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Bucket List

What is at the top of your bucket list?


What is holding you back from doing it NOW?

Crimson67 8 Aug 1

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I would love to take a river cruise down the Rhine River from Amsterdam to Vienna. Also, white water rafting. If I ever actually have a partner to do them with, nothing is holding me back, other than I don’t want to do them alone.

@Crimson67 are you taking names? ?

That would be upriver. The Rhine starts in Switzerland.



Moving to the beach...I will be doing that for the second time in my life this spring 2019.

Visiting Australia and New Zealand...trip planned for fall of 2019.

Not much else on my list....

that's a long plane ride. make sure you plan to see both islands of NZ. i only saw the north island. dangit i would have liked to see the alp-like mountains!!

@SeeCanU I went to Japan a few years ago and yes, it was a long plane ride. I plan to break it up by making a few days stop overs. I am going for about 3 weeks...if that is not enough, I can up it to more. It will be the trip of a lifetime, I hope! Thanks..yes...I want to see the mountains and the blue cave.


Visiting Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash, 35 Broad Street, Red Bank, NJ...

Because I love Kevin Smith, I love Tell 'Em Steve-Dave! and I love comic books...

I'm in Ohio and I don't currently have a driver's license and/or a vehicle...

@Oddy920 That's awesome!!! I saw Kevin & Ralph do Hollywood Babble-On in Cleveland, Ohio a few months ago. In fact, I bought our tickets for that show on a Friday and that Sunday, Kevin had himself a heart attack. And Ralph once read an email of mine on an earlier episode of Babble-On where I took an episode of Babble-On and took out all the non-swear words, so it was literally like a 2.5 minute string of swear words... Also, a good friend of mine worked on the walrus suits for "Tusk" and he gave me the crew T-shirt that they were given for working on the movie. I guess there are only about a dozen of those shirts in the world, and I have one! πŸ™‚

@Oddy920 Also, congrats on the weight loss!


Travel in Bolivia, for the incredible number of ancient, unexploited ruins. On hold until my children are grown or older at least......and it would be an experience I'd like to share with a partner.

Dew25 Level 7 Aug 1, 2018

Going to Mars.

Because it is there. There is a myriad others, but that's the main one.

Age and physical condition. In spite of that, I would go if the chance presented itself.


Traveling to ancient megalithic sites all over the world. What's stopping me? Money.


Go back to Ireland (alone this time so I can do what I want), see Big Sur CA, buy a camper and turn it into an art piece on wheels and maybe live in it for a while, have Adam Driver come to my 50th birthday in 2 years which will be Star Wars themed. Also, buy the Lego Death Star.


Galapagos, Easter Island, Machu Picchu in one big trip.
Because they are three places that have fascinated me for decades.
Work -- Lack of travel partner

Find a partner on your travels!!

I highly recommend Adventure Life out of Montana for the Galapagos. You need to do a 30 person yacht because only the smaller boats can get to all the islands. There are two different times of year to go because the currents change and the animals change. Contact me for more details when you're going if you wish


I want to visit a castle.

Gotta do it after I have this baby.

@minhmeister I would prefer Ireland or Scotland.

@Crimson67 Scotland it is, then.


Visit some of my relatives in Florence once again.
I was much younger when I was there last time around 14.
So I would love to go there and site see with some family as an adult.


Move to Italy. Familial obligations and responsibilities require me to put that on hold.


Lots of travel. What's holding me back right now are home improvement projects, which are actually quite close to being done....


Private pilot's license.

I love aviation, and dig flying single engine aircraft.

Time and money.

I've had three terribly expensive hobbies in my life. Flying was the worst of them. Buddy up with a pilot. Go flying with them a lot. Eventually you'll be given the controls -- guaranteed. Not for takeoff or landing, but it's better than nothing. That will work out to be easier, cheaper, and safer than doing it the other way.

@evidentialist I hear you loud & clear on the expense. I do have a profound interest in aviation and piloting, and some solo hours in a 172 out of KAVL. If I somehow get the means before I'm too old or feeble, I'm getting a license.


@MollyBell -- Then by all means, do it. I found later that it was much more cost effective to rent and not be faced with maintenance, hangar fees, insurance, blah blah blah.

@evidentialist Yes, true. I figured that out a while back that it costs a lot just to own an aircraft, which is why I dropped my lessons. I may not ever be in position to do it, but... it's a bucket list, lol. ?


Travel, travel travel...

Back to Asia, America, Alaska, Patagonia... I’ve been to a lot of places for work in the past due to my former career, but I wanna go back and be able to enjoy more. The thing is that when you go to places as a tourist, you are always in a rush because you have a limited time and need to make the most of it. My best experiences where when I actually moved to a place and had all the time I wanted. Tourism is a lie... Still better than sitting at home though ?


Traveling to see some of the interesting spots in this country - and abroad.
What's stopping me? a 20 yr old cat - her sister died this past January as did our beloved German Shepherd. Little Tess is the last of the mohicans so to speak and we will put all travel plans on hold for what remaining time we have with her. Might sound silly - but we think she deserves to spend the rest of her life being as happy and contented as possible.


I've been working on it since my early twenties. I want to see all fifty states . I have three to go.... among other things, most of which I have accomplished already.


Anywhere in Europe...I’ve never been there and would love to go


Visiting the Amalfi Coast of Italy
It's one of three places I need to see in the world
Can't go until I find "her" to go with

lerlo Level 8 Aug 1, 2018

To die in my sleep. I think I screwed up. That one probably should have gone on the bottom of my list, not the top. 😟


I am starting a project but I am where need to be to make it happen so is in progress since I just arrived.


Shark cage diving off the coast of Australia!


I’ve tried twice to see the aurora borealis, once in Norway and again on a trip to Iceland. Failed both times, the lights were spectacularly absent.

Go spend a winter in or near Fairbanks, Alaska and you'll be able to scratch that one off your list.

@evidentialist I wish I could but, alas, I am in the UK and cannot afford it.

@Cassiopeia -- Then winder in Abisko, Sweden.


India and Japan. $$ holds me back.



Because I want to live for a very long time.

Because the technology doesn't exist yet. I'll need to find a group of cryogenic scientists that aren't bound by laws stating you cannot freeze a living subject, go under until the technology appears that can halt and reverse the aging process.


Ah ah ah ah Stayin alive ?

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