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QUESTION What's Going On.... Bernie Sanders

Found this on FB. Sanders breaks it down about the possible government shutdown next week.

BeeHappy 9 Jan 12

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He can't be trusted. The End!


I think it is going to happen. Pubs Cotton and Perdue are denying the "shithole" remark made by our piece of shit POTUS. I think the Dems should hold out on immigration reform till trump apologizes to Haiti and African countries. We don't need a white America. Bernie is right too much on the table.


Sanders/Gabbard 2020 !!

skado Level 8 Jan 12, 2018

His platform really resonated with me. I voted for him in the primary. I still think he would have won against Trump.

Me too

Me too!!!


I worked for the Bernie campaign. I adore Bernie, I'd follow him to figurative hell and back.

I would too...


I'm a big admirer. Many outside the US are. 2016, he was robbed! I only wish he were 20 years younger. I intend nothing ageist about that. I wish him full steam ahead. But there are some realities about ageing that can't be ignored. I wish he had a protege, someone following in his footsteps, utterly genuine, like him. Perhaps someone will emerge. But that Democratic Party there.. It looks rotten from the top down. The Clintons have left it an empty shell.

Well I don't think Mr Biden should run either. He seems like a nice man, but that's not enough.

Nelson Mandela was 80 when he was president of South Africa. Sure Bernie's hair is completely gray, but have you seen him shoot hoops or run through an airport, or very long days on the campaign trail?His energy level is just fine.

Tulsi Gabbard?

@evestrat No disagreement. No one would be happier to see Bernie as President than me. What the Clintons and the corporate Democrats did to him in 2016 was a disgrace.


It's below zero here right now but damn, I'm Berning up. I love that guy.

He is awful lovable, isn't he?

@BeeHappy yes he is

@BeeHappy yes he


Apart from being forced to give his endorsement to H. Clinton and apart from his age, has Bernie Sanders ever done anything to disqualify him from deserving the Presidency of the U.S.?

Not at all. Both Democrats and Republicans are afraid of Sanders' honesty and consistent message. I'm tired of him being labeled a Socialist, when he clearly labels himself a Democratic Socialist, like FDR, not Marx. If he doesn't annoint someone to run in 2020 that he believes will truly continue the political revolution, I sincerely hope he runs. Right now the mission, should we all choose to accept it, is to flip Congress in 2018. First things first.

Not in my opinion.

He is an honorable man - about the only one in Washington I think.

They would use his wife's legal problems against him. And for the republicans that all works for them, look how discredit Warren with the Pocahontas nick name. I think that if that's all they have she must be pretty clean, they still haven't proved it and the base doesn't care if it's true. Yet nothing sticks to trump, I just don't get why people are still afraid of the school yard bully? They are so juvenile, it's frightening.

@MauraGarin I'll take Bernies Progressiveness...push the Dems to the left further...yes...

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