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I am guessing the educational level in this group is higher than average. True or not?

Nanart 4 Jan 7

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I think if we aren't formally educated we've been educating ourselves and have some critical thinking skills.

Agreed. What's important is being well read and having a degree of self awareness and critical thinking skill.


| title | percent | value |
| What's your education? | 42.7 | College |
| What's your education? | 17.4 | High School |
| What's your education? | 16.7 | Grad School |
| What's your education? | 10.7 | 2-Year |
| What's your education? | 8.5 | Other |
| What's your education? | 3.9 | Prefer not say |

Admin Level 8 Jan 7, 2018

Thanks...thats cool to see.

@BucketlistBob. 42.7 college. I agree.

As a graph...

@Rhetoric For comparison, here is the US adult education level.

Source: []

@Rhetoric so we're up 15% college grads than the general population. Still, the fact that someone's here speaks a lot,

You are god!


I have a degree from the school of hard knocks and a masters in tom foolery my doctorate is in sarcasm.



The only thing I am sure about is what I don't know... And on any given day, that can be a lot.


I would suspect that even though the educational level could vary the ability to use critical thinking would be higher for sure.

Along with plain old common sense.


A formal education is not required to develop effective critical thinking skills. On the whole I would guess that the 'spread' on yrs of education is in conformity with the general population although unless a poll were taken, that would be just the guess. So far, in my opinion, from the posts I've read, most here are well above average intelligence.


My IQ is high enough to not have to brag about it............


I'd be more apt to say that the intelligence level is higher. Some of the smartest people I've known in my life never even finished high school.

See,schooling has nothing to do with intelligence...since a person is born, or not, with intelligence.

@DUCHESSA I recall that intelligence is a combination of genetics and environment. Here is a link to a Scientific American article on it.


@BlueWave You are entitled to your opinion....but a person born with an IQ of 45...regardless of all the Albert Einstein you place around him....his IQ will remain one of 45.


I think so. Whether formally educated or not, people on this site seem to have honed their thinking skills.



Admin has the number but overall the group is pretty intelligent


I hope so.


For those interested, you can now see charts of question answer breakdowns (go to account/questions) page.

Admin Level 8 Jan 8, 2018

One doesn't need well earned diplomas,degrees or phd's to have a " high level of education" good education is where ever one finds it in his/hers journey through this strange and astounding life!


My formal education only goes as far as an associate degree. But I do spend a lot of my free time reading stuff, even occasionally course material from universities and such that's online. I like to think that I have a very good informal education


Absolutely. The acquisition of true knowledge will lead to a loss of false superstition.


Yes. See my comments under @Admin's post.


I'd say... Has anyone checked the stats? BA Orchestral Music Education, minors in theater, dance and psych, myself. We do have several PhDs around here. They may be shy... Anyway, a theist joke...

A young lady learning her letters stopped her mom at the church billboard. After quickly sounding out the pastor's name, she asked, "Mom, what does 'BS, MS, PhD' mean?"

"I can't even say the BS part myself," her mom replied, "but I'm right sure 'MS' means 'more of the same' and 'PhD' is "piled higher and deeper."

Theist joke, yes, but it does at times have universal applications. I mean, I am an artist, after all... Sooo...


Mixed-high school and up-check profiles to see.


Knowledge is power.


I guessed the formal education level was higher in this group simply based on my own Unitarian Universalist fellowship. We were a group of primarily "non-believers" who were seekers and the general educational level seemed to be Master Degrees. The few who identified themselves as "Christian" were very liberal and definitely not evangelical. In a good UU fellowship, you have the equivalent of this group but in the flesh not online. This particular fellowship was in the Bible Belt and I think we all gravitated to this "church" fellowship to keep our sanity and to meet others with similar concerns. I'm in WV now and there is no UU fellowship nearby. Sigh.


depends on perspective. I think the more intelligent you are the more of a fool you are believing in fairy tales


You can lead a horse to water...
IQ says it all.


I do not care. It's what I put in and what I get out of here that matters.


Got us another one here usin' them big, high soundin' words again. Well I ain't gonna go lookin' 'em up.

Yer dang right!

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