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Does Licence To Carry A Weapon Give A Person The Right To Take The Law Into Their Own Hands?


I saw this on my local News and thought it was interesting and wanted to get everyone's Take on It?

What do you think?

twshield 8 Jan 11

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No it doesn't, a license to carry gives a person the right to protect themselves, loved ones, and property from harm.


If it was not apparent that it was a BB gun, then the employee was justified in shooting. Consider that "just give him the money", is not a deterrent from being shot. Many holdup men shoot the witnesses after getting the money. Texas is more lenient when it comes to concealed (and open) carry and when a person may is their system of laws and is "not taking the law into their own hands." To sum, it is better him than me.


No it does not give anyone the right to take the law into their own hands. However after seeing the news report, the employee was justified in defending himself and his coworkers. i would have done the exact thing if I was in that situation. In that case it is justified. They were committing a felony, and threatening people. the employee had no way to know that the gun was a BB gun. What if the guy shot an employee in the eye with that BB gun, What if it was a real gun. What if they bad guy started shooting people. This is not a case of taking the law into your own hand. This is self defense. THIS WAS JUSTIFIED.


Yes. The moment you give a person that recourse you've made them an instrument of policy. To punish them for carrying out what is, ultimately, national policy is perverse. If this is not working, change the premises. Restrict gun ownership.


Of course not and why would you even think that?


Not sure I know It gives you the option to protect yourself and others. Here is a good example where you where I am not sure. A purse snatcher grabs a lady's bag in front of you on a busy street and you pull out your gun and blast the guy. He dies. I'm pretty sure your going to jail. Then again who knows I've seen crazier things not charged. It Is a slippery slope.

i agree!


IIUC everyone has the right to make a citizen's arrest. But you don't get the presumption of necessity a cop does if you actually shoot someone. #NotALawyer


I just got through telling my mom this a week ago. Because that an individual does not govern the entire people that are acting a representative of the entire institution.

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