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Use four words to make an impactful sentence...

Ex) Think before you speak. Mind your own business. I love you too.

By MyLiege7
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Impeach fortyfive right now

nochains Level 5 July 17, 2018

Everyone has a story

EvaV Level 7 July 17, 2018

I want you now.

@Belrieve that's more than four

@Belrieve Why, thank you kindly.

great,I am ready


The buck stops here.


Be kind to all.

EdEarl Level 8 July 17, 2018

How can I help?

SonofMax Level 7 July 17, 2018

Gotta kiss me first. ?

indelible Level 7 July 17, 2018

Be not a dick

Lucy_Fehr Level 8 July 17, 2018

There is no god


Milk causes Heart Disease.

Walter1968 Level 6 July 17, 2018

Oh shit! I'm fucked!

Sticks48 Level 9 July 17, 2018

How can I help?

Honesty is always better.

You are important to me.

BlueWave Level 8 July 17, 2018

I care about you


Get off my property

Honey, get the shotgun

Is that thing loaded

sellinger Level 7 July 19, 2018

Our country is screwed.

rlenahbo Level 4 July 19, 2018

Live and let live

Seph Level 5 July 18, 2018

I wouldn’t do that...?

I would not do that. 5

@Seph ugh, really...not cool.

@Seems_legit and really, wouldn't is one word...4


And then there's misic


Live long and prosper.

Peace and long life...


Make your life count

brownH50 Level 6 July 17, 2018

Live and let live.

bleurowz Level 8 July 17, 2018

milk is just fine

weeman Level 7 July 17, 2018

The casein protein in cows milk is growth hormone for calfs. Because of refrigeration we have increased the consumption of cows milk products 25 times per capita. Humans have been the test animals, what could go wrong? T. Colin Campbell is up for the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his writings on this. "The China Study" & WHOLE". Many more......

@Walter1968 again milk is fine

@weeman, again milk is the most harmful food in the Western Diet. Showing this in "The China Study" & "WHOLE", T. Colin Campbell is nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine for 2018. The lifetime consumption of milk accounts for 50% of the Hospital Bed Needs in America & the suffering with disease in later live accounting for the Low American Life Expectancy.

i get it your sold im not having read reviews for both books nrly all bad btw i shall pass on "getting woke" about milk we are on different sides of the debate is all

@Walter1968 ...Walter......??????????????????????


Vote for your life!

JohnINFP Level 7 July 17, 2018

I will be waiting.

Jacar Level 8 July 17, 2018

You make yourself happy.

CM1965 Level 7 July 17, 2018
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