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Who among us has cut the proverbial TV cord?

We dance around the topic of the media's role in driving public opinion and in dividing us... I was wondering if nonbelievers, skeptics and the like subject themselves to less mainstream media than their counterparts.

Do you currently receive programmed TV? Or are you among the set that parted company with satellite or cable? If no cable? Do you stream? If so, what are your streaming go tos?

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Zster 8 Jan 7

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6yrs now. The only time I see T.V. is at my parents house for dinner, or maybe a big football game. I despise the gimics used in modern commercials, it just furthers the dumbing down of the population. Also, the cost of it is rediculous concidering how much programming you actually see, and how much they make off of the commercials.


I seldon watch tv. Just news and weather because of winter. Not following any shows of any kind. Got Vucu digital collection of movies I liked for the boringest of days. Netflix for backup. Never interested on zombies or whatever new trend of shows is out there. Last comedy followed... Frazier. On Netflix of course. keep the cord for back up to back up but not being used. TV not turn on for weeks sometimes. Former cable employee pampered with every channel in the universe.


I still have Netflix and Hulu, but I hardly ever watch tv. I try to keep myself running. Band practice, gigs, and on "free" nights, I wind up at some bar or another.

I'm not going to meet my next mistake sitting home alone 😉


I didn’t cut it entirely but I do not pay for any television and minimally use television. I prefer reading.


I cut 20 years ago? Basic cable went up to about $44 a month.

Shortly afterward, a $300 antenna went up on my roof

twill Level 7 Jan 7, 2018

Because I save a ton of money and I have streaming vehicles to get me pretty much anything I need. And I also have an Over The Antenna that gets me local networks. I don't feel like I'm missing anything.


All I have is Netflix and I only watch that like every 3rd month so I spend a lot less time not being able to find something to watch.


I am seriously thinking about it. The problem I have is that in my area the Charter Cable company has the only viable web access and I can only have internet if I get "the package". I would otherwise need to go with wireless which is a bit iffy and slow.

I got charter for internet. Got a pkg with a land line (good bye AT&T!). They called me weekly yo add cable. Finally they asked what it eoukdctake. I said "improved programming". They have not called since. Even at that, Rates even without TV go up and up.

Zster. I am always amazed at how poor the program selection is with all those channels. I often go to the web for a show.


Netflix, directv now and hbo = $20 vs cable = $80 to $100. I cut the cord!


Yeah for the most part. I catch bits and pieces from my grandpa watching the news, but all my media comes from Netflix and youtube.


My firm r wife cut the hw course d, but I spliced it back together.

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