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Who among us has cut the proverbial TV cord?

We dance around the topic of the media's role in driving public opinion and in dividing us... I was wondering if nonbelievers, skeptics and the like subject themselves to less mainstream media than their counterparts.

Do you currently receive programmed TV? Or are you among the set that parted company with satellite or cable? If no cable? Do you stream? If so, what are your streaming go tos?

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Zster 8 Jan 7

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I cut the cord over a year ago... the savings are great! I run a Kodi box with Terrarium & Covenant. I also have an OTA antenna and converter box for local live TV. I like to tinker with technology sometimes, which you need to do with these things to stay updated...

@Hominid Yup! I have an android box with a VPN.

We stream via Apple TV and Roku, in order to mirror our phones.

@Duke Arghghghghgh -- all these acronyms that everybody is typing. I'm so lost.

@BlueWave A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It's a really good idea right now to have one for all of your internet connected devices. Google it. You can find a lot of them that offer a lifetime service for a very reasonable price.


I can't afford it. Now that I don't have it I realize that I don't miss it. I can watch stuff on Netflix that someone else in this house is paying for, but so far , I've watched one movie this year. I'd rather read anyway.


I would.
I used to stream cool documentaries on YouTube, PBS, Etc...but Comcast has put a monthly data limit on us (along with a rate hike) so I can't do that anymore for fear of going over the limit and getting charged for the overage.

Right now I have the TV on in the background while I surf online. Much of the time it's on MSNBC.


In a nutshell: MTV plays no music, The History Channel primarily runs shows about aliens and big foot, even The Weather Channel runs shows instead of presenting the latest weather. Combine poor quality programming with ridiculous prices, it was a no brainer decision (for me). I cut years ago and stream NetFlix and Amazon Prime Video.

My family prefers using the TV to mirror amusing YouTube vids from our phones. Comedy from regular folks tends to be a lot funnier than that which has been screened to death in board rooms...

Zster Level 8 Jan 7, 2018

You have really good points about History Channel and Weather Channel. I haven't watched MTV in decades.


I cut the cord many months ago. Of course it was an accident, and I started to panic. Fortunately, I was able to splice the cord back together, so I won't miss any more Desperate Housewives. 😉


1996 was the last time I had a tv.... I turned it on and saw people shoving coleslaw in their bathingsuits and then running a race..... I just couldn't do it any longer... so much dumb...and they make you pay for it....


I cut it because of the cost and I seemed to watch the same shows over and over. Now I have Netflix and Amazon Prime. I’ve rarely missed cable. I’ve actually been thinking about cutting the internet completely, but will have to wait until my boys move out.

I buy cable to watch local government LIVE and produce free public access channel programs

Cut the internet! That would cause a mutiny in my house! Might be a way to get the kids to move if they tend to linger, though.

If you cut the Internet completely, how will you use I use the Internet far too much to even consider dropping it.

@BlueWave it's difficult to imagine not having internet nowadays. it gives us such a wide variety of different outlooks on the world.


To each their own. I happen to enjoy television.


I cancelled cable after I saw Ted Cruz's face in my living room during the Iowa primary. I have a Roku, I stream Netflix and Amazon Prime and a few other. I have DVD and other stuff I don't remember the TLAs for. All in all I watch less than 5 hours of TV per week. Best part, No commercials.

Raphael Cruz alias Ted married to Heidi Cruz stole million$ from taxpayers through the Goldman Sachs bailout and she paid for his TX race to US SENATE

Raphael Cruz JUNIOR his daddy was FAIR PLAY FOR CUBA with Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans

I am not sure how much we watch on average because I can go weeks or months without. Then I might gave a stretch of series watching or a few movies. I use the TV mostly for music streaming.

What is a TLA?

Curious where you get your news -- just online and/or radio?

TLA: three letter acronym. I get my news online most of the time. I have a radio on but I'm not really "listening".

@HippieChick58 Interesting. Is that a common acronym? I've never heard it before.

I don't know if it is common or uncommon, I've never been asked before. It is part of my history, 6 years in the military and another 12 as a spouse. If you didn't know, TLAs are rampant in the military and many other industries. Every time I've changed jobs I've had to learn new TLAs.

@HippieChick58 TMFA.

@JeffMoffat LOL!! Stay away from the military, everything is an acronym. Well, even with the government,and I learned a whole new set when I started current job. Yes, the world has TMFA


Need another choice-don't watch much MTV but MSNBC.


Reading is my A number one thing. I also have problems with how big money controls the percent of TV/Video it does.


I read more than anything.... Netflix when i hear about a good show....

EvaV Level 7 July 17, 2018

I don't watch any mainstream media as only 6 companies own all of it, therefore billionaires influence the agenda. I go to independents. I don't watch TV as 90 percent of it is drivel. I tend to watch youtube and download or buy interesting shows ie the handmaids tale, game of thrones, the expanse, art movies etc.


Wow! 21 people so far cut it.

I haven't yet because I love DVR (no commercials) and I'm afraid of not having easy access to MSNBC.

Can't wait to read the comments!

oh yes dvr is a great invention. I utterly detest adverts!


Watching tv takes my time ...

When I moved into this flat in 2015, the first thing I did was unplug the TV, and set it in a corner of the flat, well out of the way. As a lot of folks here mention, there are loads of streaming sites, so I'm more than happy with those.


Severed all connection with TV years ago. Content was too lame in general and couldn't see parsing my time to watch whatever little I thought still warranted a look. Now, this is me -- personally -- the family is different. So, the house is still connected, but I'm not, but I will admit to watching a breaking news item or a documentary from time to time.


The media outlets are owned by the elite who work tirelessly to keep mankind enslaved via social engineering. The only way to retrain our brains is to cut the cord and start thinking for ourselves. Read a book instead. Lol


I have an antenna that allows me to get two major networks, PBS and the CW (I think) as well as a couple of weird channels; but, I rarely watch regular TV. However, I do have Netflix and Hulu (I pay extra for commercial free) as well as some other stations through my ROKU.


Number 1 reason was cost, cable TV is too expensive for what you get. I miss watching baseball, but MLB has a package I can do via the internet. PBS, TCM, AMC, etc. I miss but the best stuff is on after I fall asleep, no way to record. Then there are the Ads!!! I have facebook, the internet and NOW I really do not need any more ways to get nothing done.


Actually, it wasn't intentional. My TV died about 2- 1/2 yrs ago and I have just never replaced it.

Go on craigslist and under the free ads, you can find free tvs all the time. If you want to.

Thanks @samuraimindset, I'm actually fine without it. I spend a few months each year at my daughter's and get all the tv I need. 🙂


I cut the cord years ago. I either watch local channels with an antenna or I stream what I want to see with an android box.

Duke Level 8 Jan 7, 2018

I get my news from TYT

What is TYT?


If you mean cable I liked it back in 2009
Don't need it
Don't miss it


I gave up TV 6 years ago and I don't miss it. I have never had cable. It's always been too expensive with too many low quality channels. I get both my news and entertainment from the internet.


I've not had TV in a decade. I just never really watched much, always had internet and streaming to satisfy my entertainment and news needs. It was nothing but a needless expense in out house so we got rid of it.

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