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Like humans riding the dinosaur at that insane creationism park here in ky. The shit people will believe....


There out to be a law.


I'll bet they do field trips to kentucky... lol

Buddha Level 8 July 13, 2018

Noah's Ark apparently had infinite space. Maybe they should have preserved this technological breakthrough for the new world.

It was bigger on the inside.

@MacTavish Yeah lol, I've seen that movie.

@Piece2YourPuzzle So where was Dr. Who when all this ark business was going on? Did the Doctor save the Earth from the aliens who were threatening it with a weather control system that would flood the planet? Did the Doctor loan Noah the use of the TARDIS in case he failed?
Inquiring minds want to know.

@MacTavish He was throwing back whiskey shots with Dr. Evil after capturing Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.


This is why child will never go to a Christian private school


Isn't that how they got to Jurassic Park?


Vice president Pence wants Creatiism taught in all public schools. The only other documentary's reference to Creationism I could find was the Flintstones and Creationism Museum/Noah Ark

The Creationist Museum is expanding and plans to make billions from it. Most amazing is how they make up and pull these idea out of their ass by using Christian science

I will do the same, make sh*t up.

Once two Brontosaurus got on the Ark they used up 1/3 the space. Bring on the rest of the dinosaurs you got 2 layer of animals. Then stack up the rest of the animals like in the good book :Cat and the Hat:

Have a 600 year old Noah hand out rain coats so their skin dose not peel away. Once reach Mt Everest Noah handed out oxygen masks and winter coats.

Once landed they craned everything around like they fred Flintstones on Brontosaurus. They then ate all the dinosaurs on a feast called. :Happy thank God Day: as they appreciate God killing off 95℅ of all other species. Noah almost lived happily ever after for another 350 years.

One fact from the Creationism Museum.
Noah was age 56 when Adam died. Adam was said to be the most intelligent man ever in Human history. We all just got dumber as each generation went on. That is why Christains are far superior than nonbelievers because of their book of universal truth and knowledge.

lol lol haaha ha ha


I need to avoid such articles as this. It has become disastrous for my health. I cannot understand how people could believe such insane nonesense!


So glad it wasn't like that when I grew up! Of course I went to regular public schools. We we're still dissecting frogs in middle school biology. I don't see how some crazy ark story even sounds close to being better than actual biology? It's a strange thing, seems like a lot of the population in Florida are from the north east. They transplant as they become older bringing their families with. And from what I understand the north east is pretty liberal. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about either ??


One of about 134 reasons I am glad charters and vouchers are illegal in my state (although our current governor is trying very hard to change that).

PDF Level 5 July 13, 2018

It's shocking, it's disgusting, but it's what Secretary of Ed Betsy is all about. The religionists are executing a full court press. And they are not above fouling. They play dirty. But we have the facts on our side.

Facts don't matter to the fools who refuse to believe them.

If they set themselves up for ridicule then we should oblige them.


There is no measurement for Ignorance.


Sheer idiocy.


Shut them down and/or take their funding.
This cannot be allowed.


Just from the article title, I'm thinking oxymoron. A publicly funded school is by definition a public school. I would think any legislation stating that such schools are private or not public, however it's worded, would be thrown out by the courts if challenged.

bingst Level 8 July 13, 2018

FL is a voucher state. So some money goes to "private" schools. Also people are allowed to home school

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