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Get involved or mind your own business?

So, I walked out of a friend's house about an hour ago to leave and there was a guy screaming at some woman in the street (near bus stop). I then watched him hit her up side the head so I went over and asked if there was a problem and that freaking bully went off on me, of course, calling me the B and C words.
I pulled out my phone and started to record while asking her if she was ok and needed me to call the police...she said she was ok and started walking down the road. I told her I would drive her someone safe if she needed me to right then and there...and he came at me and I stood my ground and told him to go head and hit me that I wasn't scared to put his sorry ass in jail. He swiped at my phone and continued you calling me names that, if I said similar to someone of his race, I would be labeled a racist. But, I guess you can call people names as long as they are white BECAUSE no one stepped in to help me or tell him to stop saying those things. Anyhow, by this time we had a crowd and he walked away toward the woman. So I called the police....gave them a rundown of what happened and the guy's name (the lady had said it) and description and I left.

My friend then yelled at me that I should have let them be and not gotten involved. Seriously? Is that what people do these days? Ignore and walk by?

So...what would have YOU done?
Was I wrong to step in?

I filled out a police report and sent the video via text to the officer who took my report.

If that woman ends up dead tonight, at the very least, they have a suspect.

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SkotlandSkye 8 July 14

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Call police, then possibly get involved.


You did the right thing. If we let such people know that they will be confronted when they show such behavior, they will be less likely to do so.


Good for you!! More people need to take a stand.


I hope that I would respond they way that you did. You did a very good thing!

LEPeff Level 8 July 14, 2018

I voted to 'call police from a distance' because I am a 5'3" , older person who breaks easily, so it would be useless for me to confront almost anyone, which really pisses me off by the way. However, if I really thought someones life was in danger, I would like to think that I would intervene physically.
I did call the police on a neighbor, years ago, because he was beating the crap out of his partner. The very next day he was at my door yelling at me for calling the police. Luckily I had a locked security door. It was a bit unnerving but I would have done the same thing again if I deemed it necessary.


I am impressed by your action but can't testify that I would display your level of bravery as that scene could have quickly turned very ugly with you at the receiving end.

My next door neighbor WAS a cop and she was weary that such situations. . . "You just never know" could end her life. . . . and she was trained, wore bullet-proof vest, and carried a sidearm.

My feelings, as well.


You go girl... we need more people to stand up to these kinds of actions..

Buddha Level 8 July 14, 2018

First - way to go - I'm proud of you, and sure glad you weren't hurt - which is always a possibility.

I like to think I would have done the same - and in some instances I have. All depends on the situation.
I do believe we need to help one another if we can !


I voted confront, but I have a bad habit of putting myself in bad situations when a wrong is being committed. I have to ensure I do no harm to myself, but when in the moment, you go into fight or flight. I'm a fighter. am I. I once tackled a guy that was hitting his dog because he wouldn't stop.

I have often stepped into conflicts but as I am much stronger then those I separate, significant physical damage to me is unlikely. However, I have learned (the hard way) that acts of kindness are not immune to profound punishment. I hope you never suffer from trying to protect another.

@SkotlandSkye Oh, someone harming an animal? They're going to be in an ambulance.


I am so happy that no one has voted to ignore. I feel better. My friend's attitude shocked me.


Here in Louisiana, the likelihood of somebody pulling out a gun is too high, so I would definitely call the police, but I would not confront an angry abusive man.

I have a CCL...but, my Glock was in my purse in my truck. I gambled that he wouldn't do anything incredibly stupid with all the witnesses at the bus stop.

@SkotlandSkye Glocks are a dangerous guns. A good friend knew a gunsmith who would not allow a glock in his store as he considered them unsafe. He also told me of his freind being contacted by the US Marshal who who was researching the glock. Prior to the call a US Marshal was in an active firelight when his Glock jammed, As this was an active firefight the next round exploded blowing the back of the Glock into the marshal's head killing him instantly. I don't know if this is limited to the newer Glocks with plastic parts.

@NoMagicCookie LOL. I have 6 of them. Thousands and thousands of rounds and no problems. 2 of my guns are engraved with a police department name....they traded them in on new Glocks and I picked them up used. They still work great. So, I'm good...but thanks for your concern. 🙂

@SkotlandSkye Glad you have gad good luck with them. The problem that was explained to me was a crack that developed on the plastic part of the gun near where the round seats causing it to jam and potentially fail. As for the guns with police department names, I wonder why those police department changed from those glocks?

@NoMagicCookie ......because they were old and a new gen of Glocks came out so they sold back in all their guns and bought new ones. Contrary to what you may think, cops get new guns yearly...sometimes every 6 months in large cities. The used guns are then sold to the public.

@SkotlandSkye I did not
know that. My preference for a hand gun is the 45. That was my side-arm in the Army days.


Your intervention may give her the strength to leave a bad situation. At the very least the DA has evidence to press charges against him without her testimony if she doesn't choose to press charges on her own. I have helped a friend leave an abusive relationship and she said after the fact that she would have ended up dead without my intervention, although she resented it a little at the time. I strongly believe if you see something wrong happen and do nothing, you are complicit in the action.

That is pretty much what I told my friend!


I would have said something the moment it became physical. There is no excuse to hit anyone. I would have stood my ground making sure the woman was safe. I would have also then called the police and I form them of what happened. I would have done what you did. The sad part is that there are people out there that do not think very highly of themselves and think that the situation they are in is the best it is going to get. I would have called the police, like I said, but it would have been up to the woman to press charges and I'd almost bet money that she wouldn't do so.


This kind of shit goes on because people don't speak up and confront these assholes.
It IS everyone's business.
If you're going to be some sort of abusive asshole, on a public street, and commit assault, you should expect to be called on it.
You should also expect that someone is going to call the police on your sorry ass.

Good for you for not being afraid to do the right thing.

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