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What kind of people or behaviour make you really angry?

Speak when you are angry - and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret. Laurence J. Peter

Hitchens 8 Aug 4

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When I have to pick up the slack for someone and I’m already doing more than my fair share. (Happens at work all the time). Being lied to is a huge one. And, people not accepting responsibility for their own mistakes.


Heartless people,bullies, and bigots. I was going to say stupid people, but they frustrate me more than anything.

Would I be correct to assume you often have to bite your lip and count to 10 while on-line? ??

@Hitchens I should. Maybe l wouldn't get blocked. I'm sure there are folks on here that think I'm stupid. ☺


Personally I have never thought so...not in any way actually..


Most of the human race

Wow that's pretty comprehensive. ?


Mean people.

Mean penny pinching scrooges?

Or mean like a rabid dog?

@Hitchens People who are not nice, who think nothing of being rude or obnoxious and have no regard for others' feelings. No need to be rabid, just mean. Rabid is more like crazy, and there might be an excuse for that!


Those who have little to no consideration for others.

That is probably a wide spectrum of individuals..but certainly a catch-all.. yes.


Absurd lies like attorneys or used car sells people the worst are the commentators on infomercial.

Yes the daily onslaught of lies one almost becomes immune to....but not quite.


Dishonesty is a biggie with me. Once I catch somebody in a lie, I just assume that nothing they ever say is true.

Deb57 Level 8 Aug 4, 2018

White lie or any lie?

Good policy! Mine too. Can't stand a filthy liar.

You've never asked anybody, Do I look fat/good in this?

@Hitchens: Any lie. A lie is a lie.

@Anonbene I'd rather hear a painful truth than a pretty lie.

You've never lied to a dear girlfriend or daughter when asked your opinion on her tuna casserole? Huh. Ok.

@Anonbene I didn't say that, and of course I have. But there is no place for dishonesty between life partners.

Oh so some lying when it suits you is just fine. ?

@Anonbene Try re-reading my last comment.

Try re-reading your first comment.

@Anonbene I know what I said, and I stand by it. I won't pretend it doesn't apply to me, as much as anybody. I'm no saint. The only lie I ever told my husband of 17 years was that he wasn't utterly wretched as a lover. Pretty sure he wouldn't have liked knowing the truth, but it doesn't change the fact that I lied to him.


When people willfully hurt others for their own gain. Greed, capitalism when left unchecked. The thought that anyone is illegal or is less than someone else. People are people and should be treated kindly.

Now I know some individuals would shout snowflake ..they would be the type that make me a little angry....but I see your pet hates as those of a great human being. Thank you.


Bigotry. Willful ignorance. Arrogance and rudeness.

They are some of the cardinal ones right there..agreed.

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