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Why do you think that astrology is so prevalent that even some people that consider themselves atheist still believe in it? I find this really puzzling

Loudpaintings 5 Jan 9

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People need to make judgments with knowledge. Educate yourself on what astrology really is before you put it down as stupid. I have studied it for years and I do not share your uneducated conclusions. Astrology, the real science would surprise many at how exacting it can be. It is not fortunetelling or other garbage. Please make informed decisions.

What makes you think I haven't studied it? Very funny that you are calling me uneducated since I have an honors degree in world religion with minors in history and philosophy. I am by no means of world authority, but I am definitely not uneducated in this matter.

However, can you please educate me by linking me to some actual scientific studies since you are calling it a real science?

Can you explain to me how you have studied it? I'm not saying this applies to you, but many people practice a religion for many years without actually studying it.

I am sure everyone here would be very happy if you were able to demonstrate the validity of astrology and accept it if you give us some evidence that is reproducable through a scientific expetiment.

Just because something has a system doesn't mean it scientific. But maybe you have some information that I do not. However, earlier you said it is faith based. I am unaware of how something can be scientific and faith-based at the same time.


Ignorance of the real world that science has revealed to us. The signs (Zodiac) are now out by approximately 30 deg. So if your were born in say March, your sign is not Pisces,it's now actually Aquarius.The fake artists called Astrologers have recently (over the past 25 years or so) realised this so now they have , by stilth, 'quietly' move the signs by 15 deg in the hope that no one will notice. So now , as for the above signs , the first half of March is now Aquarius and the last half is Pisces. The actual reason the zodiacal signs are now completely out is because to the Procession of the Equinoxes.

I will look at your astro chart when I get it done. I will get back to you. I must tell you with all that studying in different religions, etc, you have a mouth when it gets put on paper that immediately makes me dislike you. I will look at your chart and check out your Mercury, the planetary position, and the aspects Mercury makes to the other planets in their orbits in your birth chart. If you want to be friendly, do not talk down to me or with that holier than whoever smirk. I am not one you can anger so to speak. I do not desire to be around negative people.


Astrology is one of the oldest religions. I call it a science, but the 3 wise men were astrologers. There are many verses in the Bible that are astrological in meaning. Most people are not aware. The astrologers creed is from the Bible. I like ti think of it as Time. I do not have it memorized and don't feel like looking it up, but I am an astrologer and I do know some of it.

There is a time for every purpose under the heavens. A time to sow, a time to reap, A time to live, A time to die.It is a long verse that follows the seasons. A time to pluck that which is planted (none of wording may be exact words. There is another verse I remember where it says look unto the heavens from whence cometh your help. So there is astrology in the Bible. Many holidays we celebrate are pagan, though you probably won't get a Christian to admit that. For instance Halloween. Most holidays are pagan for the Christians were not into celebrations.I am not a pagan. I am an astrologer, an empath, and some other gifts.

Thank you for your response Betty. I am not a person of faith, so astrology existing in the Bible is not enough for me. Is astrology faith based too, or can it be somehow tested and demonstrated?

@Loudpaintings Astrology is faith based. All of the planets have meanings and represent different parts of our selves and our environment. Astrology is no what is in the paper. Astrology is charted by your natal latitude, longitude. day, month, year, and exact moment you inhaled your first early breath. This is what make you unique. That exact moment the heavens are stopped and the placement of the planets are what makes you who you are. Environment plays a part as well. The planets do represent many of the Roman and Greek Gods. A correctly erected astrology natal chart will tell you much of what a psychiatrist will. That is why I refer to it as more as a spiritual science. Astrology is a very in depth analysis and you do not just pop up and know it. I became passionate for the science at 24. I still am and I am much older. There are the planets. How they aspect each other influences you along with their placement in your chart. I am also an empath, which was a gift I did not ask for. I can read auras, am telepathic, and read tarot. I like to stretch my mind and explore all interests which are many.I do not who said the Bible is a joke, but that is not true. While you may not see it as religious, it is one of the oldest history books there is.

@BettyColeman thank you for sharing your opinion with me Betty.

How do you think the 3 wise men / astrologers found the baby Jesus?


Yes, it's dumbfounding. Even Bobby Boucher was able to figure out that astrology is complete nonsense.


It is probably the oldest form of worship if not dam close. Think it more curiosity, the did they guess correct aspect.


I don't follow astrology.


Humans do the damdest stuff....isn't it obvious that planets bajillions of miles away would impact a person's personality?......????????????


I personally don't know anyone who thinks there's anything to astrology.

Well I have been living in the San Francisco Bay area for 35 years. I just moved to Wisconsin. The majority of the people I met believe in it. If you look on any dating app, almost all of them have astrological sign included there. Maybe where I lived it was just more prevalent

It could just be the people I personally know. I know there are people out there who swear by it.

I don't know anyone that is "in" to astrology, but then I never ask nor discuss it.


Do they "believe" it, or is it just an amusement? I haven't deliberately read a horrorscope in years, not even sure what signs all my kids are.

I don't read them at all. I think it's a crock of shit LOL. But it seems lots of people are so into it


It is a demand of order and purpose out of chaos. I think it foolish. The late Pope John Paul demanded that he be kept alive, and would only pass peacefully, after that young lady...who was in a coma in Florida...fought for her life thru the courts. One side claimed it was time to die (husband) while the other side wanted her alive (parents). She succumbed to death by pneumonia, and died naturally. The pope has the doctors pull the plug...and he passed. He did it because of a very specific prophecy regarding " innocent lamb sacrificed ...who dies after the pope...will herald the coming end". Madness.


I am here because I do not believe god is real, though I do believe in signs, which people's personalities in regards to their signs, and love matches of the signs have been proven to me over and over again as 90% true. including my own sign and my own personality. I have never studied astrology fully, but believe it to be a lot of truth, including Chinese horoscopes. My opinion.
Just edit to add. In reading daily horoscopes no I don't do that. Do I base my friendships or relationships based on their horoscope. No I don't. But I do know not believe that reading personality traits of signs of my friends and past relationships to be 90-95% accurate.

Sacha Level 7 Jan 9, 2018

Well there's no way for me to argue with your personal experience. I know a person that is born on the exact same day as me and the exact same hospital, and we have nothing in common at all. However a sample size of one is not enough to make any conclusions. It just seems to me that the universe would setup personalities based on when a person was born to be kind of odd

@Loudpaintings Something about the sun and the moon and the stars... yea I don't know... I have never studied it... I just know its mostly true in what I see and experience. 🙂
For an example looking at myself, Im a Libra, What they say about Libras is 95% true in me, I can sit sit on the fence and take forever making decisions (Never about food 😉 ) Until I feel I have made the right one, I am in love with love, love love, but will take a while to find the perfect love, I live giving and will make sure everyone around me is happy and getting what they need and want, most of the time forgetting about myself, yada yada, The only thing they say about Libras that is not true in me is that they love beauty in (meaning good looking well dressed) people,and love shopping. I like to see beauty inside of people first and I hate shopping. I had to go clothes shopping yesterday and I had to stop and get a massage lol. So you know, I don't outright ask people what is their star sign before getting to know them, but when I do get to know them and their personalities and get to know their sign,it all makes sense. So I am getting to the point where I know which star signs suit me best.

@Sacha Thanks for sharing with me. But do you really think indecisiveness really only applies to Libras? I am a Pisces, and that totally applies to me as well. If you feel it works well for you, then of course do your thing, but I just have a hard time believing that the position of the planets and when I was born have anything to do with my behavior. I have never received a good explanation as to why that would be so. Thanks so much for sharing with me though! I really appreciate it.

@Loudpaintings I understand where you are coming from 🙂 Though some things just feel right. I believe that some people can see or hear spirits too, (not all people that claim to I believe) but a couple. I have no explanation for that, but I believe it to be true for one medium at least. Some things can't be explained but show me enough evidence for me to believe they are true 🙂 I hope I am making sense.
PS you are very handsome man and I love your smile.

@Sacha Well calling me handsome totally just made my day lol I think I believe in astrology now!
???? cheers

@Loudpaintings Gosh you are easy! 😉 hahahaha

@Sacha I am unfortunately. I turn to mush easily lol. Trying to work on that =)

@Loudpaintings Don't change, stay as you are 🙂


Some like me base personalities on signs.

But why?


Everyone needs something to believe in.


Some people need to believe that they are not the cause of their misgivings.

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