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Well, that's a goddam pity!


I feel extremely fortunate for having been born and raised in an environment where I was always surrounded with other ethnicities. My early schooling was in parochial schools, and we had white, yellow, black, and brown kids; and we were all just kids, skin color didn't matter.

Later, while working and going to college, that experience was enhanced by my attending Compton College, and a couple other what were called junior colleges back then. Then I went to Cal State Northridge in the San Fernando Valley-very mixed, ethnically; and to UCLA after that.

Aside from all that, living in/around L.A., you are always in a mixed ethnicity milieu. And working there, you either get along with others, regardless of background, or you're going to have a very difficult life. My life has never been difficult in that regard, because I have refused to allow skin pigmentation to become a factor in how I relate to people. And incidentally, my daughter is half Chinese, and to me, she's the brightest, most beautiful person on the planet.


We are all descended from Africans. Evolution has that one figured out. Neil deGrasse Tyson is my current favorite scientist. Guess what color his skin is.

It is important that people of sense in the USA get out and vote and not just in Presidential years. Vote for Senators, Representatives and local people including the school board. We not only have the right to vote we have the responsibility.


Conservative is what they really are, they want to conserve the current configuration of their world. They don’t want change. Progress, you might call it. Conservative media also has no qualms with stoking their fear of the unknown by making “other” people out to be dangerous and immoral. That’s been happening for centuries. “Make America White....still” 😉


Whites are never going to disappear but some of us still stand up for what is right.

Sounding like a T-Rex with the little arms before a boxing match!


Okay.... should had created ameriKKKa in Europe not Europe in america while stealing land from your brown neighbor add... and not bring dark skinned slaves into it. Whites are doom to dissapear. Just like the dodo bird. They will be gone. To those atheist that brag they know Aliens exist and are out there watching us? Aliens always despicted of one race in the fantasy mithology.


Listen to the DNA. The world is meant to be creamy. Then we can find something else to hate.

@iamjc Marriage? Half of the interracial couples I know are unmarried with kids. Simply DNA.

@iamjc In my experience the family eventually comes around because of the Grandkids, whittling away at the ignorance that creates the racism. Slowly but surely.

@IAJO163 Got to give it to you RC3PO... slam and buyah!


That is exactly why evangelicals are working so hard to co-mingle politics and religion, so that they can turn religious dogma and bias into law and control other ethnic and political groups.
They have such little confidence in the strength of their religion that they are afraid that Christianity cannot compete in a truly free market of ideas.


It's a silly fear. They need to turn off Fox News and the others to let that fear disappear. If they visited an urban center for about a week and then went back to their area, they'd realize how white 'merica truly is.

dokala Level 7 July 20, 2018

It pre-dates Fox. Many of them voted for George Wallace 8n 1968.

I had that point hit home during my past year's experience. I was living jn Corona, CA up until about a month ago. Corona is in what is called the Inland Empire here in So Cal, and the part I was living in was predominantly Caucasian, as is Thousand Oaks, where I lived prior to that. I moved back to Ventura County, Oxnard, to be specific, which is predominantly Hispanic. Honestly, I'm much more comfortable here. Maybe it's the weather.


Well, if whites want to stay a majority they need to start breeding. In many areas whites are a minority already. I don't see anything indicating the white birth rate is going up, and with non white immigration and higher birthrates especially among Hispanic Catholics whites are just going to have to accept that all this shit they've been dishing out to the non whites is about to come back and bite them in the ass. I saw on article in Time magazine about this very thing many years ago, and we see it coming to fruition now. It actually makes me very happy. Fresh blood is needed to keep us healthy. Those growing pains are hell though.

are we part of the human race or not?

@Slartibartfast We're all human, we are all the human race. It amazes me how many people cannot understand that.


It's 2018 and there are still people on and on about color. Unbelievable.

one of the best things I've ever heard was an interview with Morgan Freemanon the color subject. He said 'I'll stop calling you a white man if you stop calling me a black man, how about you call me Morgan". I thought that was fucking brilliant.

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