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What 3 political issues would your chosen candidate *have* to align with your viewpoint on?

  1. Assume there are multiple candidates and each one only agrees with your view on three things.
  2. No matter what, all candidates will disagree with you on everything else, but these three things.
  3. In this scenario, one of these candidates will also become the next president. So, regardless you're stuck with someone who only agrees with three things that you want.

So, what does your chosen candidate have to align with your viewpoint on?

Is it

separation of church and state
gender equality
division of wealth
tax policies
LBGQT rights

or something else not listed?

silvereyes 8 Jan 9

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My body, my business.
One person, one vote, with universal suffrage.
Compassion as a societal ideal/goal

  1. Truly open and democratic elections (no restrictions on voting rights, no gerrymandering, no PACS or dark money, the overturn of Citizens United).
  2. Focus on the development of human potential and economic opportunity for ALL.
  3. Full environmental protection (including moving from fossil fuels to renewable energy).

LBGQT rights, healthcare, separation of church and state, one extra defang the military complex companies shouldn't be making profit off of war or prison.


Promote the idea of an Article V convention to draft an Amendment to the Constitution that will overturn Supreme Court decisions including: "Buckley vs Valeo", "First National Bank of Boston vs Bellotti", "Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission", "McCutcheon vs FEC". (Article V of the Constitution says that 2/3 of Congress or 2/3 of the states can pass a resolution calling for a convention to draft Amendments to the Constitution.) The above mentioned decisions are SOME of the many the Supreme Court made affecting campaign financing. Of the issues mentioned on the post, I would pick gender equality (LBGQT rights could be included), healthcare and education.


This is not an answer to the question.

  1. Pro life
  2. Pro guns
  3. Pro religion

The problem with the question is that it is the problem with our bipartisan system. Too many people will let anything slide for the above 3. Genuinely given the choice, I'd want this country burned to the ground.

It's more than that. If you believe Hillary Clinton will destroy the world, you don't care what Trump does. If you think Trump will destroy the world, every negative about Hillary Clinton could be overlooked. So although I am an issue based voter and think we really need to push society in that direction, I really hate the phrasing of your question. I know women who feel they "cannot" look at a candidate that is pro life. I know idiots who could never accept a pro choice candidate and voted for Trump just because of that, even though they knew it would make life for their Hispanic immigrant families harder. I refuse to narrow the scope to 3 issues knowing that the other issues would be trash. It is important we know what's important to us, but it is equally important that we don't use 3 things as a justification for letting everything else go.


Healthcare ... thsts a need
Gender equality ... that's a need
Immigration ... our forefathers are immigrants that made America. I believe all people have a right to be here. New laws to make sure they get a fare deal.


• Respect for the findings of science as they impact our civilization.
• Free healthcare for all citizens.
• The creation of a just and compassionate society where no child -- or adult -- is left behind.

  • education funding and restructuring
  • science and technology research
  • campaign finance reform

First and foremost, anti- corruption/ getting money out of politics.
Then universal healthcare.
And then the economic disparity.
The way I see it is I can support anyone who fixed the first two and just got a start on the third because after the first two are fixed the public will have a say again and won't be forced to choose their employment or the companies they support for the sake of healthcare.
If I don't like other policies I can at least then I will be able to accept that the citizens, and not the rich and connected, made that decision. If I still feel strongly about an issue that needs to be addressed after that point I will just accept it as my responsibility to convince the public myself.


Electoral reform, specifically I'd like to see publicly funded congressional and presidential races. If everyone gets the same amount of campaign dollars, and donations were expressly forbidden, then lobbyists would have a much harder time obfuscating the electoral process. Elected officials would still have to deal with lobbyists, but they wouldn't have to corrupt the system to score reelection funds.


Protect/enhance natural environment,
limit/reduce population,
place religion with other superstitions

@Naeem Did you ever read Logans Run? - Only Joking, In OZ we have fantastic financial encouragement/incentives for people to breed. We do not have very much land here that is livable. My idea is to take away these incentives and educate people to have fewer children. If each couple has one child, in a generation or 2, population goes down nicely. And look at the benefits for the child, 2 parents and 4 grand parents to be there for them, no sharing the inheritance, more chance of a better education and greater likelihood they will receive adequate medical attention.

  1. Get money out of the political process. Money will always corrupt any progress as those with the most push to be heard over the voices and needs of the people.

  2. Make government completely secular with the goal to make laws protecting a pluralistic people. Society needs to be cleansed of any and all governance made solely for the advancement of one or more religious belief, All beliefs or lack there of should have equal protection under the law.

  3. Acknowledgement of Hard Science and Education should be the primary goal of our society. As a nation or world our greatest product is the skill and talent of our people. There is no greater achievement than to have a people who are self sufficient, healthy and well educated.


Climate change, division of wealth, separation of church and state. I choose those three because, as a practical matter, there would have to be other agreements on other issues.


All of the above if that were the answer. If just three, then separation of church and state, healthcare, and LBGQT rights. Also would like to add immigration and education.


Personal equity. I find it hard to believe in someone that thinks one group deserves equality more than another group. I don't think you can have gender equality truly without racial equality. I think that universal healthcare and education for all is a necessary building block for humanit.


Separation of church and state


LBGQT Rights


all of the above! but instead of LBGQT rights, how about human rights

@silvereyes i tried but most are important to me! i can't help it


Cameras on all the schools out side only.
All government officials have no or very limited oil futures ownership.
Legalize all drugs tax them use the tax to help the people that are unwilling homeless.


equality, healthcare, immigration. (I think if they agree with me on these three, the others will probably come in tow)

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