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What is a word or term that instantly causes you to lose respect for someone when you hear it?

Pangolinear 4 July 21

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I hate that word 'guesstimate'.


Exspecially, supposeably, pacifically.

We all took fifth grade English. Some of us stayed awake for it.

How about expresso instead of espresso. Also the use of acrossed instead of across and heighth instead of height?


"Ad hominem" we get it, you got a dictionary for Christmas.

"Snowflake" or "triggered" unless used ironically against the right.

As Remi said, "libtard"

"MAGA" know what that is an acronym to me for? MASSIVE ASSHOLE GETTING ANNOYING


Libtard. Seriously, if you use that as an insult you have nothing worth listening to.
I also really hate it when people say or even worse, type, "I seen." You either saw or you have seen!

Remi Level 7 July 22, 2018

Can I AX you something?

I hate that. It's like nails on a chalkboard


Racist/homophobe remarks. Just Not acceptable in any way!


"Some of my best friends are ____." (fill in the blank: black, gay, Jewish, etc.)

Some of my best friends are smartasses.

@JustLynnie oh, you've noticed that too?




People who say sidewalk instead of pavement, trash instead of rubbish, gas instead of petrol, buddy instead of mate, calm down I’m only joking.

Grinder instead of sub, soda instead of pop, rotary instead of roundabout, carousel instead of merry go ' round.

@indelible 'traffic circle' instead of 'roundabout,' too. ARGH.


Nigger, Spick, Honky, Beaner, Jap, Camel Fucker, Goat Fucker, Biatch, Wetback, Whitey, etc, etc, etc. But only in ameriKKKa I hear those terms and words.

It is hard to defend anything American these days, but I can tell you that America is not the only place you will hear those words. I know this through personal experience.

By the way I also hate and loathe those words .

@patchoullijulie I understand that Hollywood movies, tv and rap music made them popular in the world... but let me tell you a little story. I have to the US Navy at age 27 to learn the meaning of "Nigger'. Growing up in the capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan and despite visiting NYC every summer I didn't grew up with that word. As a kid first 2 times I read about that word was from 2 athletes that happened to be black...Baseball Pitcher Bob Gibson that used to intimidate rookies with his "brushback pitch" while saying from the mound "if you don't know the meaning of the word nigger I am about to show you". The other Muhamad Ali when told a boy Marvis Frazier... referring to Joe Frazier "Your father is a Bad Nigger". Internet may had changed and enriched many languages with American made racism but... those words are on us. We servicemen exported them to other countries in the past. But not anymore needed or the only source, of course. We exported them in every possible way.

One of our endearing national qualities, eh?

@bigpawbullets We assigned colors to races what can I tell you?

@GipsyOfNewSpain There ARE no ''races.'' There are ONLY skin colors.

@LucyLoohoo he,he, ha, he, he, he, ha, you must be a lawyer.

@goldenvalleyguy speak like a true white guy... all their lives speaking in "code" but it is just words!!!! ha!

@goldenvalleyguy Ohhh... but words don't mean a thing.

@goldenvalleyguy I was going to say... religion but is a bad joke.


"We are a Christian nation" Creepy, inaccurate and stupid.

5 is starting to annoy me too.

I always hated that word.


For me the usual. As I work with people with developmental disabilities, the R word is. My best friend is black, so the N word also. And last when people call something gay. Those 3 instantly infuriate me.




"Have a blessed day"

I actually don't mind that one. I prefer it to 'have a sh*tty day'.


Irregardless (the fact that this is now a real word makes me hate everything. It's regardless. The negative prefix and negative suffix together are redundant and clunky.)

'Well, the Bible says...' (no explanation necessary)

'Meat is murder' (this one grinds my gears. Most forms of food require the death or abortion of an organism or its offspring, I believe that being aware and morally outraged about only one side of that equation is folly. As animals, we are consumers. Industrial meat farming as an issue is a fucking nightmare though, so I'm with them on that. I'm not arguing with vegetarianism or veganism, just the moral self-righteousness of the idea that killing a chicken to eat is wrong but aborting an apple tree to eat isn't. Death of organisms to replenish nutrients is a thing, maintaining a less meat-centric diet as omnivores is a totally valid issue.)

Mentioning being a Patriots fan or a Duke fan (for some reason every vocal Pats or Blue Devils fan I've encountered so far has been kind of a reprehensible, self important douche.)

People who refer to their favorite sports team as 'we' like they were on the field/court doing a fucking thing.

Bae (oh I missed the second b in babe I guess I'll start an idiomatic trend)

THOT (it's an acronym, the fact a lot of people who use it don't understand that irks me in addition to the term itself)

ATM machine (the hell you think the M stands for?)

Squad (are you military? A firefighter? Some other form of uniform-wearing group? No? Then you're not part of a squad.)

YOLO (at least the guy who coined this phrase apologized)

'Keep it one hundred' (you can't just say 'being honest' or 'being loyal?' )

"On fleek" (what the actual everloving fluck.)

The fuck is a THOT, anyway?
Also, for the longest time I thought 'fleek' was a kind of drug.

So what are THOT and YOLO?

@patchoullijulie @memorylikeasieve

THOT: That ho over there. I'm not kidding. It's a...pseudo-derogatory, objectifying term for a woman that a man regards as a sexually viable target but has no desire or interest to engage them romantically.

YOLO: You only live once (this phrase was overused to a ridiculous degree, and many of the millenials who use it treat it as the justification for selfish, irresponsible, stupid choices.

As in 'hey man you shouldn't drink and drive'
'Haha YOLO bitch'

@JustLynnie see you just made that word 20% more tolerable.

@geist171 Thanks. I had no clue. I need to get out more I guess? 😕 I love it when I learn something new. 😀

@geist171 By the way THOT??? WTF.....makes me crazy ?



Ozman Level 7 July 22, 2018

Also this. This and Ec Cetera.

This one drives me nuts and causes me to scrunch up my face. 😕


Anything racist.


Anything pro brexsit. I'm sick to death of un educated racists thinking that this will make Briton great again!! First of all: Your all to young to know Briton without the eu
Secondly: how can you not see its all so the torys, there new labourite clones and the rich elite can keep there tax affairs a secret and bulldoze workers rights


After the "N" word.....I'm really, really tired of lazy speech. "LIKE" and "GOES" have taken over entire paragraphs in some peoples' vocabularies.



Varn Level 8 July 22, 2018

Pretty much everything already mentioned save for sports stuff, as I really could not care less about sports.

Allow me to add

'I could care less,' which means you do care.
'YAAAAAAASSSSSS'--the fuck is that noise?!
Typing elongated words by repeating the consonants, for example, 'thisssssssss.' What are you, a leaky snake?
I'm sure I'll come up with more.

Oh, also 'spoon-fed/feed,' 'programmed' when used in reference to people, 'sheeple,' and 'wake up,' unless I'm actually sleeping.

And ' meeee', 'jelly' for jealous. I sat 'whatevs' just to be a pain in the a** but only to 'peeps' I know who won't throw stuff at me.

'I could care less,' which means you do care.” - Thank you.. I skipped responding to a post today due to the poster claiming he ‘could care less.’ I thought, then why don’t you..


Hi are you busy right now?..When it is patently obvious that you are up to your neck..completely swamped..

Bloody annoying..rant over..phew..


Could of, would of, should of, or must of. As opposed to the correct could've, would've, etc.

This doesn't so much as make me lose respect for someone as it does question their intelligence.

That's language evolving.


The phrase "He/She disrespected me.". Freaking grow up, it's going to happen the rest of your life you little piss-ant.

That annoys me as well. I think that respect must be earned. If you haven't got it, you didn't earn it.

@Paul_Clamberer Exactly.


When people call women "girls". It makes my skin crawl.

I teach HS kids and always say "Hi girls" even tho at 17-18 they are more women if you want to be technical. Wtf am I meant to say?

@powder Maybe "ladies" instead of "girls"?

Oh thank you. This one pisses me off to the max. I can't tell you how many arguments I have been in about this very word......sadly they were with other women who seem to not get it!!!!!!! 😕

@powder You could say good morning ladies........

@powder, @Alvingo1 Saw your reply after I posted mine lol

@patchoullijulie No worries...


I have lost respect towards family members because of that

Alexa Level 5 Aug 12, 2018

When people say "you should have _____ instead". Don't tell me what I should have done. You haven't walked in my shoes. I heard a quote once that said "should is an argument with reality". I love that quote.

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