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Is the Trump presidency a gift in disguise?

In order to address the systemic problems and contradictions of the "American experiment," perhaps, trumpism is the only viable means. Arguably, we have been heading towards some sort of pseudo-fascism for sometime, be it spirited by Democratic or Republican policy. Now that a more ostentatious fascism is at play, maybe an uber-contentious dialectic will finally establish a more effective political paradigm. Criticism of my hyperbole aside, your thoughts?

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let us hope so.


No, even if you eventually get to a good place having taken the wrong road it sets you back significantly. Any good that comes of this would not compare with the good that comes from doing what’s right in the first place.


Its not a gift. This lowlife white Nazi POS is a pox on this country. His white nationalism makes me furious. He is destroying this country.


Treating human beings like garbage is never a good idea! Get year head outta yer ass!

well said !!!


There is some ebb and flow, but meanwhile irreversible environmental damage is occurring and justices are being appointed to the supreme court who will be there for the rest of their lives.


More pretentious libertarian noise.

Only someone with white, male, straight, cis gender, middle class privilege, who would never become homeless themselves or need to beg at a food bank would say something like that.

My thoughts are with the vulnerable working class social housing tenants who are about to have their rights and benefits stripped away from them by Trump.

They must be worried for the future. So I can't imagine them labelling this administration a 'gift'.

I truly value your comment, but I fear your presumptions might be detrimental to your cause. Yes, I am a heterosexual, "white," male. However, I'm also on SSDI, Medicare and intimately familiar with homelessness. Trump poses a serious threat to me especially. Anyway, it was just a comment on both ends, nothing personal. Thanks


Interesting comment. I wonder about that too. The US political system to me is badly structured to foster reform. Whether your 'it's a ill wind" type thinking leads to some serious reflection and reform remains to be seen. I fear the dominant military-industrial-political-corporate ruling class there would ever allow serious change is questionable. Ultimately things change when people rise up, even in protest, enough to frighten the ruling class. That's the true hope in the US. It comes down to a change in consciousness; it always does. Regrettably, the US is terribly divided. The working class anger that Trump has tapped into is justified but currently misdirected in support of him. Obama tapped it, and then squandered it, shamefully, as he was not a genuine reformer, but a silver tongued Chicago Democrat, a decent man, but all gravy and no meat.


As a Brit (with strong links to USA) the only possible useful thing this administration has done is ignite young people and bring them into the political discourse. When young people start to think about their world the left have powerful allies. Not only do they have strong voices, they have the invincibility of youth. I dislike the comparisons to facism but completely appreciate how the extreme right are exagerrating the fears of the population to further their own ends. However, this gives the left the opportunity to provide an honest alternative. The problem with the left wing in both countries (USA and UK) is complacency. They must provide strong viable alternatives or they look weak.
My view is that when the 'noughties' start voting (Don't forget they are 18 this year), the political landscape will look very different.
Just get out and vote.


In more simple terms, you don't know how bad things were getting until the shit (Trump) hit the fan. Once that epidode is over we can clean up and return to normslcy. Lol


While I view the coming blue wave to be an unintended gift from the Trump mis-administration, I don't think it's in a disguise. I think that what it's wrapped in is not false, but actually hateful, hurtful, and counter to what decent human beings actually stand for.

I see this past week's election win (NY) by a democratic socialist, taking the seat of a moderate democrat, to be a good sign.


The good news is a lot of people have seen the sheet pulled back and realized that the only real protection we have against fascism are our own political choices.

The bad news is a lot of other people have seen what fascism in America looks like and they kind of dig it.

What you have now is not fascism. It's edging that way, but it's not fascism.

When you have trade unionists, socialists and academics thrown in prison, book burnings and and the ruling class taking direct control by forcing undesirables into concentration camps and factories for slave labour - all assisted by a corrupt police force and military, you'll have fascism.


I think by the end of Trump's term people will realize it's not the end of the world.

It very well COULD BE the end of the world

@Xena I gladly abandoned religion for many reasons, one being apocalyptic doomsday nonsense. Alot of scenarios could play out, but no one knows for sure what will occur in the end. Try not to let it stress you too much now...

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