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I'm really liking this site. It has such a group of folks that are entertaining, and topics as well. Much, much better than crusing my FB.

I think I'm going to like it here quite well.

Let's see a bit about me. Well, for starters I like who I am. Sure I'm a bit fluffy ( I prefer this word over the other F one) but as this stage in life, I don't really see it changing too much. Take me or leave me as I am.

I try to be a caring soul. I'm loyal to a fault. Perhaps that is the Capricorn in me. I like bits of astrology, although I don't put much into it. It's more of a fun thing.

Lately I've been doing some crystal dousing. Now, that's quite a thing. You get this board, and a crystal on a chain and ask some basic questions like show me the direction of yes. Show me the direction of no. At first you don't believe it at all until it seems to move on its own. If you haven't tried it you won't believe it. Even then you wonder if your subconscious is moving the darn thing.

I love science fiction. I acquire the taste for it from my ex hubby. Yep, still friends. Just woke up after a bad car accident and decided I wanted more to my life than someone who was an alcoholic. Funny thing, I thought I'd kept it hidden from everyone. Turns out, everyone knew. So much for my feeble attempt to make everything "perfect" in a non perfect world. Since then I struggle trying not to be that dreaded "enabler." So far, so good.

However, I get lonely. Mega lonely at times. As I'm not into the bar scene, nor young and beautiful any longer, I've not had a lot of luck finding someone of similar nature to mine.

Most likely I'm just an old hippy stuck in a redneck world. Deep in the heart of Eastern Texas.

Ask me a question. Just about anything. Talk up a storm with me. The more interests you have the better.

I try to learn one new thing every day.

JustLuAnn 7 Jan 11

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Welcome...glad to have you.

Leah Level 5 Jan 11, 2018

Yeah, since finding this site, I am not so reticent about doing things ofn Facebook which migh tland me in "Facebook prison".

What I rally like is how people here are open minded and seem to actually consider what you have to say.


Well now ... walk right in --- sit right down ... baby let your mind roll on.....


Welcome and enjoy!


Hi @JustLuAnn welcome to the community. I love your plaque. I have a history of alcoholics and drug addicts in my life-ended my last dysfunctional relationship 9 years ago. Being a cancer survivor for 5 years now I am getting back to living. Some good caring people here.




I don' t mean to be all high-falluten (sp?), but why Rusk? There are things to enjoy about small town living, I know, but you sound like you need more stimulation.

Native Texan?


Hello and welcome to the community! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your stay!


Hi and Welcome !

twill Level 7 Jan 11, 2018

Welcome aboard


@JustLuAnn Hi again. I just wish to try to reframe your lonely but first i wish to tell you about the only time that i experienced "lonely". It was a very long time ago and I was studying in the sun at the back of the house. There was and had been no one else home for days. I was suddenly struck by something akin to the panic a claustraphobe has when confined in a small space - I was trapped, fearful, terrified. I was torn between wanting to dash my study to the floor and go to the pub to drink and be surrounded by people or stay, control myself and continue studying to achieve what I set out to accomplish more than four years previously. Well as I asserted control over myself the panic went and I could rationally look at what had just occurred. Nothing had come along to disturb my equilibrium like a snake, a raven or a dark cloud. The sun was still shining, the birds singing, the text on my knees still logical and capable of being absorbed. Yes I could go and have a drink but was 4+ years of hardship and deprivation in the quest of greater good to be overturned by this aberration? NBW! I carried on studying and revising and since that day I have never ever been lonely. Most of my life I have been alone and of late I have noticed that thanks to the xenophobic and often antagonistic behaviour of my god bothering townsfolk I suffer from not having enough conversation... I admit I talk lengthily. I do also listen. So please JustLuAnn admit that you are alone but not lonely because in many places around the world there are people to converse with.

I will reply late tonight . Simply put lonely for me means being alone.


Welcome. I don't suppose the magic crystals thing works with lottery tickets, does it? That would be great. 🙂



Welcome 🙂 I love it here too!


Welcome. I like that saying, "an old hippie stuck in a redneck world". I can relate.


I think we tend to be a thoughtful - sarcastic (really sarcastic) bunch! Yes it is a nice change up from FB! We can talk about the serious stuff here. When I've had too much FB I head here.
BTW have done the crystal thing to predict baby sex. It's fun and out of six - I've been correct. Freaked my young nephew right out! (Well he's 30 but freaked him out regardless). I suspect it taps into intuition - something we don't completely understand yet. Welcome to the group!

I have done it as a fun activity. It moves and by what means I do not know. It could be subconscious. Its so hard to say. I will do a post on it. Too bad one cannot do a video here.

@JustLuAnn It definitely has to do with subtle hand movements and could be easily faked. However? I never intentionally move the pendant - which is why I think intuition/self exploration comes into play. It's an intriguing way of finding out if your mind is actually made up about something. That somehow it predicted baby sex? Well I could have that much luck with a flipped coin too I'm sure. Law of averages or something. But we had a tea leaf reader way back in my family (about 4 generations) - and to me that's using facts you know plus your intuition to read a situation.

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