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It has been crooked for a while but to do so now while we are doing what we are doing at the border is a farce.

Marine Level 8 June 20, 2018

The British created this problem in 1948. They never left a place without leaving a mess behind. There were (and still are) plenty of British Israelists (Christian Zionists, not to be confused wiith Jewish people in the UK) who bought into that whole lost tribes BS and that they were their direct descendants and they possibly had a hand in the allocation of lands. The whole thing is an absolute mess but the progress in Northern Ireland gives me hope that with work and tenacity that solutions can be found.


In a room full of atheists, no one mentioned that the bible's "Chosen" were the reason?


Maybe we just dropped out before we were chased out, given our current state of affairs.


WTF? Number 1.. That's a tinsey bit childish...
WTF? Number 2...Saudi Arabia are on a Human Rights Council???


Trump has done worse things. The UN shouldn't pick on Israel so much. Israel is the only country in the Middle East where women and gays actually have rights. Compare that to Palestine (and please don't quote Rula Jebreal's lies). It's night and day. Plus, Saudi Arabia is on the human rights council. That's like David Duke or Louis Farrakhan being in the Anti-Demation League. The UN has also failed to prevent countless genocides. I'm a staunch anti-Trumper, but the UN is a worthless organization for the reasons I have mentioned.

"Trump has done worse things" Is how he gets away with 99% of the abhorrent crap he does

@Squirrel No. He gets away with it because liberals are doing NOTHING to stop him, and this is coming from a liberal. Instead they'd rather cry and moan about who's "culturally appropriating" who.

Nobody has any rights in "Palestine" thanks to the Israeli occupation, so your first comparison is fairly meaningless. The UNHCR has 47 members, including Saudi Arabia, which is hardly a flag-bearer, but all the same it's arguably better that they should be in the club than excluded altogether. In fact, if David Duke were given a place in the ADL he might actually learn something. As for the genocides - world sovereignty is not the UN's role and it's done more to mitigate and alleviate internecine violence than any other body.

@TheDarkNolanite I agree liberals people are doing nothing, or at least not enough. I kinda see this as a way to avoid human rights violations while on the council, but that's just my opinion.


Just one more instance of the Trump cabal gutting legitimate and helpful functions of government. Do EVERYTHING you can to wake ALL Americans up from this nightmare!!!


Well, we did put Saudi Arabia in charge of the UN HRC. The country that beheads people, oppresses people, enforces Shiria law; what would you think would happen?


They quit ahead of heavy censure for the "tender years" concentration camps!


When you can't simultaneously support both Israel and human rights you should be putting two and two together, not just walking away in anger.

Gareth Level 7 June 20, 2018

US agreements are not worth the paper they're written on.
Can't wait for Aust to rip up ANZUS treaty, and Europe to rip up NATO. The world should sanction the US for reneging on the Paris climate change agreement.
Re HR, the US uses drones illegally and is occupying Syria illegally.
Hurry up with replacing the $USD as default world currency and we will all be happier
We are witnessing the death of an empire......and good riddance.

powder Level 8 June 20, 2018

People probably said the same about the Romans.
Then came the Dark Ages.

@Gareth thank the RC Church for the dark ages.
Such is life


We have to keep fighting.


I will say that if there is not a major change and shift in the Nov. elections, this country is lost. If it does not happen, then every nut job racist, white supremist, evangelical fundamentalist will be running for election and winning. IMHO

jlynn37 Level 8 June 19, 2018

I think you're right. Not a reason to stop fighting. But yeah.

@zeuser Agreed.


It is official, it's gotten so bad, been so bad for so long ... I'm just numb.

My desire to stay well informed is being overwhelmed by my desire to stay sane. My anxiety levels are yo-yoing all over the place.

@HippieChick58 I totally agree and sympathize with you.

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