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The Next Democratic Presidential Candidate?

According to the Washington Post, these are the top 8 contenders for the 2020 Democratic primary. Vote for just one, but if you like someone else let us know who and why.

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Bernie might not have won this past election, but he would have gotten enough of popularity to have been a threat to whoever did win. Especially since the Millennials and the younger generation were so in favor of him.

The millennials didn't vote cause he wasn't on the ballot.

That's exactly the problem.


I am so happy that the metoo movement is happening, but I think it will seriously hurt female candidates in the short term(midterms). 2-3 years from now, I hope it is quieter because enough men alone in a voting booth will quietly vote against women if they feel threatened. Right now, I want a white man in his 50's from Colorado with Bernie as the VP to protect against that and to capitalize on the backswing from Sessions drug stance. I want the best shot at ousting this trash and replacing Ginsberg with an equally qualified and liberal judge. She is my main concern.

If the situation has changed enough I'd love Warren/Sanders. She is my number one choice, regardless of gender, now that All Franken has been taken down. Franken/Warren was my dream ticket. But practicality leads me to believe we have to go male next time.

@Duke Do you have political experience, or are you a millionaire. Actually, might be better without political experience as it seems to corrupt all.


Elizabeth has my vote

I love Elizabeth, but my fear is that not enough people respect and appreciate herr style/approach. I absolutely would vote for her, but I have a feeling the DNC isn’t going to promote her.


I honestly don't have a freakin' clue. I didn't think people would fall for 45's con, but they did, and now look where we are.
At this point, I think almost anyone has a chance. Even Oprah Winfrey. At least she came up from nothing, knows what it's like to be poor and have to work for a living.

and has had the chance to develop a world view and seems to have genuine connectedness to other people

@ScienceBiker Unfortunately, I'm really afraid you could be right. The bottom is still a long way down. I need to start looking into what it takes to emigrate to New Zealand. I know Canada is closer, but I really can't take those long-ass winters.

@ScienceBiker Thankfully, I think you are wrong on this. We all shall see. 🙂


My wife says Opra. I said sounds good to me.

@twshield. Yep... after 3 marriages this is it


Bernie Sanders/Tulsi Gabbard- Hindsight's 2020!

Very clever!


Actually Kamila Harris of California., new bright star.


The DNC is broken. I'm going to bet the bottom one listed here is their chosen annointed one. (Kamala harris)
This place is flat out on fire to me. After what happened to AL and Bernie. All faith (haha) in the system is out the window. We're in a downward spiral death dive with this new lowered bar that's been set by fucktardius maximus.

It's like the 80s when they couldn't win anything.

@Benmonk Except this time they're throwing EACH OTHER under the bus ...


DD-214 or not my candidate. My apologies for those not in my camp. I understand even if you served. I realize the possibility I may be living in another country by 2020 chilling because when you Retire... you earned your every move.

Right it Should be a person with military background running the military. I am a Veteran as well Desert Shield Desert Storm.

@azzow2 Thank you for your Service. I was in the Staff of the Eisenhower Battle Group when the invasion of Kuwait. We cut short a liberty port in the Mediterranean and headed for Kuwait to flex muscle until everything got ready. You know those klowns will endanger your life and put you on a harms way for votes.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Midway battle group we were 16 days before the the Kuwait liberation began. Did you know the Saudis wanted to give us all 10,000 dollars at the time?

@azzow2 Oh yeah and the Kuwait liberation medals they gave away were gold worth a couple thousand the US had to tell them to stop giving them away because there were way too many recipients to match up by US. You West Coast, I East Coast... Global Projection controlling the seas. We were the Big Stick. We were at the end of our deployment when Desert Shield started once relieved and back in Conus, Staff left a month later for Drug Ops in front of Colombia with a PHM platoon. War is always a hectic pace. Thank You for the memories brother.


I think this is the new celebrity POTUS period. Oprah Winfrey or Tom Hanks.

I am surprised to find myself saying it but Oprah would be a fair candidate, even if I never watched her show

@Tecolote he is a registered republican!

@Tecolote Ha!!

The Rocks schedule is full for the next two years according to MSNBC.


It is too far out for me to venture a guess but now people are talking about oprah. hmmm



biden was head of the arms committee . strike that one off your list


The best candidates will obviously be the ones that the Democratic Party shun and try to concoct some bullshit story on to discredit them. Cory Booker is another corporate shill. Most of that list is status quo or connected to corporations. I think the parties next golden child will be Cory Booker though.


None of these are democratic all are zionists we need honest people in White House like Nader or Dr Jill


Not Cory booker... I don't trust that guy

what has he done to give you cause not to trust him?

I do. Why don’t you?

for one thing, he voted with big pharma to stop importing cheaper drugs from Canada or wherever. There were a couple of other things he's done that irritated me at the time that I don't recall the specifics
I also get the feeling his agendas is more for his own benefit than that of the people


I think Opara would be cool, Why not but another capitalist billionaire in charge.

celebrity countdown started already?


all good.


I think Cory Booker will be the VP candidate, even though he represents a state that is in the bag.

I like Biden, but gee he seems as if his time has passed.

NOT OPRAH! Even if she does see issues the way I do, the presidency isn't for amateurs. e.g. The Very Stable Genius.

So ... John Hickenlooper, Governor, Colorado.

You know, it was one of those things where I remembered that I liked him from something I saw. And how can you not like Hickenlooper?
Did some google. Worked on homeless problem in Denver. Advocated for Green planning. Pot is legal. Supporter of ACA.
Seems to favor some gun restrictions.
Go here []


I'm not an American, but he's really liked by progressives outside of the US. I love the guy.


all north easterners. I know little of warren? What does she stand for [or more importantly who does she work for]


What about Pee Wee Herman and Jared the subway freak, they would fit right in with the rest of those rich clowns and perverts.


Oh no. That's the only choices?

@Tecolote I like Kennedy.

Which Kennedy?

@Tecolote Too young. Wow, I'm F Word old. His dad is 65. Can we go there?

@Tecolote OK, I'm down with that. How're thing with y'all?

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