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Beard or no beard

I just shaved my beard for the first time in years. Grow it back or keep clean?

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By GeekDad134
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I like the beard.

I like YOU.

@jlynn37 Try not to.

@Donotbelieve What harm is there in just liking someone?

@jlynn37 Fine, do as you like. You were warned.
I'm not very likeable and I'm uncomfortable with people who openly like me.

@Donotbelieve Your opinion of yourself is noted and and has no bearing on me? I still like you.

@jlynn37 I never gave you my opinion of myself.

@Donotbelieve "I'm not very likeable and I'm uncomfortable with people who openly like me." What is this?

@Donotbelieve Forgive me for trying to be complimentary and I will end this dialogue.

@jlynn37 I think too highly of myself and not very highly of many people.
That is a grouchy defense mechanism. I am unlikeable on purpose. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Unless I like a person.

I am honest.

Also, I don't warm to people who speak to me in overtly sexual ways...achem.


Depends on the person. A short trimmed beard is nice. I'm not a fan of the Gandalf type beards that hipsters wear.

But. But. But, Gandalf helped in the defeat of Sauron!!!


Yeah. But would you want to French kiss him?

@Ellatynemouth No, because the woman I had a date with last week might get jealous. smile007.gif

@Compassion8doubt he’s busy not lettin balrogs pass n shit. Make a trilogy about your most hectic 3 weeks ever n see how much bedroom wizardry it features ? Also everyone knows Gandalf’s gay, he and professor X have been getting forcibly shaven by @Ellatynemouth and seeming quite happy about it together for years. ?

@Wurlitzer That's Durbleberry.


They were willing! And anything to play cupid.

Wurlitzer Level 8 July 6, 2018

I have a dear friend who covers a lot of their tunes on ukulele. Love it!

Love them, I’ve been a fan for years.

Rotflol.. thank you. That’s the most awesome thing I have seen in a time. Made my day!


I am partial to facial hair on men - so I voted for Beard - but - It is Florida, it is Summer. AND most importantly - it is YOUR face. Do as ye will.

poetdi56 Level 7 July 6, 2018

It has been hot. I’ve been getting out more and walking. I am not as hot or itchy.

Really , it is nice to hear women who prefer beards , sounds like mostly my age group though and that is just fine .. 55-70

I shaved my beard at 64 everyone thinks I am in my late 40's .. that is weird !


Do whatever makes you happy! smile001.gif

Mea Level 7 July 6, 2018

Yes, we all want a partner who is happy with his or her own appearance. However, just for the sake of the conversation and question posed, if you took the same person -- same personality -- everything equal -- would you prefer to look at -- or would you be more attracted to one or other other?

@BlueWave, attraction for me is strongly based on someone's personality. I could care less if my partner did or did not have facial hair as long as they were happy.


I'm always amazed at how young a man looks after he shaves that mop off of his face. Why would anyone want to look older? No beard, all the way!

AzVixen52 Level 7 July 6, 2018

Women naturally selected us to have facial hair...

@maturin1919 Not this woman


Personally...I just think men with full beards always look homeless.
A little scruff shadow is ok... and/or a well manicured mustache.

@Morganfreeman No, no they aren't.


I recently got rid of mine and have since been reminded of what a drag shaving is.

Hermit Level 7 July 6, 2018

I know. I just hate the chore.


My preference is always a clean face

HeraTera Level 7 July 6, 2018

My words too. I don't enjoy kissing a hairy face. Beards get dirty, musty smelling from food and smoke. It's nauseating to smell while kissing. I've had both and prefer a clean face any day.


I prefer facial hair on a man. I do think you have a face that can go either way, though.



Love beards!

Great for 'tickling'!!!


Totally team beard.

CeliaAnne Level 6 July 6, 2018

I let my beard do whatever it wants...


Beards are sexy!!!


I think you can guess where I stand.


Beard, for sure!!!


I shaved my goatee & mustache once. My two girls, early teens, had never seen me without facial hair. They were horrified, and demanded I grow it back. I didn't realize I was that ugly. I grew it back. LOL


I prefer a clean shaved face. smile001.gif

Betty Level 7 July 6, 2018

I like a beard on a man, and neatly groomed is my preference. But then again, it is summer here in Oregon, and beards might be too warm!

Rustee Level 7 July 6, 2018

A neatly trimmed beard is a thing of beauty!

Debby Level 2 July 6, 2018

You'll rock it in any case, but if I was to pick, I would say Beard all the way (massive facial hair fan here).

GythaOgg Level 4 July 6, 2018

Dragging razor blades across my face never appealed to me… I’m far more comfortable in my beard ... but you do you smile001.gif ... that said, If you have a beard and can’t change a tire, shave! ... ok, stole that from a meme... follow your chismile001.gif


You look great both ways! I’d say you do look younger without it though. Do whatever you are most comfortable with.


The problem is how much a beard can age you. I'm backwards and forwards between both and I usually get rid when too many people say how old I look. When the youthful comments wear off after a week or two I start growing one again haha!

Salo Level 7 July 6, 2018

personal choice

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