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Adventure Time

What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done? (Non sex related)

Would you do it again?

Crimson67 8 Aug 1

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I left a marriage with no money and no prospects.

I hope I never have to do it again.

Me too....and I had two small sons. The thing about being young is that we're fearless - believe ourselves to be bulletproof.

@Lavergne I had 4 kids and was 30. I was far from fearless. I was desperate.

@Donotbelieve ...Being desperate can be just as good a motivator as being fearless....I just slept better at night because I was too young(dumb) to believe that all sorts of bad outcomes were lurking about. I landed on my feet - but I guess that's why they call it "dumb luck", eh?

@Lavergne I guess so. I had to have a little dumb luck, as well.


I studied for a semester in Russia while in college. It gave me a better perspective on life. I'm very glad I did it and I'd do it again.


My trip to Alaska with six other women, each of us in our own motor home, and none of us had ever met before. I’d do it again in a heartbeat, we had a blast and it was quite the adventure.


Well it may not seem adventurous to some but went up to Pikes Peak. I am terrified of heights and the road up there is a 2 lane road with no guard rails. Plus the the height of it makes the oxygen very thin. I had a hard time breathing and I was trying not to have a panic attack. Plus I didn’t want to let my daughter and her husband know I was panicking. I had to go sit in the car and talk myself into calming down and trying to breath. Yeah not doing that again

I hate heights too, and have also been up there. The trip down was a white knuckle affair for me.

@maturin1919 going up and coming down was pretty awful. Wasn’t on my bucket list but it’s crossed off .. lol

I drove up and back down in an F-450 Dually. It really wasn't that bad. They make me stop at a checkpoint on the way down to let my brakes cool down....but I have a rock from Pike's Peak in my collection of rocks now...and the view was worth it!


"Adventurous" can mean different things to different people.

That's all I have to say about that.


@Crimson67 My "adventures" are best kept to myself. Thanks for asking though.


Too many, way too many..... How about this one. Years ago, I was working in Manaus Brazil. On weekends, I was playing soccer with the factory peers. It may not seem like much but strictly speaking, I can claim that I have played soccer with Brazilians in Brazil !! ?⚽


Skydiving probably. Would definitely go again.

My answer is also skydiving. I think it wants to be my new hobby!

5 many...
I've jumped out of a plane....twice
mountain climbing and rappelling
traveling to strange countries and cities
Snorkeling next to a giant ray just a week after Steve Irwin died
....I was more scared than I should have been
Spelunking in a lot of caves + cave diving
moving to strange cities by myself for a new job

I've driven from Oklahoma to Alaska....and from Alaska back to Indiana
I drove from KY to CA
I drove from CA to TN
I drove from IL to FL
...............ok, I've done a LOT of driving....I could write 50 more big trips
lots of hiking...including the Appalachian trail

when I was 17 I drove myself to college and signed myself in....they almost made me leave since I couldn't "legally" sign contracts....but they just had me resign everything when I turned 18. I was always brave like need for parents! hahahaha

it's been an interesting ride so far....

Not sure what all I would do again....I really want to do new stuff.


Hiking solo in the Tasmanian wilderness in bad weather. The trail has basically turned into a waterfall going down as I was struggling up the cliff face. When I got to the ridge line I could barely stand the wind was so strong. In retrospect it was very stupid to go alone but I had the entire place to myself and it was incredibly beautiful with the ragged clouds opening unexpected views of the mountains before shrouding them again.

I only saw two other people that entire day so I may have been in serious trouble if I had injured myself at the wrong time - but I don't regret it!


Trip to S. America and travel to several places in Mexico. Sure I would like to like to go to other places again.


Rode my Zx7 Ninja from Connecticut to Daytona Florida.
I broke a LOT of speed limits. lol.


I jumped off of a thirty to forty foot cliff into a reservoir.


I climbed a mountain over the weekend.
Got out of bed Saturday morning and decided it was what I wanted to do.
Drove 5 hours to Guadalupe Mountains National park, climbed said mountain, slept and returned home Sunday.


In prehistoric times I went rapelling (sp?) as a scout.


I got my A license for skydiving. Also done some backpacking in Alaska.


Being in both the Army and the Navy was very adventurous to me. The Army was the most in regards to living in Germany for 5 years and the training I did and the Navy for living in Italy for 6 years and all the ports I visited.


Skydiving and yes, I would do it again.


A parachute jump

Flown solo in a cesner and landed at Titusville Airport

Been down the Olympic Bobsleigh run at Albertville

Camp America

Got married

So that's: Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and fuck no!


Sailing the Atlantic and Pacific was fairly exciting. Road racing ranks up there, too. Flying bush plane in Alaska was something of a rush. Working a gold claim in Alaska's interior presented several instances of excessive adrenalin. Diving in submersibles like the DSH-1 definitely caused spine tingles occasionally. Flying the unfriendly skies of Southeast Asia was more on the frightening side, but adventurous nonetheless. However, the one adventure I have always wanted and it appears will never be is to set foot on Mars.


Joined the Marine Corp


Jumped off a 30 ft. cliff into a deep quarry in the total darkness unable to see below me. hit the water a little sideways found out how hard it was to tell up from down in the total darkness. Do it again ? NO ! It hurt to old for that now.


I'm not sure this was the most adventurous thing, but it perhaps wasn't the smartest thing. I ran a mountain marathon in Scotland. Mountain marathons are normally two days of orienteering and trail running while carrying your supplies for two days. My pack ended up being about 20-25 lbs. I was living in Germany at the time and didn't know of a partner, so I went online to find one. I found one who said she was good at orienteering and was up for the challenge.

After 5 days of bicycle touring Scotland (which was awesome) we were suppose to meet up at the marathon site. She didn't show up until around midnight! She was flaky as well.

We ran. She didn't know diddly about orienteering and she was extremely slow going up the hills, so I waited for her at the top of each hill. My ankles aren't the best in the world so I took running downhill a little slower. The course ended each day running downhill. She didn't have any problems running downhill and would charge to the finish line and start yelling at me in a very nerve defying voice. It pissed me off to say the least.

We parted ways after the marathon (we did manage to finish). She put me in a bad mood for several days afterwards. I hope to never experience that again.

Lesson learned: Only go with someone you know and trust on something as grueling as a mountain marathon.

I like hiking, running, orienteering, and low key competitions, and I'd do another mountain marathon, but not with her!

What's one of yours?


I've done a lot of crazy things, especially in my teens and twenties. I used to do a lot of drugs years ago. But I cleaned up in my mid twenties and slowly acheived a moderate amount of success since then. I used to share experiences from my wild past openly until, one day, someone told me to shut up that everyone knew I was lying. So I don't really tell about those things much anymore, especially since I'm a dad and respectable professional. But . . .
When I was 19 I once had a speed cook hold a straight razor to my neck. I also stayed awake for 12 days straight and got a little schizo during this period. I won't admit to anything illegal, but it was a long time ago.

I stage dived at a Social Distortion concert from the top of an amp stack, kinda hit the floor, cut a gash in my eyebrow and stayed in the pit and slung blood on people.

When I was in the Navy, at every port, I would leave the "safe part" of town and usually end up someplace where no one spoke English looking to get things I should not have. During this time I also challenged a Navy Seal to a fight, got pushed against the wall and choked until I backed down.

In a bar in Belize I jumped up on the bar and danced until I was pushed off.

In boot camp I was tear gassed. We all were. But I had hyped myself up for it so much that I actually asked my Company Commander if I could go back again (although I probably wouldn't have if it had came to it).

I could go on and on.


Went down to Hedonism II for a three day vacation by myself. Spent three days running around naked most the day, eating great food, drinking good grog and seeing a lot of bodies in their natural environment ? Walking out of my room naked the first day down at the hotel, where only half of the hotel is clothing optional, was a trip!! But you get used to it real fast.


Top candidates include :

River rafting on the Gallatin River in Wyoming.
Snow skiing a fairly steep black trail with moguls at Breckinridge in Colorado.
Fishing in Louisiana while gators watched nearby.
Hiking down into and back out of the Grand Canyon.

I would do them all again.

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