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Should churches pay taxes? Ask Pat Robertson.

sassygirl3869 9 Jan 7

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Of course they should pay taxes; the Catholic church owns some of the most expensive pieces of real estate in the country.....and people's donations to their churches shouldn't be tax deductible. Ja, these two resolutions would put the priests and nuns to work.


They should pay double just to pay some of what they didn't pay for ever


Yes. Colorado voters rejected this ballot initiative ONLY BECAUSE THE TAXES COLLECTED WERE NOT REBATED TO EXISTING TAX PAYERS. ...MARION GORDON ROBERTSON JUNIOR alias Pat owns many race horses obviously needed to faith healing gay bashing and running his so called Regent University and illegal law school


I despise the fact that State and local government loose $71 Billion a year due to the fact Churches do not pay property taxes . That’s why I say we do not have freedom FROM religion if non believers have to support this superstitious crap with our money


YES!! Especially since they now can contribute to political campaigns and tell their congregations who to vote for.


Pat Robinson is delusional.

Mark 12: 17-Then Jesus said to them, “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.”

Tell Pat Robinson he should read his bible and pay his taxes like every one else.


Hell yes, they should!


I would say that the churches that can afford to pay taxes absolutely should. Pat Robertson, Joel Osteen, those "superchurch" preachers who have huge mansions should pay taxes on their church like any businessman. Most churches don't actually make that much money. The Vatican pays priests a small paycheck and some of the donations go to the Vatican and the rest tends to go to charity.

That's in Catholic Churches. In Protestant Churches, they're well known for putting their money to charitable purposes, and they have to prove that they've done this every year or risk losing their Tax Free status.

Churches like Scientology are in the minority. They went to court for over a decade to browbeat the government into giving them Tax Free Status. Pat Robertson and Joel Osteen are ridiculous hypocrites. But most churches are run by legitimately humble and pious men and women.

They may be delusional, they may be worshiping a figment of their imagination. But they're sincere.

Except for the churches that move and hide child molesters.

This is false propaganda for all churches. ...average so called charity budgeting isv3% EVERY CHURCH CAN AFFORD taxes electricity construction costs so end the pity party for any church


In some respects the better churches from what I gather put out just as much as they collect with food banks clothing donations buss passes and counselling etc.

Food banks are donation distribution revolving doors and get government funds since Clinton called the faith based initiative. ...blankets for the homeless are federal property

@GreenAtheist That guy did a lot of damage to this country NAFTA would have neglected Bosnia if he could have cut the military. He was the first president in history to be mooned by the veterans O bomb Was the second.

@azzow2 wrong boy Bush 2nd Obusha Obombney Billary 3rd TrumpOLINI 4th in a row terrorizing the world redistributing wealth to the 1%

@GreenAtheist Clinton is the NAFTA guy sold our jobs to asia for peanuts Bush's name is nowhere on that agreement.

@azzow2 boy Bush did zero in 8 years to stop NAFTA crimes against Americans. ...Clinton paved the evil road designed by daddy Bush corporations

@GreenAtheist From what I have read NAFTA could have been on the table since Kennedy all the earlier presidents were smart enough to skirt it except for Clinton I guess he need a way to pay ll the sex scandles off.


They should have been paying them all along.

You can travel all over the world, and come to small towns and villages - some looking quite modest, that is until you get to the main churches of the area !
Adorned and sometimes way overdone. Why ? Because they collect funds from their congregation, and pay NO taxes. Greedy money suckers !


Pat Robertson is a Senator's son, his father was part of the Byrd Machine that ran Virginia for about 40 years as a one-party state, so if anyone is skilled at arguing for the system, it's him.

Yes Marion Gordon Robertson JUNIOR Senator son alias Pat Robertson


Tax the hell out of them....

Which is actually funny. they would tell you there is no hell in them.

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