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I’ll fast nightly for 40 days. But I’m going to breakfast promptly at 0730.


Fasting? What is this? Ramadan?


That might thin the herd! LOL

Not around here. He’s out of my county, so I can’t vote against him, but he’s in a heavy red area.


Pray he goes away, fast.

Sad that we’re atheist and talking about praying!


I hope he gets drummed out of office.

Wish I was in his county and area to vote him out. He’s only 30 minutes away, but still.


This is junk! You can bet the mayor is still going to eat and drink.

Well, it’s only 30 minutes from me. I’m in a heavy redneck area. Super Trump supporters. Pretty sure I’ll be the only blue voter around here come November.

@lakegirl84 I live in a similar area in Missouri. I love living here but most people think Trumpsky is god. I either ignore them or for certain ones I call them stupid. If we talk politics I challenge them to answer about Trump without talking Hillary, Obama, or AIG insurance. My challenge is that most of them can't do it. I must be right because it shuts them up.


So does that means Flordia is going to have a bunch of skinny hungry maniacs they could make a movie about that.

Man, IDK but it’s only about 30 minutes from me. Makes me so nervous about this shitty red state I live in.

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