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Flat Earthers

Anyone have any run-ins with the so-called "Flat Earthers?" I thought, initially, it just had to be a joke, however, it is not! I debated a group of these clowns not too long ago and their arguments were amaazing. As in, amazingly insane! Anyone else out there have any dealings with said individuals?

Sadoi 7 Jan 9

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I often 'lock horns' with them on Utube. You'll find them trolling sites such as those of NASA and scientific videos discussing Geology ect. I troll them back just for the entertainment. Yes. it's incredible that in this day and age we still have people who have this 'Biblical mindset' and just cannot handle the world view that science has given us.


Ugh yes... I have an on going debate with one at work.. it makes my brain hurt.. thankfully I'm on nights so I won't see them again for 4 months...

Ooh you know a Real Life Flat Earther?? Wow! So... what are some of your more interesting debates with said flattie? lol

Yes a real life flat earther. as well as a few creationists. sigh...the flat earthers main argument is that being we are in Florida he can go out 30 miles off the coast and look back at the light house which should by math be below the horizon and still see the rocks at the base of the lighthouse, as well as when flying the horizon is flat when looking out the window. He also Gallops while attempting to debate and twists the actual scientific evidence to fit his needs. standard flat earth arguments all in all. I've found it better to just listen note key points to his argument and then come back at a later date. The creationists on the other hand I just don't bother.


Winning a argument against a flatty, is like winning a boxing match with Stephen Hawking

Omg! That has GOT to be one of the BEST metaphores I have read in a loong, long time!! So Impressed sir!! I LOVE IT!! I have got to remember this one! I am just about dying on the floor laughing!! hysterics

@Sadoi Thank you, being from Liverpool it comes easy.

@273kelvin You know, i suspected you had to be a Brit! I swear, you produce the wittest of the witty! And i am a particular sucker for wit! 🙂 Oscar Wilde is my favorite human being of all time!

@Sadoi Ah but you had Dorothy Parker "If you have heard or seen or read it. You can bet your life that Oscar said it"

@273kelvin ooh you bring up a good point! Dorthy Parker was a badass too! Didn't see get married to the same man twice, too?? She must have had a good sense of humour if she divorced him, then remarried him a few years later! haha

@Sadoi Either a masochist or addicted to marzipan. Maybe both

@273kelvin haahaaa!!!


There are flat earthers all around the globe yet not one of them has gone to he edge and taken a photo. I've heard arguments ranging from the bible, Job 38, "Have you ever given orders to the morning, or shown the dawn its place, that it might take the earth by the EDGES and shake the wicked out of it?". there for flat. Also my personal favourite was a David Icke fan who told me that a round earth is a government conspiracy to control us. This person also believes in shape shifting lizard people and the British monarchy are the ringleaders. There's no talking to sense to some people.

Dav87 Level 6 Jan 9, 2018

Yeah i know! They KEPT saying things about this Arctic Wall, which, the literal name escapes me at this moment. I was asking how they explain the seasons, the shadows. Why isnt the sun over us like a light bulb... what of the moon... etc etc. I mean, it was sooo cra-cray that after two weeks of TRYING to argue them down, along with a handful of other intelligent folk, I gave up. It was Worse than arguing with Christians! Ooh don't tell them they are "all around the globe!" Thems FIGHTIN' WORDS to them, boooy!!! I asked them how do you explain the curvature of the earth when you are in a high up place? How do you explain airplanes FLYING AROUND (around) the planet? You can SEE it is round. wtf?? I mean, it was like arguing WITH a wall. I kid you not! A wall! A wall with No Brain. OH YES! I have a friend who thinks the lizard people in the center of the earth are the creatures that the British Monarchy are born of! haaah! He also believes in Nibiru!! When he starts on those rants, I just groan and try to blend in with my surroundings in the hopes he may stop noticing me sitting there...

@Sadoi oh I know, did you ask why when there is 24hours of day light at one pole there is 24 hours of dark at the other? that one usually stumps them. I enjoy the lizard people stories, I live on the same small island as David Icke who is one of the "worlds leading experts" on the subject, when I see him around I like to mimic lizard type behaviour (I poke my tongue out at him). When you say blend in with your surrounding do you mean like a chameleon? maybe there's some truth in it after all!

@Dav87 yes, except I hail from the line of Asian Chameleon people! haha! Really? Icke lives on a small island with you?! Oh maaan!! haaaa!!! What are the chances? Yeah i tried that one too. The light at the poles. Nope. didnt matter, they refused to be swayed. It was mindblowing! I couldnt honestly believe what I Was hearing/reading!


I thought it was an excuse to get together for a booze up.

Never met one. They must be on the other side.

The other side of what? Remember, the earth is flat... hey... wait a minute... i just thought of another question for those idiots, "Whats on the Bottom side of the Flat Earth??" I think booze might actually serve to Improve their cerebral processing at this point!

@Sadoi Could there be two sides to this flat world debate?

@Treasurehunter Haahaha!! Perhaps the underside is where they believe the devil resides! lol


no, i thought it was a joke until I sore it somewhere

Yeah, its No Joke!! They are Dead Serious!! If you read my above commentaries, I mention thinking it was a joke too and that is how i introduced myself to one of their... err... sites were the congregate together. I swear i lost IQ points just speaking to them. lol

unbelievable, it makes the bible look plausible

@LeighShelton FOR REAL!! I AGREE! man, id be down for some arks, belly of whales, burning bushes, resurrections... ANYTHING other THAN flat earth! haha

fuck yes it's just ridiculous

@LeighShelton we should invade their forum! haha

maybe start off pretending to be flat-earthers but start questioning things like what about mountains? what stops the oceans falling off the edge lol x.


Tell them to prepare for the tilt.

Tilt-a-Whirl! haha!! I just... i cannot understand that sort of... illogical "logic" they seem to believe they possess. They kept calling me a "blind, brainwashed Roundy" and im like, "wtf?? roundy??" it was... unreal, i tell ya! Unreal!

@Sadoi Do not let the bash you they are simpletons. You are the realest, your intellectual capacity is way superior.

@azzow2 therein lies the problem. I felt like a bully in the end because i knew i had an upper hand... or should i say, an Upper Brain? tee hee hee 😉


I did decades ago. My first husband was a flat-earther and a moon landing denier, hence one of the MANY reasons we divorced.

Really??? Wow!! Oh my goodness! So was he like that when you first met him or did he begin to believe in those oddities in time? And... how was that for you? I mean, did he argue with you about his beliefs and... how did he justify those ideas to himself?

He was one of my many miss-steps in my younger days. I married the man a month after I met him on a blind date, so I really didn't know him. He was also very volatile, so I never argued with him. We separated a year after we married and divorced two years after that.

@kiramea Ah yes. I have made those types of young love mistakes myself. Good thing is, We Got Away, right? Their loss, not ours! They let the good ones go, but someone else better will come along, unless you already met that "someone better?" I have yet to, myself and not so sure I want to keep looking. Love perplexes me. I don't think I get it, even now. Its the one area of life I am still confused by. haha! Plus, I am so damn picky, there just aren't enough people I am even mildly attracted to and anyone interesting enough is probably not living anywhere near me and I cannot leave the state where I currently reside because I am tied to my young children whose father lives here as well. I must stay in the state for my children. So far It would appear, Michigan has No One that interests me! LOL!! I will probably die single! But id rather die single than married to a flat earther, thats for sure! Glad to hear you got away too. Smart lady!! 😉


Even the Greeks knew we lived on a sphere.

Exactly. Agreed!


I am still not totally convinced that it isn't just some people having fun. You know, like the church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Yeah, the Church of the Flying Disc In Space Monster, perhaps? But, honestly speaking, noo they ARE totally serious! I mean, SER-I-OOOUS! they are. I got threatened by a few of them, physically! haha! I was like, "yeah come and find me you idiot! Im on the Very Edge of the Flat Earth on the OTHER side of the WALL! Now come find me!" Put up your dukes! haha


Sadly I've met a couple of em .. Worked with some and I had the joy of them contemplating how the moon landing must of been fake because if it were true we would sent people to Neptune or Pluto... The fact I was working with these idiots was saddening.

Omg!!! haaahaaa!! You should have started going to work with Ear Plugs in. Did you ever engage them and question their beliefs? I mean, wait, you say you worked with "some..." as in, more than ONE?? You met MORE than ONE at one Time?? Wow!!! Hmm thinking Where Did you work...? So I know NEVER EVER to work there! hahaha!

@Sadoi It should sadden you to know it's while I was in the Navy... And I worked with heavy explosives at the time.... Seriously think about that.. And no I never tried engaging them in conversation over it..... I feel like it would be like playing chess with a pigeon.

@josh23452 haahaaa!! Playing chess with a pidgeon!!! Oh that kills me!! I think the pigeon would stand a better chance at winning against you over you attempting any form of intelligent conversation with a flattie! Heavy Explosives! lol! You should have offered them some explosives and convinced them to head for the arctic wall to prove their point!

@Sadoi Well the saying goes arguing with an idiot is like playing chess with a pigeon.. Eventually they just shit all over everything but still strut around like they've won. The saddest part is this is while we were on a deployment sailing from California and we went as far over as Singapore.

@josh23452 hahah! i love it! And, by the way, pigeons always win. Dare call one a loser in downtown los angeles! Those fucks will peck your ankles bare of skin! Those are some gangster pigeons there! Oh you are a well traveled man aren't you? I am intrigued...

@Sadoi Ari I've traveled far for a bumpkin from South Carolina... I still have 4 continents to go but by golly I'll get there.

@josh23452 I'm well traveled in the US and Canada because I first wanted to explore my own lands. Only Alaska and the upper East coast have I not visited but this Autumn I plan to drive from new York into Nova Scotia to watch the cooler changes. Then summer of 2019 I would like to visit Denali national Forest. After that, I will head to Italy, Spain, Switzerland, England, Ireland and Scotland. The next trip after that, I will hit up Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. I will probably start working on Asia after that.

@josh23452 color changes not cooler

@josh23452 national Forest? I thought I typed park? Weird

@Sadoi You should vist New Mexico... I know a dapper fellow who would love the company.

@josh23452 haha! hey, check your email or your phone texts. LOL! and i Have visited New Mexico. I was there last summer 😉 Its a pretty state, i thought so anyway. I wanted to cruise up Route 66 as much as I could. It is mostly broken up. So i take it you, you are coming in on I-40?

@josh23452 i can ring a ding ding you if you hit me up before i have to head out to give my friend a ride home from work.

@Sadoi Well I don't know the specific route yet.. I know I'm going south through South Carolina and through Louisiana


There are only a few tens of thousands of flat earthers around. Statistically speaking, it is unlikely we'll have a run in with any of them (though I see one member has). I also note that one member has a few times online though my guess is that is just as likely someone who truly believes it as someone who is just trolling.

Oh the site I went to had Many of them. They were over 2000 strong! haha! I felt like i was at war! I went in screaming "THIS! IS! SPAAAARTAAA!! (and it lies upon the center of a ROUND EARTH!) lol!! It was maddening! I realized it wasnt good for my health because every time I went to the site to do battle, I'd end up sucked in there for a couple of hours, not realizing it, and I felt mentally drained when I left because those people... i swear to pretend god they drove me innnsanne in the membraaane! I realize, "ari, this is not healthy for you. you cannot pound logic into a brain that clearly refuses it, at every turn." I would have better lucky trying to convince Trump as to why his baboon orange hair was not attracive. Albeit, it is also an insult to all baboons the ROUND WORLD over. 😉


I guess the larger point I'm making is that there are probably as many people that think the Jedi force is real as there are flat earthers and neither contingent is taken seriously by people that matter. 😉

@TheMiddleWay Yes, you are correct, my friend. I agree. Even still, it honestly took three days before i realized they truly werent just trolling or fucking with me. They were cereal! 😉


I haven't met any in person, but was amazed a few years back to find a website where they non-ironically give their convoluted justifications for their beliefs. I don't know how people drift so far from reality.

skado Level 8 Jan 9, 2018

YES!! Exactly Skado!! It was like that for me! They sent me all manner of videos and links to OTHER sites that they say substantiated their claims. I just... laughed and laughed and laughed! However, beyond the humour (laughing AT them, not WITH them) it just got exhausting. It was futile arguing reality with them. I mean, they are all on their Own wavelength and clearly there wasnt enough of that Opium they were smoking for me to smoke with. Plus, no sir, noo sir! i want None of That kool-aid! It was absolutely baffling! I kid you not!


I've engaged a few times on YouTube, my God (lol) I won't be doing it again!

See! FINALLY! Another who has engaged as I did! Yes! So you UNDERSTAND what I am Saying?? Yup! You knoooow what I speak of! haha

@Sadoi I feel your pain!

@Zoidburg I sent sympathy and emotional support in return! haha

@Zoidburg me thinks we need an "emotional support and sympathy" button here. haha

@Sadoi Hold me!!!

@Zoidburg im not sure my arms are stretchy enough to reach you across the ocean! haha


Yes I did. Unfortunately it was a girl that I was interested in. We started talking, and the more she talked the less interested I became. She believes that we are closer to the sun than scientist tells us. The space station is not really up in space and it is a hoax. If the hearth was not flat then everything would just roll instead of staying in one place. She is very attractive but I just could not see myself having an intelligent discussion with her. I slowly decreased my contact with her, and I stopped trying to pursue any further relationship with her.

"and the more she talked the less interested I became. " I read this and busted out laughing!! "Please, lady, just close your mouth. You're making me soft!" Hey, I am a sapiosexual so her looks would never have dawned on me nor phased me, but those words.. wooo hooo... those words would have chased me to the EDGE of her Flat Earth and, with hope and prayers, maybe i would be able to fall off that edge Just To Escape her! haha! I get more and more attracted to a person as I learn their thoughts, their minds. And with that, I begin to find them Physically Attractive. I just won't notice a person until I Communicate with them. And then its ooon! 😉


No flat earthers. Maybe higher education in the Northeast has something to do it.

hahaha!! I have yet to meet one in person. I just happened to Accidentally stumble upon one of their Forums and thought it had to be a joke! wroong, wrong, wrong!


I have not dealt with any flat earthers as of yet. But boy would I love to. I've seen and heard some of the garbage they speak and it really shows just how stupid they are. I would have a field day!

Oh really? Would you like to know HOW to get to one of their forums? I could always go "in" with you on the same day and INTRODUCE YOU to aaall my "good Friends" there! Because, yes, the Adore me around there these days! bwahahaha! But really, I could take you to their forum...


Please do not try to debate these idiots, you WILL lose brain cells.

Yeah, I figured that out around 16 days into it and I felt like I lived a Ramones song with my Lobotomized brain!

@Sadoi Head against a brick wall, every time!

@Zoidburg No no! You mean "head against the ARCTIC BRICK WALL, every time!" bwahahaha!

@Sadoi But of course, how silly of me! lol

@Zoidburg haha! 😉


I ever find one, I will drag him/her to the edge and let them drop to prove their point.

Haahaha! I love your comments my friend!! Yeah, I have a group, a forum of people, who are DYING to get past that Government Guarded Edge! I say we attempt to facilitate them and then, like lemurs, we start them out, one after the other, over the edge! hahaha! You can teach them to Tango... right off the face of the Flat Earth! haha "Tap your Way to the Truth Flat Earthers... and Keep tappin' allll the waaay dooown!"


I haven't run into any on a personal level, However, if I were to, I'm afraid I'd probably say an awful lot of derogatory things about their level of "intelligence".
Yeah, I know, I'm part of the problem. I just can't bring myself to suffer fools gladly.

Its okay. I lost my shit about day 9 and I went a little nuts and did Exactly That! Then after a few days of attempting to gut them, verbally, I realized I was so bothered by their thoughts that I was going a bit over the top so... i regrouped... and eventually gave up and ran for the hills! It was so pointless. I mean, what a waste of 2 weeks of my life! lol

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