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American Dark Age?

Could religious anti-science influence in society lead to a new "dark age"?

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Benmonk 6 Dec 28

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No, to many people will succeed at keeping the knowledge alive.


It would have to be world wide.


Again, I find myself reiterating, America is not the world.

So very true.a mistake we make in this country so often.


Excellent question, though I’m not aligned enough with either answer to check one…

As a US citizen, I can, and may be watching it take down our nation.. As always, it’s been used as a tool, but ironically, I don’t see it as the ‘rational people’ stopping the slide, they’ve been trying -- some with with all their might! It will stop if & when the irrational people, the followers and believers come to their senses, admit their mistake, consciously change their ways and help clean up the mess.

If not, there’s still the civilized world out there… Can you imagine the brain-drain from the US..? When our best and brightest have memorized the entry requirements of alternative nations - this nation’s in serious trouble ~

Varn Level 8 Dec 30, 2017

With the budget cuts and restrictions put on our government's research organizations and the pundits put in charge of them I'd say we're already there.


Read this thread yesterday.....came back today to check poll results, So Happy to see optimism "won"!


If we vote we can stop this!
I believe the majority of Germans were apathetic political moderates until corrupted by propaganda. We are lucky enough to be forewarned by what happened there!
But no action = acquiescence!

For all of the people who looked at 30s Germany and said "why didn't they see it, why didn't they do something?", 2018 will answer your question.


I've been warning about this for literally half my life, and, when I started, EVERY American I encountered (from a small town in Western NC) thought I was a wackadoodle.


I think the short answer is "yes."
The longer answer is, "Yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


The Humanist in me is an optimist. Frequently disappointed, but an optimist nonetheless.


about the choice of... "no, rational people will halt the slide". Didn't I Heard that Crap Before when trump Became a repudebliKKKan hopeful?

Too true. Maybe, just maybe the shock of current events will end voter apathy. The country has been taken over by a radical minority. One motivated election cycle could end it. Time will tell.

@Benmonk If this don't wake us up... we deserve whatever Karma dispenses!!!!


Yes, it could if we do not assert ourselves and stop that crap!!


I don't know. I hope not. But they are certainly trying.

And right now, winning.


If you're talking about tRUMPs administration and their dismissal of science with their 10 prohibited words-a previous post-hopefully we'll vote out the idiot Republicans and can start impeachment proceedings. We can stop the slide.

@dwayneboggan It’s the process… an extremely slow boil has left most unaware of how we got here.. But this ‘Democrats are just as bad’ mentality is wrong ... and I’ve a low tolerance for it 🙂


Neil deGrase Tyson and Bill Nye will be our new gods..... Or at least lead the charge.


Over the last 30 years religious influence has increased in politics and public policy. Certain research, even certain words that can be used have been squelched by fundamentalist influencers.

@dwayneboggan it was released last week. The CDC has forbidden 7 words in official documents. vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, evidence-based, and science-based.Science and evidence based are to be replaced with "science in consideration with community standards and wishes". In other cases, no replacements were offered.

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