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Are you 100% certain that there is no god?

So I just signed up on here and as I was filling out my profile, It asks "to what percent are you certain that there are no gods" to which I (as an atheist) initially thought 100%. However, I answered 99.9 because I feel that to be so unconditionally sure about something can only really come from faith based reasoning. So I feel the need to leave a tiny bit of wiggle room because I am a logical thinker and will also feel some level of skepticism. What do the rest of you heathens think about this?

RoboGraham 7 Dec 29

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Over and over and over and over......Ok, I'm gonna give it a go. God DOES exist, and so does Superman, and Santa Claus! They ALL exist as human constructs endowed with human traits.Yes, ALL GODS ARE REAL AND EXIST AS HUMAN CONSTRUCTS JUST LIKE SUPERMAN AND SANTA CLAUS, and fairies, elves, witches, leprechauns and that most illusive, never obtainable good cup of coffee at Starbucks.

I see a "man made" god as a sum total of the behaviors of its believers. Though there are few "true believers" of Superman, etc. the same may be said of them.

You perhaps should have left out the witches though. I've met some really sweet ones...I still wouldn't want to piss off!

And good luck finding that mythical good cup of coffee...its also a personal "grail" of mine every morning!

@atheist nope. Superman is much more powerful than jay-zeus.


I am certain the Abrahamic god does not exist. I am not certain there are no gods. I see no evidence of them, so I conclude that they are unlikely. I see evidence against the Abrahamic faiths, so I conclude such a god must not exist.

@atheist It is up to any individual. Personally, beyond the harm caused by many religions, I see no point in certainty that no gods exist. If some "god" created our universe, it either has no interest in us or no power to interact with us, it would seem. So worship would be pointless and unnecessary. The existence of such a being would be of no consequence.

If there are gods, they do not matter. If there are not, this does not matter. All that matters is disproving the harmful gods.


Look I thought about that question too. It is problematic. Actually, it's a redundant question. Atheists don't have to indicate how certain we are that there is no God. It's up to theists to prove that there is one. What I am 100% certain of is that there is no evidence to prove a God. In the same way I don't have to say that I am 100% certain that there are no fairies; I can say that I am 100% certain that no evidence exists to prove their existence. Got some proof of fairies? Show me. Same thing for God.

I don't seek evidence of god from theists. Their own "holey texts" and the contexts under which and why they were written are their own antithesis.

As an apathetic agnostic I don't care but I do think any evidence of any "supreme entity" would come from science, and likely from a broad range of disciplines.

I just hate to see otherwise intelligent atheists stoop the the "fairies" (etc) analogy, in a clear attempt to confuse absurdities with possibilities. It is too often used as a tool of your not so intelligent "fundamentalist atheists", who treat science as a dogma in and of itself while only having a minimal, if any, grasp of it.

@DangerDave I read your reply a couple of times but still couldn't get your point. The point I made was one often made by atheists that belief in any unproven assertion requires evidence. Your beef seems to be with what you call "fundamentalist atheists" - a subjective term I don't recognise. Nor am I aware of "apathetic agnostics". Anyway, I'll leave it at that.

An apathetic agnostic is a form of apatheist. (see link).

Fundamentalist atheist may be a phrase I coined, describing an atheist who creates a dogma of science, though they in no way can "know it all".


@atheist I have offered time and time again evidence of ESP, EVP, ghosts, reincarnation,...studied by those much more knowledgeable of the subjects than we are...that has yet to be refuted. Not that I'm saying this is evidence of a supreme being...though it could be.


If any being can violate laws of existence on a whim, there are no laws of existence, therefore the existence of a god would remove all meaning and reason from reality.

If someone could hurl lightning bolts at a whim and summon storms, that wouldn’t mean we were wrong about our understanding of weather. That would mean weather could never be understood because it wasn’t governed by laws. To this day, we cannot predict earthquakes and they seem to happen at whim. If there is room for god, it is in earthquakes, but if I told you “earthquakes therefore god” you’d probably write me off.

That is the thinking I extend to every facet. It is not a belief, but a conclusion from a logical postulate- “a thing suggested or assumed as true as the basis for reasoning, discussion, or belief.” Many people say that it takes faith or belief to say with 100% that there is no god, but that’s not true at all. I postulate that “if a consciousness can violate laws at will, they are not laws”. From that I conclude there is no god. Can you attack my postulate? If an entity can violate the laws of gravity at will, can there be laws of gravity?


I am at the 99.99999... and concur with Mark Twain: "If there is a God, he is a malign thug."


The odds in Vegas that there is no God is 4:1



There is also the issue of what a "god" actually is can be ambiguous. I can say with 100% certainty that I do not believe in the christian/islamic/jewish etc. god but when people say that god is nature or god is the great beyond or god is something really complex that we haven't even discovered yet, well then it gets a bit more complicated. However, I think that calling these big picture things "god" is really just a way for skeptical yet spiritual people to let go of tradition religion without taking that final scary step of admitting that there is no higher power.


I think a belief in god is faith, and i have absolutely no faith that there is an actual god.


I am a 100 percenter -- and proudly so!


Without a clear idea of what is meant by "God," I cannot adequately address the question. If we're talking about some specific gods, like Yahweh, I reject the concept 100%. The more I know about the history of a religion and the development of its gods or God, the more unlikely I consider the proposition. In the case of Yahweh, the polytheistic origin from earlier cultures from which the Hebrews borrowed their concept of God, to see the change from polytheism to monotheism, to track the changes biblically, leave no doubt in my mind that Yahweh doesn't exist. Other concepts of God would need to be reviewed individually.


There is or there isn't so there isnt


I had it at 99.99 in a good scientific manner... On the other hand, every little thing, the defence for it is being knocked down as fast as an undetermined persons new years resolution. But rather than waste my energy on doubt I just go with exploring the other options which are more interesting. Right? I'm not a scientist but that is the biggest if you sleep my daughter you better marry her or she'll die of shaming... and stones. That's not a pleasant individual with countless crimes to be tried for.


Define God. If your definition of God is self contradictory, I am certain that that concept of God doesn't exist.


i selected 99% i cannot say that i am 100% sure because i consider myself Agnostic. I need proof if the existence of god.


I may not be 100% certain that there are no gods, but I am 100% certain there is not enough evidence to convince me that a god or gods do exist.


I put 99.99 percent and it's the reason I consider myself agnostic and not an atheist. I just can't believe that anything doesn't exist somewhere without proof even if I think the chances of the Christian god being real is the same as a black whole opening up in my front yard and sucking me into a place where Game of Thrones is real life.


I am 100% certain that there are no gods and all religion is a scam. I base this certainty on years of personal observation and the complete lack of credible, verifiable evidence of the existence of any gods.


100%. Just as I am 100% certain there is no Santa Claus. Just as I'm 100% certain that the Lord of the Rings is not a factual historical account of the realm of Middle Earth. I need no .1% or .0001% just to hedge my bets and say... "but maybe I'm not right". Because there is absolutely no credible evidence that it is true. There is nothing faith based in atheism. Lack of belief in a supernatural deity or deities is the clear absence of faith.


I raised my 75% rating to 90% leaving "wiggle room" if somehow something happens when tRUMP has his hand on the switch which when presssed will hasten the end of the world as we know it.


I'm 100% sure that the god I was raised to believe in doesn't exist. There are so many definitions of god that there may exist, some god that I haven't heard about, but I'm pretty sure at this point that I have no interest in it, if it does exist.


There have been thousands upon thousands of gods in the past. None of them were real. More than 3,000 gods are worshipped today and the same number of them are real as there were in the past.


You know I have experience what some would call God. But it was more of a field, a blanket of love. But I couldn't imagine that field to be a guy. And the more you read into the Bible, an when you study the trickster phenomenon, you start to see a connection.


Thank you for making that distinction. That little .1% "saves" you from being as dogmatic as a theist...and yes, some do treat science as dogma!

Though I thoroughly discount man made religions because all are as contradictory in and of themselves as they are of known science and history, I weighed in at 50/50.

Concepts such as pantheism and deism cannot be proven or disproved; as such evidence of ESP, EVP, ghosts, poltergeists,...cannot; just as any evidence of the latter isn't necessarily evidence of the former.

Congratulations on not having a closed mind. We have enough of that with the theists! can I ever hope to compete with such ultra intelligent atheists?

@blend please note: this is NOT a reply to your comment. It is a comment to the original post.

Its can go know everything somewhere else now.

@atheist To an atheist I can see my argument not making sense.

And I will keep my open mind at least until my brains fall out...after that, who knows?

@atheist Good for you!

Tell me, does knowing everything ever give you headaches?


I don't see how anyone can know or not know. But let's say, for a minute, that there is. Well that would be pretty amazing but what difference would it actually make? Let's say its the abrahamic god. It made the entire universe, all the planets, everything. Would it really be that concerned if something as insignificant as me didn't pay it the appropriate amount of respect?
So (and I get this idea from Buddhism 🙂 ) you can't know so why waste your time worrying about it? Far better to use the time you have on things you can know and have some benefit from. Such as being a good person -good for you, good for everyone else. Possibly good for god but who knows? 😉


Oh Hell Yeah!!!

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