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How do you cope with the fact that any day you will die and that will be the end?

Hi guys, I would like to get your view on how you cope with the fact that any day you will die and that will be the end?

I am a person that thinks a lot and sometimes I end up with very weird thoughts and this is something that interests me. I enjoy finding deeper meaning in things.

In my case for example, last year was a very stressful year for me so I decided to do more of the things I like and less of the things for the future. So this year I will do more "Carpe Diem" and less stress.
#carpediem #whatislife

JesusOrtega21 5 Jan 8

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I guess I just not a deep thinker. There's nothing to cope with, why worry about something that I have no power over?


Live your life. When your time comes it will just happen. Do not waste whatever time you have left worrying about when am I going to die. Everybody dies. Do fun things and enjoy.


What is there to cope with? Your just accept reality and go n today. As far is death itself. there is nothing to cope with.. You simply cease to exist.


I was dead before I was born and that wasn't a big deal.


It will make everything that’s happened in my life that much more special, as there will be no more ~

Varn Level 8 Jan 8, 2018

I have important things to think about, and thinking about the end interferes. I just don’t.


I don't think about it all too much. I do things I enjoy, and try to do those i don't thatll get me further in life to be able to do even more things i enjoy. Maybe ill even be able to make some sort of impression on the world, for however short of a period that may be (whether its 1 or 1000 years makes no difference really)...nice to think i might go on living after i die through something i love and worked hard on, or just did something good in the world even if it doesnt last until after my death (rescue an animal/s, write 1 or more books, change peoples lives for the better throuh whatever relationship we have/had, maybe even invent or discover somethig that has an impact on society in some way, etc). Nothin matters really, but we have to find meaning in our lives if we don't want to live an unthinking, survival and reproductuion-oriented life, or kill ourselves.


I don't concern myself with it much at all. Dying is part of the program. Obviously, I would rather it take its time getting here. At my age, I'm at that 'waiting for the two minute warning' stage, so it sure as hell wouldn't make much sense to worry over it now. Sure, I'd like it to be quick and painless, too, but since I'm not planning ahead in that manner either, I've no control over that aspect.


I don't even consider it, though perhaps I should more sometimes. Yes, by all means "bucket list"!

I've just lately been in a procrastination stage. Smelling the roses. Hanging out probably too much on Its been educational and therapeutic though. Its definitely not time wasted.


Death is an inescapable consequence of living, you are doomed to die from the moment you are conceived. That never changes, just how we look at it. So I just accept it.


Cope with knowing when you die it’s over. This is an Agnostic site. Agnostic = I don’t know. So to me, I’m clueless as to what may or may not happen. I feel I have the same chance to go to heaven as anyone, and I also have the same chance as anyone to just be dead. Every time someone asks me the unknowable, I just answer, “I don’t know “. Most days I’m fine giving that answer.


I'm totally fine with it. There's absolutely no point in me being any other way about it. It's inevitable and fretting over it is a waste of time.
You do that Carpe Diem. Today is all we really have. Everything else is unknown.


i try not to dwell on the fact, i have already dealt with this reality, and know the universe does not care. i investigated neurology and how the mind works, and some of the famous atheist have stated in better words than i, why we try to cope with this fact with delusions and ego. a bit of me continues with my son. thats all the after life i get. my genes being passed on.


How do I cope?

Well ... easily. Without effort.

I just know it to be true and accept it. It's simply not an 'issue'.

In truth it's something I barely think about - and certainly something I don't worry about.


Thanks for keeping the discussion flowing! Loving your answers!

Brand new here Jesus. Already loving this place. I live in a retirement community and 90% of the folks here are religious. It is difficult to connect as you can imagine. How wonderful to be among like minded people. I am the rather ancient blond in this picture. I hope I can meet a nicee man who has faced his own mortality!


As much as it's possible I try to live 'in the moment' because when I eventually die I won't even know I'm dead because there will be no one there anymore to know anything. Kinda puts real 'zest' into life/existence.

Ya, I'm trying to learn how to do that. Sage advice.

Sage advice ? Get into the books of the American philosopher Alan Watts. Deep subjects written in an easy to understand style with sometimes lots of mischievous humour.


I just try to leave as music, art, and writing in my wake. Will anyone remember my work 20 years after i'm gone? Eh, probably not. But i feel better writing a song than i do worrying about death.

After you're/we're gone, memories don't matter. I "retired" in 1994 at age 41 as I figured/calculated I had enough ongoing material wealth to continue living in "a/the style" of choosing... And what I do, I do for myself... yes, including making the world a better place (smallish foot print, no children...) and staying on good terms w/ others. But... a post death legacy of some sort? Meh.

I still feel better leaving behind some tangible creative output. Art, music, and creativity are pretty transient. Leaving behind hard copies or internet archives of things makes the creative process seem a little less pointless. And thus, makes life a little brighter in my mind.


I don't cope. I just live and reflect and always have a calling card to remind me when my ego gets ahead of it's self. "Memento Mori" yes originally a catholic Idea but I don't reflect on the afterlife or soul portion just the remember you're not Immortal and death comes for us all don't fear it and live.


"I enjoy finding deeper meaning in things."

Maybe you will like this video -- "Our Greatest Delusion"

(under 8 minutes)

It just is what it is. I don't really think about death beyond the hope that I simply die with as little suffering as possible. If all goes well, I won't even notice.

I think everyone deep down will still have that primal fear, just a natural part of our own existence and psyche. But you can't let that one point spoil what you have now.


Serendipity VictoriaNotes
Just by 'happenstance' (it is one of 2 that I came across) this came up again the same night I replied to this question. I like to read before going to bed and opened The Atlantic Monthly to this article. It is very interesting and definitely needs to be shared. It augments the link VictoriaNotes provided. It is called the WeCroak app and is billed as the anti-app, app.



I choose not to worry about it. I'm alive today. I have a roof over my head. Food to eat. A cat to cuddle. And a studio to make art. Oh, and eagles flying overhead. Why worry about death? It will happen when it happens.


It becomes easier to cope I you ask yourself, "Was I afraid or in pain before I was born?". Of course the answer is no. It becomes even more interesting when you think that the billions of years since The Big Bang was no time at all before you were born. After you die an eternity passes just as fast.


Thank you Victoria for the great video. This subject keeps coming up and always gets a lot of attention.

People often say it is not so much death but the process of dying that is so worrisome (pain, being alone, loose strings). When my partner was dying we got involved with the endoflifewa program and she enrolled in the states Death With Dignity program. I occasionally receive e-mails from them and I will share the latest. Scroll down to state by state to see what is going on in the individual states.



Im more worried that I will live forever

Odyn Level 4 Jan 9, 2018

I live today

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