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Should prostitution be illegal?

I feel that our society's disdain of prostitution is derived from irrational religious morality so I'm curious to learn what you heavens think about this topic.

Here's what I think-
The exchange of sexual services for money between consenting adults is not immoral and should not be illegal. Porn actors are paid to have sex and that is legal but if a sex worker is paid to have sex he/she has committed a crime. How does that make sense?

Legal prostitution is safer/healthier because it can be regulated and is not pushed into back alleys and seedy places. Currently, prostitutes work under the thumb of often brutal and manipulative pimps who take advantage of them. They can not go to the police for help so they must rely on a pimp for protection. If it were legal, they would work in regulated brothels and would be protected by the law rather than persecuted by it. They would also be tested regularly for std's which would help control the spread of disease.

Regardless of how you feel about prostitution personally, the freedom of others to make their own life decisions should not be infringed upon if those choices do not cause harm to others.

Prostitution is as old as civilization itself. People always have and always will exchange things for sexually services and attempting to end it is folly. The prohibition of it causes much more harm than prostitution itself.

Prostitution prohibition is a result of a paranoid society sexually repressed by irrational religious beliefs. I see no detriment to allowing prostitution to operate freely and in fact I think it can be beneficial for people to have the choice of gaining sexual release without a need for commitment to a relationship. There have been lots of societies throughout history that allowed and even encouraged it without issue.

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RoboGraham 7 Dec 30

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Unionize and legalize.


Of course it should be legal. The Christain idiots are what keeps it illegal here in the US. Some are hypocrites like Jimmy Swaggart who preached about morals and the wrongs of prostitution but frequented a brothel himself.


Just look at countries where it’s legal and see that it hasn’t created any higher crime rates and if managed right the level of sexually transmitted diseases are way lower


I think through legalising... There will be a huge decline in rape cases..


This is a tough one for me, because it involves so much more than "person sells sex for money" in so many cases.

I believe that a person should never be prosecuted for being a prostitute, under any conditions, unless they are not disclosing std information, which I have always though should be illegal for anyone to do.

I believe that legalizing prostitution without addressing issues of exploitation and trafficking is tricky business. someone mentioned that it works in countries that have done it, but several of those countries actually have problems with women, and sometimes girls, "imported" for the work that are being exploited. And the stigma will remain for quite some time, so that the legitimate supply will likely never reach the demand, you will not get as many truly willing prostitutes working as you have men who want the service, which is where criminal traffickers come in.

and exploitation comes in many forms. to say a woman "willingly" became a prostitute when she thought that was the only way to feed her newborn is a weird use of "willingly" in my ears. prostitution to keep her drug dealer happy...another example. just because a woman made the choice to work in the sex industry doesn't make her a willing prostitute.

the last issue is abuse. sexual abuse among sex workers, even in legal areas such as the adult film industry and legalized prostitution, have a much harder time with sexual assault, and a much harder time getting the courts to take it seriously when they do report it. and that will likely remain a problem until we as a society start taking all such claims seriously.

all that said, prostitution is going to happen whether we legalize it or not, and leaving it completely illegal leaves it in the hands of criminals alone, so I'm in favor of at least partial legalization.

As I said, first and foremost I don't believe that the prostitute should ever be the one up for legal harassment. I think pimps, traffickers, and exploitive clients (the drug dealer) should be prosecuted, and the people in those situations given aid to help them get out of that life.


no reason it should be.
It is commerce...the worlds oldest profession


It's not illegal if you own a film company!


I think prostitution should become a legitimized profession, making it illegal has never worked and does nothing more than to oppress and corrupt all those involved with it.
I personally wouldn't employ a woman to help me satisfy my sexual needs, because I want more than just that from a woman.
But I have no issue with a person working in the adult industry as long as they are there because they wish to be there, that they enjoy the work that they are doing and that they are not wasting their hard earned money on drugs and alcohol.
For a lot of us, sex and intimacy are denied to us, so paying for it, is the only way for a lot of us, to have those needs met.


Who knows if I've already commented, but as a previous part time judge in Scottsdale, Arizona, a city where I can beat you within an inch of your life and get probation but it's a mandatory 15 days in jail for prostitution (and you can carry a gun on your hip), such a ludicrous dichotomy shows the need for at least some recognition of the "oldest profession" if not legalizing this action between two consenting adults. For every man and woman cheating on their spouses, the is a woman and a man helping them. The "conservatives" against prostitution legalized two of the three vices from the old west: Guns and alcohol, but not prostitution. I wonder how many deaths are directly attributable to guns and alcohol vs. prostitution?

lerlo Level 8 Sep 12, 2018

Should prostitution be illegal? Thats a hard question are you talking about a pimp. Where he pimps out women or men for . And thus taking most of the made? Or a woman or man that just has for a few extra dollars or food but is not owned by a pimp? If its just a woman or man doing it themselves it should be ok so long has they are checked out every week or so.

But for those against it you can't regulate morals. So why not look at why a person does it? And fix the problem. Off the top of my head I would be willing to bet its due to issues.


I voted other b/c I don't think the government has a right to stick their nose into a relationship between two people, be they a woman and her john, an inter-racial married couple, a hetro-couple, gay couple, etc. IMHO saying the government should legalize it is implying they have a right to dictate it in the first place.

If it's not legalized it can't be regulated. If it can't be regulated, prostitutes get abused and taken advantage of. Having no stance does not help the situation.

@RoboGraham They can still be abused, just now the abuser becomes big-brother government. And I do have a stance. (1) it should not be illegal - which is kinds the same but different from saying it should be legal. No law against means legal just as a law stating something is legal is legal. My point is that it's not the governments business. (2) I don't agree that the government 'legalization' will keep them from being abused or taken advantage of. Sure, I concede that it would be easier for the women or men to take collective action to prevent abuse, but government intervention and laws doesn't implicitly mean that abuse won't happen. Perfect example is racism and hate crimes against certain groups today. Plenty of laws on the books covering what legal and what's not, yet we saw lots of violence during the civil rights movement in the 60s up till today.

Again, my argument, get government out of it. Allow the workers to unionize, organize, hire body guards, etc. There is plenty they could do to protect and empower themselves without government oversight (which in my opinion, has hardly ever delivered on its promises to protect anyway).


It’s not prostitution if you film it with intent to publish.


I don't think it's a good practice, but it's safer if it's legal. I vote make it legal


I wonder how many of the people who say it is exploitation, or most are doing it against their will, know any sex workers?
Have you talked to a big cross section of sex workers?
Or are you just guessing that it must be that way? Or are you just retyping the government's or religion's moral compass.

As an 18 year old, I worked as a bouncer in a legal brothel. None of the ladies were there against their will. A few were desperate for money and the most enjoyed the service they gave their clients and the lifestyle that the job gave them. Some, were college students working their way through school. They were really happy that they would graduate without big debts.

Fast forward to 2018. I know many sex workers. Again, some are not happy. Some are very happy. But, they are not trafficked, forced or desperate.

Are there ladies that are addicted, desperate, trafficked, abused? Of course there are, but that is not all of them. There are many ladies who are good partners, mothers and friends.

I think sex work should be decriminalized. Then the ones who need help, will be able to get help and the ones who are happy and successful , could live their lives without being treated like criminals.

If you don't like sex work, don't be a sex worker or see one.


The biggest problem is extortion and traffiking of the workers. Legalizing it would be good, but I propose even more .... Unionize it, provide benefits for the workers, including protection from abuse, legal aid, health care, etc.

Yes, that would be ideal.




Prostitution needs to be decriminalized. Legalisation only puts a tax on the world’s oldest profession and makes the pocket books of politicians fatter.

It shouldn't be a crime to offer consenual, adult services in order to feed you and your family. I mean, that's basically what the institution of marriage was founded for anayay.

Men used to sell their daughters so that their families could eat. What's wrong with a woman taking advantage of her own body?


I'd want to track if legalizing it makes human trafficking decrease or increase, but I like the idea of harsh consequences for pimps and johns with treatment for prostitutes.

Having traveled the world a bit, I've met prostitutes who started out way too young when they couldn't consent and I wonder if they're really 100% willing later if that's the best way they know to make a living.


Legalizing prostitution makes it safer for consumers and workers. You can get accredited brothels which must adhere to hygiene and security standards. Prostitutes can unionize. You get rid of the trafficking of women/ vulnerable women who do not wish to be sex workers. Legal brothels could have on premises security, counselor and even shops! It’s the most stupid thing to make it illegal. The illegality of sex work is misogynistic, and is another way in which women are denied safety and agency.

Livia Level 6 June 11, 2018

Well Said

It's oldest proffesion,for centuries.better legalise then only we can bring dignity to human life and choice.i agree with you.


I live in Nv. And it’s legal in most counties except in LV and Reno. The women are medically followed and the environments are very clean as I’ve been told . I’ve never used their services as I’m fortunate but more importantly while I have some difficulty due to exploitation of women but you can’t legislate morality successfully


There are FAR too many laws in this country. No one has the right to make a law curtailing my right to choose for myself, as long as I'm not clearly infringing someone else's rights. We have given away an incredible amount of our individual freedoms, because a loud, wealthy, active, and christian segment of our population deems particular freedoms to be unsavory and against the teachings of jesus. They're opinions and feelings should only play a part in dictating their choices. They cross the line by thinking they have a right to dictate mine.

Well put and of course you are right


During the golden age of Ancient Rome Pompeii, a Roman city of about 6,000 had 40 brothels. The Romans obviously did not have all the modern convenences we had but they certainly had other ways of amusing themselves. Hell they may we’ll have been living better than us with all of our idiotic religous constraints. @Lancer, @SpikeTalon

They most likely did experience a higher quality of living than we do nowadays.

Australia has legalised prostitution and it's safer for both prostitutes and customers.

@Lancer That’s the way it should be.

@SpikeTalon Are you joking or just ignorant of living conditions for ancient people?

@RoboGraham Neither. While the ancient Romans may not have had the modern conveniences we enjoy today, I think life was easier to live back then, not as many distractions.

@SpikeTalon no life in general wasn’t better however the Patricians were the wealthy and controlled almost all life

@Trajan61 dear Emperor you are abso right


I feel that prostitution is exploitative, whether it is legal or not. There are but few women who would chose it as a profession if they had any viable alternative and I find it immensely sad that there are women who feel they do not have those alternatives. That said, I am very much in favour of protective and regulatory legislation so that vulnerable sex workers can maximise their safety and limit their exposure to opportunistic pimps and predators.

Thank you. It depresses me that your voice belongs to the minority. It dismays me to hear people defend, what is in essence, the commodification of women's bodies

@Ellatynemouth Just curious. Is manual labor not basically the same thing, the commodification of a persons body for the use of it as basically a tool? Removing the cultural and religious components what is wrong with two consenting or three or six exchanging money or other services for sex as long as it is agreeable to all parties? As opposed to people spending their lives in heavy manual labor, or other professions? Much like the drug war if we legalized it and applied the same labor protections other professions have and a clear framework for the safety of both the worker and the customer as well as allowed for its advertising to be open and honest in society I think it would very quickly destroy much of the criminal element to . The biggest hurdle I see is how we as a society negatively view and treat the subject of sex as purely for pleasure. That needs to change.


Buying sex should be illegal.

Why? Do you feel the same way about selling sex?


I don't think you should go to jail for it.

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