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What lifestyle practices can we learn from other cultures and countries?

My grandmother is Japanese. We've always taken our shoes off in the house. I never thought much about it, since it was just part of our lives. Even guests must take their shoes off in our houses. As it turns out is good in terms of keeping bacteria out, chemical toxins, dirt, protects your floors, and makes your feet happier (because they can move naturally).

There are plenty of studies to back these things up, but the point is- it's a good practice that I gained from my grandmother's cultural background. And, I'm sure there are plenty of other things other countries are doing whether it's in what they eat, how they exercise, or even how their country is structured...

What other practices in lifestyle or otherwise can we adopt from other places to improve our own lives?

silvereyes 8 Jan 11

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I smoke outside... if that's a custom. That's it.


Okay, thought of another one! 😀

I like the open affection shown by Asian cultures. Although not cross-gender, same sex adults and kids frequently hold hands while walking together, or when sitting on a sofa. At dinner in a restaurant recently, one of them cuddled up to me in the booth while we were talking. It seems that Americans consider limiting affection as a necessary step to adulthood, maybe because we sexualize it? But I'm affectionate by nature and really enjoy it.


I've been lucky to have a Chinese girl and Korean children in my life as they grew up and I've enjoyed their traditions, including the shoes off in the house policy, and some of the things @ScienceBiker mentioned.

One thing that I very much like is the way they're comfortable speaking to people older than themselves as equals. Hmmm ... I expressed that poorly. For instance, when a lot of American kids visit us, they may speak perfunctorily when spoken to by adults, but mostly they don't speak openly until they're in the other room with their peers. Worse, they will whisper to their friend in front of people. It drives me nuts! But the Asian kids I've had are comfortable speaking with me, and will even seek me out when they come over just to say hello. We may end up talking for half an hour before they go hang with my daughter. They participate in dinnertime conversation, and don't find it a burden to eat as a family.

How cool! I'm sure that gave you an interesting perspective on a lot of things. And that may explain a lot, @silvereyes, as to the reason you're such an exemplary communicator, and how you have no problem with all age groups.


Nudity! Men and women and children changing or stripping for the sauna or swim, together, and it's not a thing! Mamas with a boob out for the baby, wherever, whenever, and it's not a thing! Bodies, naked bodies, are visible, and it's not sexual or shameful! Zero body shame, anyone? Less rampant sexualization of bodies and their parts? Ping @snytiger6

Also from India:. all gods are the same God, all religions are the same religion, so what's all the fuss?

@ScienceBiker Psst! Your body shame is showing! A little therapeutic nudity is just what the doctor ordered!

@Irascible no, just heard some amazing stories when I was a kid from my teacher mother after she returned from a sister city/student exchange trip to Russia. Back in the early 90s when we were friends. "Don't sell your Levi's" and all that.

@ScienceBiker LMAO...


Seems all are going east. Where shall I go? 🙂


I am more inclined to ask what can we learn from other creatures and life?

definitely my teacher for sure and many scientists too. did you know every single drug we make is tested on horseshoe crab blood? they have green blood about 10 eyes all over the place. there very ancient beings and are not crabs. .there more related to woodlice. termites invented air conditioning and ants invented communism that actually is fair and works. all I learn off of humans is greed and hate most and how not to survive billions of years.

well this is true


Canadians talk about politics, Americans just hate the other side.

jeffy Level 7 Jan 12, 2018

I know, the shoes off is also common in Sweden and probably a number of other places as well.

My nephew married a Chinese girl and we learned through her and her family how they treat their parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles. When we would go out to eat with her, she would hover over my sister, waiting on her and also me. Always asking if everything is alright, did we need something. Very attentive and respectful, doing whatever she could to please us. And I'm sure there are other cultures that also have more respect for their elders than we seem to have.


Material accumulation does NOT equal quality of life. This materialism and unchecked consumerism is a dire pandemic in America.

Yep, patriotic duty = shop 'til you drop. American sickness.

I marvel at the relentless marketing I have been getting to replace my "hopelessly obsolete" (perfectly functional) Samsung Galaxy J7 phone with a new S8. I am very happy with my existing phone, but, since the new model is out, obviously I "neeeeeed" It! Aaaaughh!


I like the way some countries appreciate gender fluidity. I think the time has come for this acceptance.


Tabet all life is precious. Buddhist knowledge is key. Shaolin inner peace. Sparta long ago physical fitness was paramount Athens intelligence took precedence. Airistitol medicine and studies. To me learning to teach so as not to repeat mistakes of the past.


funny the first thing I thought of was the removal of shoes.braindead and can't think of anything else

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