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Do you like Christan music?

I am an ex Christan and I really loved listening to christian music to get me through hard times. I definitely will always appreciate the feel good vibes I got after a few songs. Did you ever listen to Christan music and if so do you still listen to certain songs or artists? I love Jeremy Camps voice lol The songs I still love no matter what are The Struggle by 10th Ave North, We Wont be Shaken by Building 429, and Oceans by Hillsong United. What about you?

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Cosmicowl_73 7 Jan 5

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I can't stand the Pat Boone sort of crap, but Gospel singing can be fantastic despite the nonsense that they are singing about. This is Billy Connolys opinion on Christian Rock.


Not anymore. It just reminds of a day of frustration and uneasiness. I do like amazing Grace on the bagpipes. I kind of cried the first time I heard it in 72. It touched me.

4, I answered "yes", but moreso for the music itself than any messages the songs might impart.

Still, I offer a suggestion. There are several secular sources for "inspirational" music. You might consider adding some of those, free of theist messages, to your listen list. If your "hard times" are ever in part caused by being different, this tune's for you!

Here is a thread I started some time ago, with several great (and, as always, not so) responses from members who have added much "secular inspiration" in a world where if its considered "inspirational" its usually theist.

The "cover song" is We Are The Others - Delain If any part of your "hard times" is about being different, this tune's for you!

Inspirational/Antidepressant Songs for Agnostics/Atheists?

Thank you very much those songs were there for me and yesterday I was listening to my music and I remembered that yea I no longer listen to Christan music but I love how those songs still sound even tho they might have the name jesus or god in it. I just look past it. Thanks for sharing your suggestions

Cosmi, you listen to whatever your sweet, open and sometimes vulnerable li'l heart desires. If it brings you peace, do it!

What you listen to in no way affects what you believe...unless you allow it. Somehow, I feel you are above any such influences now.

If you're ever Vegas way, look me up! You could very well inspire a few nontheist inspirational songs yourself!


I can’t even stand going to Church, let alone liking Christian music.

I like the buildings and would love to make a house out of one


There is a G-rated comedian (honest) who does a routine about religious music. Here's a link. He is funny. (Mike Birbiglio)

I like Birbigs a lot. I've heard this bit before, but not this particular version. Thanks for sharing.


Does Christmas music count? 😀

I do still like Christmas music.


K, I'll have to "double dip" here, in that I enjoy (and have written) a LOT of different styles of music and, today, my appreciation of any of it may be very spiritual but always secular.

I composed much xian music while "undercover" as a church music director. Still, I'll never reach the pinnacles of such "inspired" artists as Bach, Beethoven and Brahms.

I went through the full spectrum of xian music those days. Heavy metal called more to me so, while their theist messages eluded me, I could appreciate the musicianship of such bands as Stryper and Lightforce.

My then third fiance played Amy Grant incessantly and, when I wasn't annoyed by the repetition, I could be soothed by the music and, at times, the altruistic messages of her music. Anytime I hear her today, it is more often a nostalia of my fiance than anything else, though.

I will always have a special place in my heart for bluegrass gospel in that I grew up with it and my grandad performed it.

Still, if there is any single "pick me up" from xian music I have today without a secular alternative, its parody...


The only exception from my personal dislike of xtian music is the sound track for "jesus christ superstar" movie I saw as a kid. My parents had the album and so I find myself humming or whistleing it too often.

2's all terrible


If I must listen to it, I prefer instrumental versions only.


I don't go out of my way to listen to Christian music, but if it were to happen to come on the radio and has good metal feel without an overtly "Christian" (God or Jesus every other word) element, then yeah. Hell, I might sing along.

Gohan Level 7 Jan 6, 2018

Christian music is about all I listened to for 20ish years. Giving up my faith was very hard for me, and I can't listen to Christian music without getting sad or even crying at times. Too many painful memories.

I've had to spend a lot of time this year finding new music to listen to. P.S. I'm always open to suggestions, as long as it isn't Country.

PPS: Have you realized that "Oceans" is crying out to God to make your life harder so that you can trust him better? Pretty messed up, IMHO, and I thought that even when I was still a Christain.

Yea I was listening yesterday and I was like Honey you will never be able to walk upon that water stop kidding yourself lol

Try L. Cohen it is not depressing if you really listen and although peppered with religious imagery. It has lots of sex in it too. Great for a date, Barry White for sensitive chicks lol


I like music. Christian or not.


I love all kinds of music if it’s quality, though even when I was a Christian, I never listened to it as any kind of affirmation of faith or anything; it was simply aesthetic. If I liked it, I rocked it and if not, then I didn’t.
Not necessarily into gospel for example, but sometimes I enjoy the rich, dense, and powerful (if not really complex) harmonies. Contemporary Christian (ie what you’ll here on the radio stations) is absolute garbage. The blandest, tamest, most uninspired music I’ve ever heard in my life. I imagine eating cardboard would be more exciting.
I’ve always enjoyed Christian Hip Hop when it’s good. Grits’ Dichotomy A had some bangers on it. Phanatik, though completely over the top with his preachiness, could hold his own lyrically with almost any of his contemporaries. Lecrae, though not flawless in the consistency department, can be amazing at times, and he isn’t aggressive about proselytizing. Most Hip Hop has some kind of relationship with either Christianity or Islam, so I guess I’m used to it. But as a lover of music, I can often look past the message, or at least take it with a grain of salt. It’s possible that Hip Hop has helped in that department too.


Most of it is for lack of a better term ...God Awful!


I saw Lifehouse 14x. They meant the world to me, and then my musical preferences diverged elsewhere. They didn't identify as a Christian band per se, but I think the faith of the lead singer, Jason Wade, lent a lot of allegory to the music. I really admired his passion, vocals, and deep songwriting.


I like Casting Crowns and Skillet. I sometimes listen to some christian music from the 80s: Petra, Michael W. Smith, & Sweet Comfort Band.


Christian gospel music is the first of many things to make me realize that I don't fit in with any group who would listen to it. I think I was 6 or 7 when it really started bothering me, being so conceited and smarmy about how only they were good and everyone else was bad. It makes me sick to think about.

I don't mind some Christmas music.


There’s a compilation I picked up several years ago called “Good God! A Gospel Funk Hymnal.” I don’t care what it’s about. It’s just great music.



Most Christians I know don't even like Christian music. Unless we're talking about classical music commissioned by the church, but in terms of most contemporary music it's like nails on a chalkboard to me.


I used to like gospel music but now it just makes me embarrassed that black americans have such short memories.


I really can't vote on this lol. I apparently like a lot of songs from christian rock bands, but since my experience with them was always of songs that could be interpreted as...well, non-delusional love, I didnt even know some of them were. Was a little disappointed with some of them xD

Do you listen to screamo bands? Cause I think alot are Christan


One of my favorite memories of home is the sound of bagpipes playing Amazing Grace wafting up through the Niagara Gorge. It would be kaw that Amazing Grace never be sung (totally ruins it) and must only be played on intended!????

I of course, impart no religious significance to the song.


I don't care for the majority of the modern stuff, but I like the classics: Bach, Handel, the Gregorian Chants, and a lot of the traditional hymns. Martin Luther may have been an anti-Semitic bag of crap who hated the common people, but his "A Mighty Fortress is Our God" is a stirring song. The modern pop Christian stuff seems to be trying too hard to fit in, but a lot of black Pentecostal music is enjoyable. It makes me want to dance.

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