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Do you use colloquialisms like “good lord” or “oh my god” despite them having religious orientations?

PeppermintDreads 7 Jan 6

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Jesus fucking Christ yes!


I do all the time but I was raised in the south and that stuff rolls off the tongue like baby, sugar and darling.

Pretty much the same. Lol


I just do it habitually. I kind of have to. They fit into the conversation easily and people understand the words. There's not much I could substitute those expressions for, except things like "Oh my" + [a swear word] and the things I could wouldn't really roll off the tongue.

WardC Level 3 Jan 6, 2018

I've been trying for 20 years to reduce my usage of said colloquialisms, goddammit.

But jesus christ, i still keep slipping up.


I got it from my dad, who got it from his parents. To me, the words have no meaning.

Gohan Level 7 Jan 7, 2018

Yes. I also say 'god damn it' a lot, but that's more the fault of 'It's Always Sunny'. The one thing I have completely abandoned is 'god bless you' when people sneeze and often times people think I'm a total asshole because of that. I usually ask if someone is okay if I'm the only person around to avoid them thinking I'm a dick, but if there are other people there I just let them say it and keep quiet.

Let's not forget though that non-religious people also sing Christmas carols (alone in the car with Pentatonix on the stereo), eat Easter candy their mom made, dress up for Halloween, cook a romantic dinner for their significant other on Valentine's Day, etc.

If you asked if I was okay after I sneezed I would definitely give you a weird look lol. And I've taken to saying "Blesh you" so......xD




I try not to swear, a good deal of my job is on the phone and I don't need "coaching" for swearing. Also being around small children, I don't want them repeating what they shouldn't be saying. But yes, I used OMG and JC and a few other choice phrases. When in traffic with moronic drivers all bets are off.


Yes xD


I try my best not to but it happens once and a while, notice it and say whats done is done-
fuck it!


Jesus Christ! like all of the damn time lol.


All the fucking time...old habits die hard. I do, however, make it a point to say "gazuntite" when someone sneezes.


I do but I try to say “Oh my Stars” just seem to be more true than reference to gawd.

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