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How much $ does a person need to be content & comfortably enjoy life?

You can't always get what you want!

By atheist8
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Enough to pay the bills, buy food and have some left over for recreation.


If you're a pro athlete, you need $10M to feed your family.

godef Level 7 Dec 28, 2017

@atheist - I was just be snarky.


None at all. I mean that honestly and sincerely, I have met people who live on islands in the pacific who do not have any money. What we may think of as poor villages, but they are happy, eat well and have no stress. I am out of touch with living costs even here in Oz, I don't have debts, and as long as I don't get ill or have something important breakdown, I am fine. They haven't taxed the waves = YET!!!!

Rugglesby Level 8 Dec 28, 2017

If people knew how to live on, and budget their income they would require less money. People live above their means with to many children, to many luxuries. Also people should follow a simple rule of having all necessities paid up in full and saving the rest before spending on luxuries.I have followed this rule my entire life and have never not saved a good portion of my income starting from my first job until now

richiegtt Level 7 Dec 28, 2017

Years ago a program was started called volunteer simplicity. When the program went to LA they had a symbol of a hearse with a luggage rack! The link shows a fulfillment bell curve. In the mid-90 PBS had a video titled "Affluenza" that discussed consumption. The book "Your Money or Your Life" is a must have book for those wishing to take control of their finances (no budgeting involved).

As been said it depends on where you live and what are your needs.


I don't need much, but this by conscious design. $15k a year meets my living expenses, the rest is travel, wine and amazing food.

Eponymous Level 5 Dec 28, 2017

I'm the walking definition of parsimonious.


At present, for just me, with only slightly better conditions: $5k easily.

bingst Level 8 Dec 28, 2017

@atheist I don't have a housing cost, except property tax at about $350/yr. As for the rest, I'm frugal as I can be.


How much are you willing to give me? smile009.gif

Benthoven Level 8 Dec 28, 2017



I live on a lot less less than I earn . This is the only way to save large amounts of money over your working life .I am lucky that I enjoy saving money more than I enjoy spending it.People tend to spend more than they can afford .If people actually saved up for every expensive item they purchassed and payed in full instead of credit cards ,and monthly payments on cars etc they might not even buy these items .


There was a bumper sticker I saw years ago that summed it up nicely: Live simply that others may simply live.

whoHearer Level 5 Dec 28, 2017

I have enough to own a small condo, buy good food, make the co-pays for occasional medical stuff and bus fare and cab fare. I don't have a car and can walk to many places or do short bus and cab rides. It would be nice to have more money, but as long as my needs are met, I do fine.

SKH78 Level 8 Dec 28, 2017

I guess it would depend on a lot of variables, including the price of a big jar of peanut butter.

Not The Peanut Butter ! smile003.gif


You need rent, food, clothing and medical expenses with just enough more to save for vacation time.

SamL Level 7 Dec 28, 2017

Well, since the US is no longer a leader in the world arena they should learn to follow the rest of the world and adopt Universal healthcare once and for all for the good of all.


A more reasonable approach might be, given x dollars, how would your allocate that for expenses. If you spend over 34 percent on housing - you should have a reason for enjoying the housing choice. Do you need cable? A computer? A car? Travel? I've found I can live easily on less than 20K / year, but I spend more because I have it. Mostly on food and travel.


About a couple of per cent above your immediate neighbours,then you alway ahead of the Joneses


Everyone is Different... if god ever decides to buy my silence. As a former sailor in love with the tranquility and smell of the Oceans... I will have a boat needing no more of a crew of 3. I will spent summers in the caribbean and mediterranean and winters in Brazil. I don't care much for material things... I can't take them with me when I check out. So, twice retired on my Phase 3 my backpack is light, my baggage is minimal and my database server is micro. My SoulMate will know is Not About Money or Gold. I am Comfortable RIght Now without a SoulMate but mind you because we all should have a witness to our lives... Not Complete.

@atheist but you know how it is... you want a 2nd mate... and a 3rd mate... and keep that rotation watch going. At sea is 24/7 so why not at land too?


One of my college roommates has lived in several developing countries. She told me that as long as people have adequate food, they can be content. So, if you are not hungry, it is possible to be reasonably happy. Maybe it is all in the attitude.

SKH78 Level 8 Dec 29, 2017

$ 50,263. 42

evergreen Level 8 Dec 28, 2017

@atheist Totally random numbers that have little significance other than wiseass-ness.


y the amount the individual decides is what he/she needs.

DUCHESSA Level 8 Dec 28, 2017

@atheist Would you place it on the government?


I can’t speak for Canada ...but ‘down here,’ the ability to personally fund your entire healthcare and retirement costs are too astronomical to imagine! It’s dog-eat-dog … a roll of the dice as to our longevity, let alone ‘standard of living’ - and ..what’s that new one? -- ‘the happiness index’ - the one where the Scandinavian Countries wipe us out with their ‘socialist system’ of paid paternity leave, child care, education, higher education (then you contribute), lifetime healthcare and retirement pension...

I get what you mean, and have worked hard toward a minimalist lifestyle. But when you attempt to factor in an unknown at the scale mentioned above … it leaves you $pinning ~

Varn Level 8 Dec 28, 2017

@atheist For Profit Health Care… Our employers once paid our health insurance & retirement pensions … as the recently battered nations of WW2 created ‘national healthcare systems’ by necessity. We felt superior - with the best health care money can buy! Our costs skyrocketed, employers dropped coverage, we ended up with ‘cadillac care’ and indigent care…

We have a ‘Health Industry,’ with for-profit hospitals, Doctors, drug manufacturers and insurance companies - and it’s lucrative! Where’s their excess profit flow? -- to Congress, Presidential campaigns, lobbyists, one-sided media networks, ‘Think-tanks’ and non-stop propaganda campaigns to convince ‘US’ to vote against our bests interests. And as you’ve likely noticed, it works ~

@atheist No, considering President Obama immediately spent his ‘political capital’ on it. Several Democratic US Senators sacrificed their careers (voted out) to reach the 60, or ‘Super Majority’ needed to pass the Affordable Care Act … following the ‘rules of the senate’ -- that were immediately changed to a ‘simple majority’ by the current Republicans. They are Filth! And no, it will take a sustained revolution down here to match what you have. Appreciate your nation, I’m ashamed of mine..


depends on you really


Everyone has a different definition of comfort and I doubt there is a number that would work for everyone. It really also depends on your zip code. I spend money on experiences and don't feel the need to have a lot of nice things, but some people love collecting expensive things.


I only need enough to not have to worry about being broke.

I'm saving. When my grandma died in April, I inherited a lot of money. Taxes soon too.

Tomorrow is payday as well. I've saved a lot of money so far. I got X-mas money too. I can finance myself.

I'm single.

Men constantly stare at me. Or offer to buy my food/drink. (A post I made just now) I hate being stared at all the time.


It must be dependent on their current comfort level which can be greatly skewed. Example: someone from a small village in the most remote and poorest part of Ethiopia would love the pittance that I bring in. And then again a person loving it up in the Hollywood hills would not be able to pay rent.


It is different for each person. It would depend on their dreams, lifestyle, and other factors.

noworry28 Level 8 Dec 28, 2017
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