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QUESTION Sarah Silverman's response to a Twitter troll is a master class in compassion

@DeeTee shared this article with me last night, and it was a breath of fresh air. You can also access the Twitter conversation between Sarah and the person who called her a c**t.

Her strategy is similar to mine as a blogger. I've been trolled by conservative Christians throughout the years. When this happens, the first thing I do is go to their blog (if they have one), read their about page, and may spend several hours reading their blog posts and comments.

Many times, I found that these believers with trolling behaviors had bad childhoods, had been indoctrinated with shame and unworthiness, had physical or mental disabilities, and/or had experienced significant trauma. They were projecting their pain. Some wrote posts about attempting suicide. Reading these posts and about pages guided me on how I would react and reply (if at all) to their demeaning comments directed at me or fellow non-believing bloggers.

I replied with compassion and empathy, and while some remained in denial about their pain or fears and justified their derogatory comments, others were softened and became more respective to the information I shared.

As you read the Twitter convo (embed in the article), you can see how quickly his demeanor changed and the flood of support that followed. A little awareness and compassion can go along ways and may even change a person's life.

VictoriaNotes 9 Jan 8

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What an awesome gesture by Sarah Silverman!

balou Level 8 Jan 11, 2018

Thank you all for this outpouring of kindness. Sarah Silverman like many highest paid performers spews psychosexual humor. ...Eddie Murphy George Carlin Don Rickles amongst dozens of males are better known over fewer top women who skillfully tailor their words of gutter and medical gonad references that produce non-stop audience belly laughs. Comedy Clubs get the least censored vocabulary FCC licensed broadcasts get the most censored words provoking feelings about taboos religion marriage desire bedroom dialogue and hygiene habits. Fascist criminal theocrats like Ruuuusssssshhhhhah Dingy Crazy LIMPboss cult radio liar attack Sarah Silverman Paula Poundstone Oprah Winfrey Al Franken Sandra Fluke as communist Hollywood leftists destroying America. Preachers fall in line with creationists like LimpBOSS SLAMMITY SAVAGE and the one here calling Silverman a reviled feminine epithet is being healed instead of dosed with our righteous indignation. 5 years hence LimpBOSS has never retracted his lies against Sandra Fluke. She testified before Congress about endometriosis ovarian cyst and vulvadynia pills LimpBOSS LIES calling each sex pills and demanded Fluke provide him a sex video calling her a slut. Her friend at the Catholic law school denied those pills had a hysterectomy at age 23. ....More is at stake here than kindness and compassion. 6 million women die each year globally denied life saving abortions or deadly disease preventing condoms. 600 radio stations with LimpBOSS shape the electorate that shape medical USA policies. Our little Internet postings here rarely go viral compared to radio cults on thousands of communities where people vote. I will continue to vote condemnation not compassion for drug addict Rush Limbaugh and the preacher with body pain.

Thanks for commenting. I prefer to stay on topic. Have you thought about blogging? It's free. I've had a couple of blog posts go viral.

@VictoriaNotes thankyou. ...most preachers I have made such personal compassionate connection with insist upon the delusion their imaginary being led me to the talk. ...none validate our human only common ground. ...dozens in my life traveling, canvassing campaigning for office I remember each well SO HERE I end the track record of futility


I posted this as well, yesterday xDD


Psychotherapy given freely to trolls is a big mistake. ...If practiced without a license there are professional ethical legal issues risked upon perpetrators of the evil religions. ....If an xian calls my penis a cunt, it's just another example of the murderous misogyny from their genocidal pro-violent abortions rapist rewards systems to Jehovah YHWH Ghost Holes warriours and I let it go as such. ...Bill Baird won 4 US Sup Ct cases against the enemies of women and health care and has spent the rest of his life trying to convert the tampon terrorists away from health care providers. ...big mistake waste of time upon theocrats who stand for rapist visitation rights to women giving birth to rapist 2nd generation

Yes their bibles read: 2 Kings 15:16 " rip open the bellies of pregnant women dash the little ones against the stones LET NOT ANYONE LIVE but KEEP THE VIRGINS for yourselves to rape


I said I will read the blogs of believers who are trolling to determine if I should reply or how I should reply. I did not share what I said, and I know that I didn't do anything illegal. Maybe Evelyne @evestrat can let us know if Sarah was doing something unethical and illegal.

@GreenAtheist Yes, I am aware of this scripture and many others. The Bible is full of crimes against humanity. There's not a whole lot we can say to the faithful who believe in divine command theory. To my knowledge, this guy wasn't a bible thumper, unless you know something about him I wasn't aware of.

@evestrat I really appreciate your taking the time to respond to my question, Evelyne, and for your feedback. Thank you!


Someone else posted this video recently. She used compassion and empathy and discovered he was in pain with 5 dislocated discs. Sarah went even further in helping him find treatment. It was a beautiful ending to a Twitter rant.


It's great to find gems like this in the digital ether. Thanks for sharing an awesome story.


Damn.... I'm so happy this happened for the guy. I wish we could all get a little help and compassion in these matters. Great post.


It's always an inspirational to see people act with such compassion. We are often to quick to strike back rather than try to understand. Kudos to both you and Sarah!


What is the saying "abuse the gift that keeps on giving"? I totally support this. I think a person's childhood can and often does shape their personality. I can't really feel this because it wasn't a part of my growing up. But I can see it happened to others and try and emphasize and let it be a force for me to try to make changes in the system that fosters this.

I think few know better than you how hard it is to get people to advance up Maslow's ladder.


I read this last night. She has class and a huge heart.


thanks for being a model of compassion. we are complicated beings and it is a struggle to understand each other at times.Nice Link

Thank you, Barb, and I agree: it is difficult to not take it personally sometimes, and I think natural to initially have a fight or flight reaction.

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