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Would you ever engage in a polyamorous relationship?

Considering the God Squad thinks the only reason any of us are agnostic/atheist is so we can do whatever we want without consequences and turn this planet into one giant hedonistic party, would you ever be part of a polyamorous relationship?

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wecoyote6969 5 Dec 31

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I've had some random encounters...just would I want to find a woman who'd put up with it? hmm...

I don't think it would be about putting up with it, exactly, but more about being open and honest with one another about needs, desires, etc. If either person feels it's inequitable in some way, I'm afraid it would erode the primary relationship.

True but if there are any other restrictions I'd have to consider the amenities. I have several "relationships" of great diversity and varied intensity, all "no strings". Works for me!


I would prefer a monogamous relationship, but if it workers for other people, good for them.

CS60 Level 7 Dec 31, 2017

I have a couple of friends in such relationships, I have no problem with it all. Though not something I could do personally, a threesome is a fun thing to do, though in the long term I don't like sharing my toys 😉 haha.
I guess I am a lovey dovey Libra, my heart is big but only for one person.

Sacha Level 7 Dec 31, 2017

Sucks.. How much I hate competition... 😉


Ya, with the right people. The idea of more than one woman wanting me is.. is.... aw shit, my IQ just dropped to double digits.......


Most of my adult relationships have been poly.


I was in a polyamorous relationship immediately after I left religion. One of the best things ever -- for me. I am not a jealous person but there are those who are. It sort of fizzled out for me although I was able to learn a lot about myself and relationships.

Goat Level 5 Jan 1, 2018

Fully poly for just over 4 years now. Would, could, should never go back. It was a natural for me and also the ladies that I have been with since. I have only one partner at the moment that I live with and have basically the whole time. She is also very poly and would have it no other way. We are very secure with each other and would never be apart for more than a day or two. Never been so happy or so much in love.


I try to never say "never". I think it's highly doubtful that I would ever find myself in such a situation, but hey, you never know.
What other people do is none of my business. As long as everyone is of legal age and gives their informed consent, no one should have anything to say.


You didn't offer my choice: I don't even want one relationship, done with that nonsense...would have to be someone pretty damn special anyway.

Sounds like me and my current wife LOL. All our friends though, they knew. They said they could hear the click like a timelock at the bank.


You didn't offer yes, no or heck no lol


Not for me... but whatever rocks people boat


for me that would be something that would spontaneously take shape


It's not something I'd set out to do, but if it seemed right ...


Yes. I would even prefer polyamory. On the whole, poly people seem to work harder to communicate and keep one another happy in my experience. Plus, finding another asexual person is difficult and I don't expect a person who needs and wants sex to go without just because they aren't getting it from me.


From my inexperienced perspective: I don't think polyamory should be entered into lightly, but I think it could be a positive experience for the right people with a positive attitude and honest communication. Relationships have become a one-size-fits-all endeavor, where one person is expected to satisfy every role for another: partner, lover, confidant, best friend, cohabitant, co-parent, intellectual equal, activity partner, moral support, and on and on. I think emotionally healthy, self-aware people with a solid foundation to their relationship can decide for themselves whether an open relationship is right for them, whether there's value in it either as a simple thrill of novelty or as a long-term arrangement with other, secondary partner's. It's probably not for most people/relationships, though, and I'm afraid a lot of people turn to polyamory because there's something fundamentally broken in the primary relationship — and adding volatility isn't likely to fix anything. I figure it can work only when a couple is honest with themselves and each other about their motivations and needs, and to have a solid underlying foundation that doesn't threaten the stability of the primary relationship when other people are added to the dynamic.


None of the answers applied to me. That does not interest me in the least, and it has nothing to do with religion.


When I was on OK Cupid the dating site, lots of polyamorous men would come around and and say I want you to meet my

Do you think they were genuine in the offer, or do you think it was fantasy on the men's part?

@resi i think fantasy.


What was it that John Lennon said about bombs dropping and making love in the streets? Love more than one person at one time? Share the risks and rewards I say.


Been there, done that... it gets complicated. My Bi daughter did too... I swear I never revealed to her my thingy... I told her mother... don't look at me! I havent done nothing that I recall.

LMAO!! That is why although we will play things like Cards against humanity with our adult children, there is no damn way we would ever play Never Have I Ever. The therapy bills alone would choke us.

@wecoyote6969 inocent until proven guilty.

Oh I'm guilty LOL I just won't divulge to them to what extent .

@wecoyote6969 Nobody we know is recording this right?

@wecoyote6969 I thought polyamorous was an openly disclosed situation

There is a difference between them knowing what your parents do, and KNOWING what your parents do. 🙂


I have 3 partners. My husband, we share a bf together, and I separately have a gf.

I love being polyamorous athiests.

(And no, none of us are straight)


Polyamorous should not mean irresponsible. Perhaps more responsible than monogamous persons indulging in affairs or using prostitutes. But it is based on people being open and loving to each other.

I find the mainstream legal/moral position in many countries towards bigamy and fornication more puzzling.


One on one relationships are challenging enough but I can see the up side to polyamourous relationships.


I was with a guy who was into this sort of relationship. Except, at the time I didn't know it. I found out by a friend that he was screwing another girl, and I knew he didn't like to use condoms so I had MAJOR problems with this. If you're going to screw different people let them know because ain't nobody trying to share diseases and shit. I also find it disrespectful to not tell the person, sooo. Never again though. I'm just too territorial for all that mess.


Nothing against it in theory, have even dabbled in it but have also seen what happens when you get an attention thief in the mix and that can get nasty.

Kimba Level 7 Jan 1, 2018

So this is the same problem I see on most polls. This post should be a binary yes/no. By putting detail on what you think people will think, you detract from the poll. I've done it myself. This should be a yes/no question with a conversation below. BTW, your poll is so short of what I would have answered. Maybe you wanted to be pithy? Go binary in the future and discuss.


True poly, I would absolutely go for. Unfortunately, the term is often misused by couples in open relationships, looking to legitimise a bit fun on the side without considering themselves swingers.

I really don't have a problem with a 3 or maybe 4 way dynamic, where everyone is in a relationship with everyone else. It's the 'bit on the side' bit that doesn't work for me, where you're basically there for sex and excluded from any meaningful emotional connection with the primary couple.

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