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Groucho, harpo, donald duck, mickey, daisy, buggs, marma duke, Calvin, Hobbs and Ms. Piggie.

How can the atheist community improve our shared world?

JoshArnaldo 5 July 6

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It asked that I title it with at least "10 caricatures". Thus 10 names of "caricatures. lol


I didn't know Marmaduke was an atheist I thought he was a dog


I agree with Calvin on math atheism:


Is it really about introducing someone to our world as one. Many of us were born this way and how can you explain to someone that's mentally disturbed about atheism ( really, believing in something that doesn't exist such as God is a mental illness ) I'd think I'll have a better conversation with a brick wall than to have them understand. How about you ask them a question about God and see what answers you'll get. You can't teach being an atheist it's something that's in you.

Qiru Level 6 July 6, 2018

We must be careful not to make the same mistakes as the religious groups. We have the same tendency to make doctrines and glorify people. We also shouldn't become smug or self-satisfied and feel contempt for the non-believers.

It is good to see atheist groups becoming charity conscious. I guess they can be fairly accused of not wanting the religious organisations to have a monopoly on virtue but it is a fine thing to see and I doubt competing with religion is not the only reason.

Some religious groups find little reason to take an interest in ecology because they believe the earth is meant to be destroyed by human greed and then saved by Christ. The atheist community can highlight the problems and communicate ways to improve the earth's condition.


By always doing what is right regardless of what you are told.


By leading the way in Earth conservation and humanitarianism.


By showing values like diversity and inclusion of all people.

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