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How important is having the same taste in music for a relationship?

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G0dlessHeathen 4 July 18

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Good to have some common ground but I also like some strange stuff that is not a requirementšŸ™‚


I have utterly appalling taste in music. I wouldn't expect anyone with a modicum of style to share it. Just let me drag my aging carcass to a frenzied mosh pit once in a while, and I'll be a happy camper.

Same. Selfshaming music.

@PalacinkyPDX OK...
Cattle Decapitation
The Dillinger Escape Plan
The Birthday Party
Killing Joke
The Dead Kennedys
Sadus, Entombed, Carcass, Morbid Angel and a whole pile of other classic 90's death metal
I have a penchant for noisy, jagged, shouty stuff. It's definitely not all I listen to, but it does get my blood pumping.


Christian/religious music would be a negative but otherwise, I don't care.


If that was the case Iā€™d be screwed. I have somewhat unconventional taste in music for someone my age.


Like anything else in a relationship, similarity's are good for bonding, separations are fine and sometimes healthy unless you hold them dear to your heart.


It's nice but not necessary. I listen to all types of things and very open.


I've tried putting up with others taste in music but they inevitably fail

Simon1 Level 7 July 18, 2018

Music soothes the Savage Beast. I prefer jazz and my husband preferred country. We both learned to like new kinds of music. It's called growing.


well, i guess it's not as important as i thought under my particular circumstances because he won't keep his hearings aids on. if he were a hearing person and he played marie osmond all day long i'd be in hell. our tastes do intersect -- 100 percent where i've introduced him to stuff. stuff he already liked... not so much.



If musical tastes had to align in addition to political persuasion, religious beliefs, animal rights beliefs, viewing habits, sexual proclivities, geography, and the rest, we'd all be single.

Maybe it's just about chemistry and finding the person who makes you feel exuberant. I want the one who makes me burst forth with enthusiasm.

@IIHEATHENII Thank you very much!


Honestly I'm very easy going so I'm good with just about every genre


I think it can definite help to love the same type of music. Turning each other on to different music is also cool.


I feel like there should be one genre we can both agree on, or long car rides will be unbearable

GwenC Level 7 Feb 16, 2019

Not going to lie. But for me music is really important. We have to be a little similar or I will go insane. That being said I am generally very open to new sounds.

DrT Level 4 Dec 18, 2018

If it has enough importance to be considered a potentual issue then it's probably going to be a short term relationship.


I don't mind most types of music. I have to be in the right mood for rap and hip hop. I am definitely against country music all the way though.

Atecc Level 4 Nov 27, 2018

At work I have listened to whatever I want all day long for decades (used to be cassette tapes)--always with earphones -- though they were really sweat inducing long ago. We we drive long distance, we switch every 2 to 3 hours. Whoever is driving chooses the music. I can find something to appreciate is most genres. My ex wife listened to music when she was cooking. Music is one of the spices of life.

xyz123 Level 7 July 23, 2018

It's not a requirement have a similar taste but it's really nice when you do cause it makes car ride way more enjoyable when you can both jam out a song. With my ex, we would alternate song choice which worked okay but not as fun.

seryn Level 3 July 21, 2018

Not country, religious stuff or rude rap.


I listen to all sorts of music and I am always open for discovering "new" music.


Can't stand misogynist rap, whiny country music or screaming guitars.

Instead I love mellow jazz, blues and some classical music. As a musician, I prefer ballads in a minor key.



Listen to whatever you please. That's why there are headphones, so I don't have to hear it, too.


It's great if we like the same music, but I have been in relationships that opened me up to new music. Actually my first long term relationship introduced me to a lot of new stuff that I otherwise wouldn't have experienced. That's the great thing about relationships. If you have a foundation of beliefs in common then each person can introduce miscellaneous things into the relationship that might take hold and open up new experiences for both people.


Not enough choices. This is a highly personal thing to me. I understand what you are seeking in the poll but I would add this: "I will be open to all you like and love if you are the same with me. And if what you like completely blows I will adjust my thoughts and feelings accordingly... because music says a LOT about a person."


I can tolerate just about anything as long as it's not blaringly loud, I don't even want to hear music I like being played too loud. I hate pubs and clubs etc where the music is blaring over a conversation. I want it in the background!

WayT Level 1 Nov 27, 2018

What lover dumps love for vinyl or cd's

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