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This is gross . . . But inquiring minds want to know!

Many parents have "cutesy" names they use (primarily with their kids) for going to the bathroom. Aside from the usual #1 and #2, my family frequently used the term "otherkind" (one word) for a #2 event. As a very young child, I thought everyone used this expression. Then one day, we had company, and they brought their seven year old daughter with them. When the girl exited the bathroom, her mother inquired, "Big or Little, Jane?" I was gobsmacked! Since then, I've taken an informal accounting of the various (often humorous) words that families use to describe this less than attractive activity in which we all indulge. What words did your family use???

RobLawrence 7 July 1

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How about "Moscow moment" for a #1 and "dropped a Trump" for #2.

I do not have children in the house so I do not have to worry about them repeating what I say. Would not want to go to their school and have to give the people a lesson on the first ammendment.


My grandma used to call it Pluto and Goofy.


‘Potty’ as a general term for either, just a need to go to the bathroom. Pee or pee-pee and poop. Though my son, for passing gas, used the term ‘grump’, as in ‘oops, I grumped!’ Not sure where that came from!


To go stinky (when my son was being potty trained)


We're an up front family. My kids often announce "I pooped" generally when we have company and it will create the most awkwardness.

@goldenvalleyguy mazel tov?


Pee or a poo with children . When I'm with adults "going for a wazz" it "gonna drop the kids off at the pool "


You're right... it's gross.


You had me at "gross" 🙂
How about "Heave a Havana"?


Take a dump (which can be amusingly altered to take a Trump), developed into "surface laying a barmine" when I was a Sapper!


My grandmother was unusually focused on crapping. When you came out of the bathroom she invariably asked if you had a good BM (bowel movement).


I've always called it pee & poop. If it stinks really bad we call it an explosion ?, lol


potty and poop


Pee pee and doody...


Heh. Given that my mom explained sex and reproduction using Grey's Anatomy (before I was in school), her use of "BM" (Bowel Movement) makes sense. Never found out where her family got the term "Make a Lake" from. My dad's was "take a leak" - which I've heard from other people.


When my kids did the "potty walk" (35 years ago) They would say "Turtle head".


Some adults are pathetic.


I mean how some grown adults are so sensitive to words and reality.

It reminds me of people who like swear words on TV to be bleeped out (even though their minds fill in the word seconds later). Those kinds of people.

They want to sugar coat life and the world, which to me is pathetic.


When I was little, my mom taught us to say "potty" or "BM" if there was a reason for her to know which one. Other kids in school would say #1 and #2.

With my kids, I think I used "potty" and "poop" and now my daughter has my grandkids say "pee" and "poop" and it's hilarious to be eating dinner, while my 4 year old grandson is announcing loudly from the bathroom, "I'm pooping!"

Kind of related, I remember laughing hilariously when my 5 year old son was a kindergartner and was learning geography at school. He called me into the bathroom excitedly, saying "I just made Madagascar!" Puzzled, I looked in the toilet bowl, and sure enough there was the shape of Madagascar made with the bubbles in his pee.

His kindergarten teacher was amazing and a geography buff, so each day Mr. Calico would spend 5 minutes teaching the kids about a different country. He likely inspired each kid to appreciate the world with his special contagious enthusiasm. Must have worked, because my daughter who also had same kindergarten teacher, is now a family travel blogger!


#1 #2 and #3 lol!!

Almost afraid to ask what a #3 is.

Yeah, what is a #3? @MacTavish

@kmdskit3 I have an idea what it is but I don't want to voice it.

@RobLawrence When I do a #2 I also always do a #1 at the same time. Doesn't everyone?

when you have serious mud butt! lmao!!


My family didn't ask what type of bowel movements we was all just "going to the bathroom." If we wanted to further describe it, we'd say we needed to "pee."


I don't ever recall being asked.


So southern!! It was 'tinkle' for "#1", and 'poo-poo'/"bm" for bowel movement....


What about my cutesy user name Level 9?

I want 30,000 points for this post.


What are you a scatologist?

@RobLawrence It is true., One of my places of employment was male dominated. The euphamisms flew around that would rival any men's locker room (I am told). Cock, dick, schlong, pussy blah, blah, blah. The supervisor was impervious to the talk. All of a sudden someone referred to the PENIS & immediately the manager responded as "OK OK you guys. That's enough". Funny how the actual & correct term was forbidden. But all of the pseudo terms were permissible. What a world!


Wetty and Biggie. Flatulence was referred to as a "biggie racket" which is still my standard term for flatulence.

@RobLawrence Oh yeah, but they weren't much use in a squirt gun battle.

@Byrdsfan That is an original!


My sister and her daughter (my niece) used the word "shoo-shoo" for doing a #2.

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