernie win? All the signs of him running again are there.

By Athena8
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I sure hope the hell not! Trump is a disaster! The DNC screwed up big time in 2016. Bernie Sanders should have been the nominee. Hopefully, they learned their lesson going into 2020. I'm much rather have a President Sanders than a President Trump.

Edit: Not to mention that all of the polls had Sanders stomping Trump in the general election!

balou Level 8 June 18, 2018

^^^^Whoo Hoo! Exactly!


He needs to go before he starts a world war! He's not just messing with the States he's messing with the world! GET RID!

So very scary and true!

I'm glad it's not just me. Thank you.


Like others on here I do not believe tRump will still be president in 2020. It really all depends on the 2018 election. Got out and vote for sanity.

bobhoff59 Level 7 June 17, 2018

I don't think he'll survive his first term. Once the curtain is pulled back, even those who support him will be hard pressed to justify having such a rancid, corrupt criminal sitting in that once honorable office.

Dingodog Level 7 June 17, 2018

What you say is so very logical. However, based on his win as president in the first place, it tells me/us that there is something else at work that doesn't always make sense, using logic or reason.

@Athena I hope most of your prognostications have been. Wrong. I was so excited when he announced that I was rooting that he and Palin would win the nomination. Little do I know. Thanks Russia, tanks Comey, thanks. Rednecks.


The real fear....will he change the constitution to stay in power come 2024.
Erdogan (Turkey) is illustrative of how power corrupts.....

RPardoe Level 7 June 16, 2018

He can't change the Constitution. It takes 2/3 of both houses plus 34 states. He'd have to come up with a plan now just to get it done logistically in time.

@jwd45244 Correct. But he has made comments that "president for life" and the abolition of term limits such as China's Xi might be something to try in the US. Or perhaps Ivanka takes the reigns of power for terms 3 and 4?

As you said, it needs a plan. Fortunately, what I have seen so far is much more impulsive, spur of the moment planning, so might be less of a concern. But I thought the same about his election in the first place, and was unpleasantly surprised.

He can do anything he wants as long as the Republicans continue to roll over and play dead. I love the Constitution but if there's no one to protect it, we got nothin'.


From th begening I hated trump he lied its ass off and cheated the entire election. With Russina trolls and hacking he won. it can never ever be trusted. it proved at every turn.

benhmiller Level 7 June 16, 2018

Bernie is by a long shot the most intelligent and evolved candidate around. I think he might have been able to beat Trump, given a chance in 2016. But Im afraid the country has move too far right now? We may have to settle for a more centrist candidate? IDK But right now, I would take almost any living human being over the sociopath Trump,

soulnomad2 Level 3 June 16, 2018

I'm more optimistic: those who were Right have become entrenched, those who are not have become energized. I think it's all up for grabs where this is headed. But I'm hopeful.


When there was the slightest whisper The Donald would run for office I laughed myself silly and was convinced there was no way this country is going to allow that to happen. Appearantly I was wrong.

I see The Donald is surrounding himself with protection. A lot of it, from very slimey people. He is a well greased piglet, and is going to be a slippery grab to toss off the farm.

The POTUS is a figurehead. One man does not run this country. The question is how well organized is the collective who does, and what are they willing to allow.

The frightening prospect is that with the nation so divided and infighting as it is much will slip by as the smoke and mirrors are very active. Which is more profitable, more insurection and war, or peace?

RoseyRose Level 6 June 17, 2018

I think Bernie definitely could have won in 2016, and I think he could win in 2020. The DNC really shot themselves in the foot in 2016, and Trump is the result of that. Hillary had a big black cloud over her head from being involved in so many scandals, then there was the whole rigging the primaries deal, so you had a lot of mad Bernie supporters that voted for Gary Johnson instead. As far as I know, Sanders does not have the history of questionable ethics that Hillary does, so I think that makes him a viable candidate. However, if we don't have a really strong democratic candidate in 2020, then I do think Trump will win reelection.


Fuck Trump. May he keel over at any moment. And no, I do not think he can win a second term. I'm not convinced he will finish his first.

I really hope you and some other people here are right.


Trump will win again if the voters on the left continue with the attitude of if my candidate is not the nominee then I'm just not going to vote at all. I hope Bernie runs in 2020 and wins. But if he doesn't run or he's not the nominee I am still going to perform my civic duty and vote for whomever is the most sensible choice whether I agree with them 100% or not.

GwenC Level 7 June 16, 2018

If trumpet generalissimo becomes president a second time I'm grabbing the babies and heading for Canada.


From an outsiders point of view he's a pillock but.......if he gets any sort of deal with Kim Jon whathisname he will win the Nobel Peace Prize and that may be just enough for everyone who voted for him before, to vote for him again.

And I wish he would stay off of fucking twitter!!!!!!

ipdg77 Level 8 June 16, 2018

Why stay off twitter? It lets everyone see him raw and unfiltered rather than filtered by aides and associates via official press releases and statements.

@RPardoe I'm probably just growing into an old fart, I like my leaders to show some gravitas and a bit of statesmanship (not many do though) not act like a twat on social media.

@ipdg77 As do I. That is why I want him to stay on Twitter - to continue to demonstrate what a narcissistic, impulsive boor he is. But I admit, if the voters aren't repulsed by "grab'em by the p****" then Twitter posts aren't likely to dissuade them either.

@RPardoe You make a fair point smile001.gif

He's going to get a deal with North Korea, and it will be a horrible deal. He's already making concessions on points that have never been negotiable before. (ending support of South Korea) for vague promises of maybe getting rid of nuclear weapons, someday.

Hopefully, it will be seen as the debacle it is before November.


Trump has several things going for him headed into 2020:

  1. Incumbency.
  2. A shockingly large group of people who seem to worship him personally.
  3. Enough conservatives happy enough to put up with his crap because they're getting the Supreme Court picks that they really cared about all along.
  4. A Democratic party that seems hellbent on setting its centrist and progressive factions against one another.
  5. A general public that despite everything does not seem to either care about public affairs or engage in critical thought.
  6. A media that has proven itself susceptible to being bullied by those in power.

So let's not fool ourselves: as unpopular as he is, he could be re-elected!


We know the always angry right will vote, but will the sometimes complacent left and so-called
left leaning and centrist independents vote. If they do, he won't win.

Sticks48 Level 9 June 23, 2018

IF democrats can take the house in 2018 they can start impeachment proceedings and that will derail what's happening here. If that doesn't happen, Republicans will continue to cater to this sociopath and he will get a 2nd term. Will he make it through the 2nd term? Not likely. YES! LOVE BERNIE!

crazycurlz Level 7 June 23, 2018

burnie made possible a trump victory. He divided a party that was not his to divide. Now you don't like the results.

@GipsyOfNewSpain well that's bullshit. That's the argument we always hear when there's competition.

@crazycurlz And that echo will continue until the old geezer dies. Problem is those burnie zombies that shifted to trump will never, ever admit voting for trump. Because we both know... truth hurts. Even a dead zoo gorilla received 16,000 writing-in votes.

@JustLynnie Oh so you are a crack smoker? Okay. Nice meeting you, get help.


I truly believe Trump will have to resign, The information held by Mueller is too much to be ignored. Mueller will deliver soon,
We now know as FACT that Cohen and Manaford are guilty of sever crimes and TRump is not immune here . He will indeed face the facts

EMC2 Level 8 June 17, 2018

It all hinges on the Republicans. If they continue to accept Trump's behavior unchallenged, nothing Mueller presents will have any impact. That's why it's critical to turn the house blue in 2018...Democrats will vote for impeachment proceedings.

@crazycurlz Well I think Mueller has much more than anything the republicans can stop
With Cohen about to talk and the indictments already issued Trump is now running scared. Now if we get to have an unrigged 2018 vote the house will become ours and perhaps the senate. We do not wish to impeach trump as that leaves us with the sewer still intact. He must face charges and be removed along with the entire administration.


Not sure but this first four year episode of the celebrity apprentice is wearing folks thin on both sides. It could happen... If George W. ( really Dick Cheney though) did 8, anything is possible.


I am hoping liddle donnie fish lips is gone soon does not make it to the 2020 elections. When the canadates are lined up then I will research them at the time. Bernie last primary was a very close 2nd to Hillary in my book. I would have no problems supporting Bernie in the general if he got the nomination.

benhmiller Level 7 June 16, 2018

Even some of the cowards in the GOP are backing away from the barbaric removal of childrenn and warehousing themm. I'm hoping this will be the issue that finally breaks the spell Rump has over his followers.
I think Bernie has a chance to again usher the Republican candidate (presumably Rump) into office. If they could get the method of voting changed to the system of graduated preferences, maybe there's room for a third party. But I think now all that a third party does is prove as 'spoiler' I would l ike to see a decent Dempcrat get elected and roll back the damage Rump has done and address the voting system.

ladyprof70 Level 7 June 16, 2018

No. Enough people in the USA see just how corrupt, morally bankrupt, and sociopathic the idiot Trump is.

wordywalt Level 8 June 16, 2018

I wrote this a couple months ago on why my pet rock would be a better president:

My Pet Rock never lies to people. Ever.
My Pet Rock will never break it's promises because it doesn't make any.
My Pet Rock never had a bad word to say about anybody.
It doesn't make up silly new words.
It doesn't have bone spurs.
My Pet Rock isn't under investigation by the FBI.
My Pet Rock doesn't put it's job off to play golf.
My Pet Rock will never shut down the government.
My Pet Rock won't use it's position as president for personal financial gain.
Anyone who tries to collude with My Pet Rock will quickly find it has nothing to say to them.
My Pet Rock never went to college but it never failed a test either.
My Pet Rock is not racist.
My Pet Rock would be tough on terrorists, especially when stoning them.


Trump won because Democrats ran the worst candidate they could find, which is something they often do. Hopefully they will find a decent candidate next time. I agree Bernie is sincere, but the Socialist label will hurt him.

Bobby9 Level 8 July 27, 2018

Well Americans voted for George W Bush for a second term ????? Why not Trump? The rich are the ones who will be most affected by socialism which is why they force their propergander down your throat


Of course Trump will win in 2020. The economy’s doing great! Only an idiot would vote for Bernie Sanders. @Gater

Trajan61 Level 8 July 3, 2018

The economy is on the bow of the titanic right now! What are you talking about? These trade tariffs are costing the US billions of dollars.

@snifflz Your only seeing things through your liberal glasses.

Not sure about you but I am down almost $100k for the year now.

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