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Theists and believers

OK so I'm new here and was wondering if theists or believers of god are allowed to join as well or if it's exclusive to atheists, agnostics, apateists, etc, etc. Just curious, don't really care either way.

By sellinger7
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There are a number of theists, science deniers, faith (belief without evidence) over facts (supported by evidence), etc. on these pages. When you run into these - - I have found it best to just ignore their stupidity.

Haven't seen one yet. Must be extinct ?

@sellinger I really wish that were the case.


Sure, but be prepared to be challenged. But, I assume you must be willing to be challenged or you wouldn't be here. What most agnostics/atheists on this site object to is theists coming on this website to save us poor infidels from the eternal torturous hell of a loving God.

Heraclitus Level 8 July 23, 2018

I've been challenged by the best and the worst of them haha


In the "settings" section there are three questions that pertain to your belief status.

The first asks, "Do you believe in a god?" The answer choices include "yes", "no," and "maybe."

The second asks you to rate your level of belief in a deity as a percentage, between 0% and 100%.

The third asks what term you think best describes you. "Believer" is one of the answer choices.

So it's possible for someone who self-identifies as a believer with 100% certainty in the existence of a deity to join. How many such people actually do is another question. I think it's a really small number. ?



Theists of one religion are atheists of another religion.

Also there is no reason why they shouldn’t be allowed in. But they will be the minority. I just hope this community has the maturity to ignore the trolls and not attack the naive.

This is a place of community and discussion. Believer or not, that shouldn’t change.

Seajay88 Level 4 July 16, 2018

They can, wish they wouldn't, but that's just me. There's enough of 'em in the real world without having them here. Some think that exposure here might change them. Never going to happen.

David1955 Level 8 July 16, 2018

Nobody checked my religious proclivities nor would what I think show up on a DNA test.


I think it's open to all.


Another point is that "atheist" says nothing about whether you're anti-theist or to what degree. There are thoughtful posters here who do not take the simplistic view that all religion is equally squalid and harmful or that teaching children religious things is uniformly "child abuse".

Personally I take strong exception to authoritarian religion, particularly the Christian fundamentalism I was raised in and am most familiar with -- particularly given its immoral endorsement of Trumpism in exchange for the temporal power they once denounced as beneath them, so that they can get closer to their wet dream of a quasi-theocracy. But I recognize that some believers are far less arrogant and controlling, and as such are relatively harmless (if, at the same time, often failing to speak out against their more strident brethren). And I recognize that I don't have the right to infringe on anyone's freedom of thought, including freedom of religion, anymore than they have a right to infringe on my right to not believe.

mordant Level 8 July 15, 2018

All posts are watched over by a higher power, that being the @Admin people, who do a terrific job and keep things running smoothly and kick the worst offenders out. There is a FAQ page under the About tab which has good info too. I have not really encountered any Bible thumpers here myself, but they probably exist. You may also encounter a few religious Atheists who also may be Buddhists or Taoists which are godless religions. Spiritual applies to most people even without any religion.

@AmiSue A century or two ago "spiritual" always had the religious connotation, but for many decades now many people use spiritual in the sense of human spirit, our higher thoughts. Meaning our human values, and having love and compassion and a desire for peace, and being aware of our connection to others and the environment they exist in. So often you will see people identify themselves as "spiritual but not religious" to clarify the distinction. Some people do not become aware of their own human spirituality until their 20's or 30's after they have had some life experience and had good and bad relationships in their lives. Does that clarify better what I meant? Do you think you have a spiritual side in that sense?

@AmiSue That's fine of course if you do not want to use the word spiritual. That might even be wiser if you live in some area where religions are still strong and the meaning would naturally lean more toward the religious end. Atheists who are developing their spiritual side can even adopt some ideas from a non-theistic religion like Buddhism if they wish to, or be in the religion. Humans are wired to love gatherings and rituals which have known good health benefits. That is why on average that Theists live a bit longer than unbelievers, and perhaps why Atheists have a higher suicide rate by facing reality and life's challenges more on their own. We all walk our own path for our own reasons. Have a good one.

Spirituality still means a belief in a higher power. A full non believer is not spiritual as there is no human spirit, just a meat sack of proteins and amino acids with a knack for poor decisions.

And someone who is religious is technically spiritual. So Amisue the original comment is still valid

@AmiSue As would I. @AMGT had a great comment on "spirtuality" in another thread that succinctly sums up my thoughts on that.

@Seajay88 Can you quote me your source that supports that spirituality means a belief in a higher power instead of spirit and soul? And can you show me evidence that "spiritual" and "human spirit" can ONLY have one meaning as in a religious sense? I do fully acknowledge ONE of the meanings for spiritual is in it's religious sense.
You can easily find that it has broad meanings in dictionaries, and references works. Spirituality has many different meanings for different people actually, which you can easily look up. No need to just take my word for it. I put the detailed explanation in my comment above, and you can verify that easily on Google if you choose to.


Here is the Oxford English Dictionary meaning for "spiritual" also for those who are interested.
1 Relating to or affecting the human spirit, or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

1.1 Having a relationship based on a profound level of mental or emotional communion.

1.2 (of a person) not concerned with material values or pursuits.

If you personally want to not use the alternate meanings I respect your right to do that as your choice. Have a great day

So! You believe in the existence of an "Admin"! Childish mumbo jumbo – a myth propounded and perpetuated by admin believers! We are alone, and no higher power exists! I have to go now, as mum told me to clean my room. smile002.gif

@Silverwhisper "Spiritual", and "spirituality" are fuzzy words. They sound nice, but are vague, and not conducive to rational thought or discussion.

@Beelzebant lol Right you are. Words have the various meanings we assign to them, yet some fuzzy human minds tend to favor the meanings they themselves use and relate to. I have no problem with others having their own favorite, but when they disagree with what dictionaries and reference books say to deny the other meanings exist just to prove themselves right, I usually speak up. And yes, together we are all alone connected yet individual. Humans are bizarre animals for sure, and proof that Mother Nature has a sense of humor.


They can join.

Believer, and Spiritual are tags that that can be selected to identify a person those are inclusive for theists.

As for an earlier post "Anybody is welcome" . . . I would not go that far. Theists that attempt to promote faith (belief without evidence) over science are in my books trolls that need to be decimated.

I disagree. If a theist wants to debate they should be more than welcome to if they're civil. Go ahead and decimate them, but it's not trolling. That's healthy debate.

My form of decimation is blocking. I have zero qualms about blocking annoyances -- and that includes god/religion promotions, no matter how careful and discreet.


I think it’s exclusive.. At least I remember checking a box stating something about not being religious. I’ve long assumed, though, that those lying to themselves about the existence of a being having any bearing on their life wouldn’t likely hesitate to lie in order to stalk our realm… They soon disappear, though - like magic smile009.gif

PS, welcome to the jungle ~

Varn Level 8 July 15, 2018

@varn thx varn that's kinda what I thought, they're outnumbered here


Replying to answers given..

Are there theists here, really?

Hey, that's great; I just don't get it.

That would be like me joining the "Christian Mingle" dating site and asking if there are any atheists there.

Athena Level 8 July 15, 2018

@Athena haha. That would be a hoot!! : do it. Do it. ??


Oh, don't encourage me.

I say this all the time..

I'm going to join with the username,

"Satan's Asshole."

@Athena hehe take screenshots so we can see the reactions?

@Athena Pretty sure "Satan's Asshole" would be initiate an onslaught of horny theists with an anal fetish.


That would be all of them.

@Athena or maybe "Legion" with a profile pic of the girl from The Ring. I enjoy yoga, wall climbing, and rom-coms.



Sorry Sellinger! We are all so off point in this silly thread. smile009.gif


Be prepared to debate honestly.

ldheinz Level 7 July 15, 2018

I can only speak for myself, but you, and anyone, are welcome here. This is a community and I believe we are a welcoming community. Join in and let your thoughts be known.

jlynn37 Level 8 July 15, 2018
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