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Is a port in a storm for you? has become a port in the storm, in the tumult of the current political climate. Each day of horrifying news corrodes my spirit and soul.

Reading posts and comments helps me feel better. Hooray for witty and thoughtful people!

Does anyone else feel this way?

Determined and resolute, I register new voters, sign petitions and march. Exercise makes me feel happy: hiking, weightlifting and stretching. Reading is a good escape, as is

A welcome port in a storm.

LiterateHiker 9 Aug 2

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I prefer the storm I feel when I drink a lot of port!


It is the first thing I do each day...I love seeing the regulars and reading everything from politics to funny stories...this does feel like I am with good people who don't judge, criticize or harass me...I think the men are respectful, flirty, funny, and sexy without demeaning the women...I think the women are smart, playful, interesting and kind to each other...I think almost everyone has a more positive outlook and empathy towards other...I really love coming here and leaving my browser on the site all day to check in...


Thank you for your thoughtful, well-written reply. I check first thing in the morning, too.

It's comforting to feel you are among like-minded people.

Mean, abusive comments and posts are against community guidelines. Good.

@LiterateHiker I actually look for you are one of the good people I like.

Thank you, darling! I feel honored.

"Aw... gee...shucks... " (sound of scraping hiking boot)


As long as there is one person willing to talk about nothing in particular and have fun while we learn from each other then the site is still worth it


Yes. is a place where many take refuge, escape to. Its a cyber village, a community of children pointing at the Emperor and shouting in unison that the Emperor has no clothes....and some that think he may or may not have clothes. No matter we are freethinkers....and cynics...even of each other sometimes. ?


Absolutely, I live in JesusTrumpville.

Me, too. Very funny! "JesusTrumpville" is hilarious.


Due to circumstances I do not get out much. Go to work, shop for groceries, look for wildlife and take Kate to her dr appointments. This sit helps me get some social contact and I do not have to wait for the invitation to church. I enjoy writing and telling stories about my experiences. Willing to share all I know and don't mind being corrected. Thanks to all who have made this fun and educational.


Oh yeah. I feel a lot of support here. Lots of intelligent, thoughtful people. I always look forward to coming here.


Absolutely. I try to visit the site at the end of the day. I always leave inspired and peaceful. I thank everyone here for that.




Yes, Yes and Yes. I love having this place to come to. It is not any port in a storm...for me it is the port in a storm. 😀


Im not a joiner by nature, but its a good break from the barrage of qanon redhat creeps that say Donny Tic Tacs is Gods Imperfect Instrument. Such people can suck a bat.


I don't get upset but I may get opinionated, more than my liking because the subject is irrelevant but hey... what are a few keystrokes for a retiree?


Yes, this is my oasis where I am welcome, supported and get recharged.

Hooray! Love your reply.


I spend more time here now than facebook. I'm going through cancer treatment and don't want prayers. I can't stand everybody on facebook praying for me. I'm unapologetic. Thanks for this alternative.

I won't pray for you but I'll send you best wishes! YOU CAN GET THROUGH THIS!

@LucyLoohoo I'm completing some tests tomorrow to determine if I'm curable, Dr. on Wednesday to give me a verdict. My anxiety level is off the chart.

@confidentrealm Oh, my dear! OF COURSE IT IS! What're you doing to ease the stress? Music? Cooking? Writing to friends? Playing with animals? ((((HUGS))))

@LucyLoohoo Aretha! So sad she's gone.


I see it more as a lighthouse. I’m good at keeping a light on and they let me crash here for free. It’s a lonely life but sometimes people stop by with supplies and say hi. I don’t have a boat, if I did I’d be off sailing to sunnier shores. And if any port is good in a storm, then you’re off as soon as things clear up. If this place is a port it’s more like my favorite port that I happened to also be near enough to choose during this storm. But I’d still stop by if it wasn’t storming, and if I had a boat, and if I wasn’t needed to keep the light on.

I love this song.

@Nottheonlyone Me too! 🙂


I would have to agree. I'd rather be on agnostic than fb. With all that is going on in this world it is nice to be among intelligent thinkers. It is very depressing out there. I want to stay informed but I also value my sanity.


Yes. Reading things people say lets one know them a bit, their internet persona at least. My diet and exercise also make me feel better. I'm dyslexic, so don't read books often, but enjoy them when I do. Agnostic is a welcome port in a storm.



I can't have conversations about my beliefs anywhere else. Not my parents, not my friends, not even on private atheist Facebook groups filled with memes. It's refreshing.

Yes if you read all my posts you know more about me that I do. The only way to grow and get to know people is by being honest.


I appreciate your self-reflection and honesty. Bravo!


Yes, I am now spending far more time here than on FB friends is full of trump supporters, a few who might have unfriended me a few weeks ago when I was re-posting every anti tRUMP posting I could find.


Facebook is like the Comet channel.
Agnostic is like PBS.
Both are entertaining, depending on your mood.


Not for me really, in the UK an atheist doesn't have a storm to get shelter from but I like this site as there's good witty stuff on it and I like chucking my tuppence in. There's also a lot of bollocks which I ignore 🙂

How's the foot? 🙂


Thanks for asking! My left foot is much better.

I'm not very good at behaving myself and staying down. Last Tuesday, I did a 90-minute weights workout. Hurt my foot again. Got carried away. Typical.

It probably was the squats and rowing machine (32 strokes per minute). Oops.

@LiterateHiker I did say when you posted about your foot that you'd be back hiking before you know it but not if you gooly it up at the gym! Patience is a virtue as well as an Opera 🙂

What patience? Not with my own injuries.

Apparently I used up my reservoir of patience raising my daughter. Joking!

@LiterateHiker Perhaps you should change your nic to LiterateImpatientCurrentlyNotHikingHiker just for a while? 🙂

Hilarious! Love you sense of humor.

@LiterateHiker Thx L.I.C.N.H.H (even I couldn't type that out again!) 🙂


Yes, amazing isn't it.


Yes. FB ultimately adds to the discourse due to everyone being there. The intelligence level here on average is higher. Unfortunately some still get snarky, but not as many by far. The introverts are more common, it's less about what we show off.


Little bit, yeah. There are some people out there who see things like I do and that's not a bad thing. ?


It was a great place when I first joined, it's lost that small group appeal and much of its charm. There are a few people I stick around to check in on, but usually I don't find many discussions that I care to join.

I go here for solace and solitude:

JimG Level 8 Aug 2, 2018

Yes to all those things. They keep me sane.

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