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LINK Red-hot planet: All-time heat records have been set all over the world during the past week - The Washington Post

Looks like another record year in the making! (slow clap).

Lukian 8 July 9

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Doesn't anyone listen to Trump global warming is a myth


The rest of the world gets it - I hope someone really slams mr. stupid while he's glad handin' over in Europe.


I believe it's just getting started. Sorry kids.


We're doomed!


It has cooled off in NY a bit. The last week or week and a half though it was pretty bad. It was in the 90s with really bad humidity. Made it feel like 5-10 degrees hotter than it was. Wet heat sucks, and so do summers in NY.


For the past few days, my air conditioning has run 20+ hours per day, and the temperature still creeps up from the early morning low of 76, to 83, while still running (and set at 76). The unit is even the maximum size for my square footage, has been recently serviced, has had filters replaced on time, every time. We just happen to have lost two very large shade trees across the street from our house, and now the sun and heat are relentless.


But but sum guy had a snowball in some building and there's been loads of climate change over the millions of years


Just getting ready for the next ice age.


You would never guess it to look at the Trump administration's fossil fuel-friendly policies. The venerable ostrich has nothing on the POTUS (or millions of evangelical Christian science-deniers either, for that matter)!


Fake thermometers ya know


Oh sure, one little heat wave in some corner of the county... wait, ALL OVER THE WORLD?!? 😉

godef Level 7 July 9, 2018

yep all over the FREAKING world!! ALL at once!

@Lukian I'm sure it must be caused by volcanoes on the moon then.

@godef I challenge a senator to find a snow ball this time of the year to disprove climate change but hey, what do we know.

@Lukian At least a little more than your senator.

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