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How many of you in the US have passports?

Serious question. Here in Europe it would be unimaginable for someone not to have a passport.

El-loco 7 Jan 9

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Listen carefully!!!

How many US believers have passports?


I usually keep a passport. However, it expired, and although I have the application for a new one, I have nto gotten around to it yet.

I have to admit that imagining going to Canada, and then not beign able to get back in the U.S. due to a lack of a passport kind is pretty appealing right now, while Trump is in office. You don't need a passport to travel from teh U.S. to enter Canada or Mexico, but you do need one in order to return to the U.S.

So anyway, the idea of beign stuck in Canada, actually looks pretty appealing right now.


I have a land passport to visit my son and grandson in Canada.


I have one, I travel constantly. Used to be you didnt need one to visit our neighbors but (thanks Obama and Bush) they changed that.


My kids and I all do. We use them, too, though would more so if air fares were not so expensive.

Zster Level 8 Jan 10, 2018

And how many religious believers have passports?


First passport so many years ago I don't remember when. Whenever it was, I haven't been without one since.


I was 38 before I got my first passport, and I used it about a year after that to travel to Malaysia, England, and Norway. I haven't been to the west coast yet, but I've been to the other side of the planet.


A lot easier and less expensive to take trains in Europe. Americans now need passports to go to Canada and Mexico.

I been to Mexico. Flew over the US but resisted the temptation to chuck something out of the window.


I do. In fact, when I became a USCitizen I returned my Resident Alien Card and I needed some ID besides de, the same day I recited the POA I went to the Office of the City Clerk and applied for my passport. I never received so many "Congrats" in my life.


i have to maintain one. i travel alot for work internationally


That is one of the things about that laminated green card that said Department of the Navy on it that I missed. When I had to turn it in when I got my Honorable discharge.

I do as well; I have the original and the two the Argentinian one. (expired)


Shouldn't you be asking that question to the state department? I think you got the website mixed up.


I’ve resided in the states for the last 18 years and only got my citizenship about 5 years ago. I haven’t bothered to get my US passport yet since my EU one is still valid. I’ve read somewhere that only about 46% of US population have a valid passport, and only about 3.5% travel overseas.


We used to be able to go into Canada without a passport; don't think that's the case anymore. But with so many relatively small countries in close proximity over there, I can see it would be impractical not to have one. Do EU citizens need passports to go to other EU countries? Russians need a passport just to travel within their own country. Me? I had one but it went through the wash a few years ago.

godef Level 7 Jan 9, 2018

Most EU countries do not require you to travel with a passport if your country is a member state. Most countries issue an ID card which can be used in lieu of passport.

Believe it or not...but three years ago I was asked for my passport when returning from Nebraska. I said to the guy "Did they move Nebraska out of the states? He laughed and told me that they have the right to ask for the passport. I had it with me. If you come to USA by land (Canada, Mexico) they will ask you for the passport. No when returning by plane.


I do, though I’ve never used it.


Not I. Too damn poor to travel.

MoniB Level 6 Jan 9, 2018

I have had one almost 50 years.

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