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Maybe it could be called a fetish of sorts; but I do mostly prefer a larger lady.

Definitely a fan of Meghan and similar.

mercurymerlin 4 June 24

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I certainly appreciate all the comments; I never thought of myself before as a "chubby chaser" but I will add that to my vocabulary.

I guess we all find different things attractive. A petite lady I could like, but skinny doubtful for me. In relationships I've experienced with let us say well-built and well-endowed ladies, they were and are lovely but not necessarily thrilled at how they were perceived. Not fat, but at their natural weight and size; but an absolute pleasure to cuddle and love.

Don't you understand how cruelly demeaning it is to reduce 50% of the human population to a preferred body shape? In addition, the term 'ladies' is sexist and outdated. You lump all women together into a 'type' as though all women who are overweight have the same characteristics or even the same shape. None of that is true.


As they say, "More for your money, honey!"


Good on ya, mate! I prefer petite women myself, but everyone is different. Nothing wrong with liking plus size women.


I absolutely hate this. Chubby chasers are the bane of my life. To be viewed just by your size, your brain, abilities, personality become pointless. It means you have to remain large to retain attraction. Its horrible and demeaning. I lost a lot of weight and my ex dumped me. Being very overweight is unhealthy.

Amisja Level 8 June 25, 2018

I'm sorry if I upset you Amisja, it wasn't intentional.

Yes, I agree overweight can be big health issue; I have to manage that myself as I tend to not exercise enough.

At the same time I've known a few larger ladies who were naturally comfortable at what's considered a "plus size" today and if they cut their weight for that would be doing themselves harm. Everything is a balance in my experience.


I prefer petite women (under 5'3".) Waist size is irrelevant as long as they're healthy.

Gohan Level 7 June 25, 2018

You should go with your flow. Your choice is yours and yours only and is not a fetish.


Curious if your idea of a “larger lady” is Meghan Trainor. She is only a “larger” lady in the context of Hollywood and media standards - she is several sizes smaller than America’s average (size 14) woman.

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