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I don't usually make political posts but.....
This one is good for a chuckle.

BeeHappy 9 Jan 7

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TrumpOLINI and MUSSolini have pouting lips and murdered defenseless women&children in Yemen & Ethiopia. ....what to do about war criminals Billary Obusha Obombney TrumpOLINI et al Erikkk Prince married to Betsy deVos AmWay Blackwater crime family


How is this a political post? The presidency isn't even a political post anymore.


That's a hoot... I'm going to snag that.


LOL.Love George Takei.


He needs to make shorter sentences and far, far less frequency. And NEVER on Twitter.

I think it's good that he's on Twitter because he continues to reinforce how freakin crazy he reaslly is.

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