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The admistration has twice denied a reply I made on the website. I refuse to take censor by some liberal idiots so therefore I’m not going to participate in the website any longer!!

Harleyman 5 Jan 1

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I don't understand why some people think liberal is a bad word. People say it as if it's insulting lol.

I'm a liberal. This is a good thing. Being a "leftist" or "rightist" on the other hand, implies unthinking lemming, and is a very very bad thing - sadly, there are loads upon loads of atheists who are in fact leftist lemmings (and in fact very very IL-liberal - anti-speech, etc). but then again there are lots of atheists who are not leftist lemmings, as well. So we're all welcome here, near as I can tell.

I am not American but I hate to hear this word used an an insult.

@DannyLandrum I'm all for freedom of speech. I'm not sure what was said in the unapproved comments but if they included personal attacks I can understand why they were not approved. You can have a discussion and disagree with someone without resorting to name calling. Everyone's brain is different and we should accept that we won't agree on all things.

@DannyLandrum It seems everyone is welcome as long as we play nice


Without knowing what you posted, I can't judge but your "liberal idiots" comment makes me doubt it was of much value.

I saw some of his post, you are right.

@CeciRosane60 I always miss the good stuff


OK, sorry. Best wishes.

Admin Level 8 Jan 1, 2018

When there's nothing left to say...


Is he correct though?

Where some of his replies denied and if so, why?

I saw some of his posts...well done

@CeciRosane60 I didn't see his posts but from what those who saw them say, I think I know the type. If this site becomes one of those name calling with no reasoned argument type places, then I'll go.

@Benmonk I hope there is no name calling reasoned or not


After reading some of your past posts and this last statement why were you even participating in this dynamic website?


The admin should have left his comments on so we could see for sure what we probably already know about the guy.the very fact that his tear stained resignation includes name calling tells me a lot.


I certainly hope that peoples comments aren't being censored. That would be highly disappointing. If I want to see censorship on speech, I'll move to North Korea.

I don't know what was blocked but a lot of his comments were kind of incendiary. I was never able to block him so started to frame seeing his posts as a character building exercise for me

Ya... you're going to get those kinds of idiots on every social media outlet. The best way to deal with them is to expose the cockroaches to the light and call them out for being the losers they are.

Blocking them makes them start to believe that they matter and that their opinions actually hold power. Then they get together with other morons who have jacked up opinions and tell each other how innovative and cutting edge their views are because people are blocking them on social media sites like this one.

Then it gets worse. They start their own social media pages and begin to influence the vulnerable among us without their agendas ever being challenged. How many people on an average message board or Facebook wall will follow these individuals to another message board or Facebook wall out of morbid curiosity or because they're not entirely certain what they believe? The answer is, a depressingly large number.

Sun Tzu in The Art Of War wrote, "Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer." He understood that allowing ones enemies to flourish in a far off land was to set the stage for handing them the keys to your kingdom.


Don't let the door hit 'ya where the good lord split 'ya.

Such a rude, disgusting attitude - lefty "tolerance".

@DannyLandrum Why, thank you!


Jesus loves you!

Ahahahahaha I do like your sense of humor....🙂




Just break out the thesaurus change a few pronouns reconfigure the text then create an idea that only you can understand then when people comment on it just explain your frustration with the complexity of the opaqueing.


awww, i am crushed, a narrow minded conservitard is leaving.

"Conservitard"? Short bus much, Michael? Really?

was i supposed to put an effort in danny? after reading the post with some remark about liberals?are you white knighting danny? or are you an republican?


This happened to me. Once over what I considered an innocent joke.

Get over it!


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.


But you are open to censor from conservative idiots?


Some people can't put two sentences together without mentioning Jesus...For others, they are so self-righteously consumed with their own political biases that they become just as annoying.


ah, I just read the name of the poster.I was surprised he was here at all from other posts he made


Very good! You have always suffered from the incivility of most right-wingers.


Hehe I like the tag "Take my ball and go home" XD XD Knowing him he was probably driveling some string of insults rather than anything reasonable, and that's why admin wouldn't let him reply. Just don't be a dick, dude, that's all you gotta do! Oh well. I'll sure miss his easily refutable arguments and non-evidence based claims XD


Can't make everyone happy all the time.


What do you mean "deny"? Are you sure? Do you have any proof that this happened? I'm surprised to say the least, if it means what I think it means and did indeed happen. I say you should stick around. Plenty of conservatives and centrists here (such as myself) - I seriously doubt anyone would censor your posts - but maybe.....??


I've found that some things appear to happen on this site but later on I realise they didn't.

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