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What is with the hatred of police officers? Out of the million LEO's in the US a few get bad acts publicised and people hate them all. I do not understanding the logic. That is like saying that all Germans are bad because of the Nazis. All poor are bad because of increased crime in poverty. All women are bad because of a few women murders.

Bam85 6 Jan 14

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I don't think most people hate all police. I certainly don't. Wanting police in general to be held to higher standards isn't a bad thing, though. There are a few major problems I see: the few bad eggs, as you mentioned; the cover-ups by fellow officers; the lack of legal follow-through in serious cases of abuse of power or incompetence; and a severe lack of ongoing training and monitoring of officers to ensure they're fit for the stress of being in the field. I don't hate police, and I think they have a difficult job, but I believe there needs to be some reform that involves better training and support, and a culture that doesn't protect those who fail to uphold a high level of integrity and ability in law enforcement.


I don't even know where to start on this example of white privelege illustrated.


Because all the cops stick together. The so-called good ones don't even call out the bad ones. Quite the opposite, to the point of lying and covering up or just staying silent. If they would police their own, then I might extend them some respect from the outset.

Though I never went on to be a cop, I met plenty in college (battle hardened officers given ‘so long’ to get their degree). Riding along with a cop friend who’d acquired the degree I stopped short of (I’d given her my books 🙂 ), I witnessed how essential backup was. Really, it’s like a gang fighting a gang - though one ‘gang’ has to play by the rules… From all I learned, it’s astonishing there aren’t far - far more incidents of ..everything than there are.


Well....The police don't call out the racist cops, or if they do they are ostracized. It's that "thin blue line" mentality. Then I see obvious examples of police killing unarmed civilians and other obvious examples of unjustified murder, and the police end up exonerated of all charges. This happens time and time again. I can't say I hate most police but I hate the system and it is corrupt.


I don't hate police officers. Most of them do their job and help society. A few have overstepped their authority, but they are the exception.

Nice to read.. Like most professions, you rarely hear of the mundane successes, only the blatant mistakes. And given their level of authority, those mistakes are often deadly.


I can separate my distaste for bad cops from my respect for the good ones. Some people can't. But saying that "people hate them all" is also "painting them all with the same brush." Just like any other close-knit group, if you criticize one, the entire group feels criticized.

(adding this edit for clarity) I don't hate all cops because of the acts of some of them. It may feel like most people either love them all or hate them all. Some people really are vocal about their hatred of all cops. Not me. However, there is also something else going on. I think that it is very common among people in tight kit groups to feel personally offended if one of their group is offended. I think that some cops can't accept criticism of one of their members without coming to that officer's defense and feeling like their entire department or profession is under siege.

@Bam85 Why?


As an outsider, I find the policing methods in the U.S. to be over the top.

I can't remember which news anchor said it, but he made a good point: the current militarised training that the police receive instills in them fidgety fear rather than calm bravery.

Apart from the more obvious incidents (e.g. Philando Castile's shooting - which I found totally disgusting), the shooting of Justine Damon (an Australian living in the U.S.) totally cemented the notion that some cops are totally not equipped (mentally, obviously) to do their jobs.

It worse. If you are too smart or outspoken they won't even hire you


Bam85...Unfortunately, I think you are over-simplifying the idea that you’re questioning. First, I guess we would have to define “bad acts”. Do you only think of the physical abuses that are reported, or are you also considering every breach of citizens stop and frisk, DUI/Immigration checkpoints, Speed cameras run by for-profit companies, false reporting, planting evidence, holding themselves to a different standard, etc.

Just because YOU only hear of a few bad acts here and there, doesn’t mean that other people aren’t having and/or hearing of many more negative experiences. Not to say that All police are bad but perhaps a lot more than you realize. Additionally, many people feel that every officer that looks the other way and doesn’t report their fellow “bad” officers, are just as bad...not to mention those that actively protect the others committing misdeeds. Inclusion of all of the negative aspects increases the number of bad apples considerably. Wouldn’t you agree?


You're using the few bad apples argument and the saying is a few bad apples spoils the bunch not cover up a few bad apples or put bad apples in another bunch.
Also police in the US have shot and killed over a thousand people a year for the last four or five years. This is way more than other countries. We also imprison more folks than any other country. Also our police escalate confrontations so they can be violent. Also police will break the law to enforce the law. Lastly police will do all of this without prosecution. Conclusion your trust in the police is the viewpoint that is irrational.


Agree to a point... a few “bad acts” get published, how many do not... ? I believe the majority are good decent human beings but the silent majority know the bad actors and allow them to continue unmolested. I’ve found “a few” that didn’t think the law applied to them, like smokin pot, drinking and driving (not against pot nor booze). I’ve also found similar “arrogance” from military men and women and “even” politicians (mostly “R”’s), some D’s too. Guess my old school values hold these people to a higher standard and when they fail (act human) it’s just worse in my book. I’m hep with BLM and taking a knee for a just cause.

Tomas Level 7 Jan 15, 2018

It’s interesting how often anyone in the (US) military is viewed as ‘a hero’ … when the bulk of State Troopers and likely a majority (given ‘veterans preferences’ on civil service exams) of city & county police are from that same military…

Understood,... don’t know why being in military automatically qualifies you as a hero any more than an every day policeman, and it seems many former military “end up” in law enforcement, don’t if that’s necessarily a good thing.
Can’t we all just get along? @Varn


I like the police. Especially when I need them. If I call 9-1-1 you better send somebody out to my house ASAP.


Growing up in a rough neighborhood I admired the police and would often talk at their car window from my bicycle. Seemed to me they were the only stable presence… Got a scanner, learned the codes ..then had my HS counselor line me up for Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice classes in college..

Fell in love with a future wife too anxious for me to patrol.. and learned enough about the effect ‘fighting crime’ had on one’s personal life that I dropped out, too near the end.. Some jerks figured I was ‘a nark,’ others would ‘pretend shoot’ cops as we’d drive the streets ...and family assumed my days were numbered…

As mentioned, there are of course some bad apples, it’s one of the most stressful jobs of all ...I believe it had both the #1 divorce and suicide rate.. Now, I’m ‘their dad’s’ age, but still admire those giving all it takes to make their corner of the world a slightly better place.

Varn Level 8 Jan 15, 2018

Because all the "good" police officers are not arresting or stopping the bad ones. And officers are not treated the same as the public for the same crime. It makes them very easy to hate, you must be able to understand that.


I don't know about people hating police in the states. Radicals shooting cops over here should be shot themselves. All cultures have good and great people.


I'm not sure how to answer this. This isn't about the actions of a "few bad cops." It's about the actions of bad cops, the coverup, the system that keeps them in play no matter what they do, and the fact that they're never held accountable.

I would never say "all Germans are bad because of Nazis," but I would never all anyone to defend the Nazis because "a few get bad acts publicized." We have a problem that goes far deeper than just the police, and it must be dealt with or we're in real trouble.

I sincerely think you should familiarize yourself with what's going on. It's only a simple Google search away.


First things first.

I live in the UK and have never been to the states.

However, we are bombarded with American TV and film police dramas. Now I know that TV is not the real world and situations and characters are larger than life, but with few exceptions police are portrayed as the 'good guys' fighting crime and rooting out the bent coppers and ne'er do wells.

Which on the surface sounds really good. But in reality, what we see is a bunch of loose canons who shoot first and ask questions later, beat confessions out of suspects, break into properties and totally ignore the rules and safeguards in place that are there to protect everybody.

Combine this with the constant drip feed of innocent (mostly black) people being shot because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and the fact that most people's experience of police is via TV and media - and especially now social media - you can start to see why the public's perception can start to become very negative of the whole profession.

It's just a theory you know..... 😉 (Translation to science speak - these are my thoughts on the matter and the hypothesis I am putting up for peer review.)


Because the police union gets the bad apple's back. And police talk about the bad apple's but bever seem willing to actually point out which apple's are bad.

If you don't condemn the specific cops that are bad and address the problem then you are bad too. Until cops can reject and condemn these "bad apples" instead of make excuses for them then there are no good cops.

Its less like saying all germans are bad because of nazis than it is like saying like all nazis are bad even the ones that don't kill anybody


I'm not so sure it's that they are all hated so much as enough of them get on some sort of power trip and it can be hard to sort out who has or has not fallen into that these days. Protect and serve goes out the window and I don't know about anyone else but in the few instances I really needed one, I was treated as the criminal.

That said, logically I know this isn't all of them and there are some outstanding people in the police force. I just wish they could police their own a lot better than they do... and further the training they must have to be on the force.

AmyLF Level 7 Jan 15, 2018

They are not all bad.
Hard for low income and minorities to find, but definitely not all bad.


People do tend to paint all of a type with the same brush. hates a big word.


Personally I have had zero problem with the police. I can not remember the last time I was pulled over. The time I did get pulled over they have always at the very least been civil, and I ran into a polite one ore more. My memory is a little fuzzy. My think is they have hard job, but there are some bad ones.


Having been in the military I can relate to having your life placed in life or death situations daily and the stress one faces to make life or death decisions within micro seconds. However I do not understand shooting a man in the back who is running away from you and who has not displayed any weapon! Another situation is taking a man down who is not showing any resistance especially when there are several police officers on the scene to handcuff. These show a police unit out of control which then gets all the news coverage played over and over.

I respect our law departments and the job they face . They are in a position no different than our military @ war . There isn't any difference.


I have no problem with cops in general. I do get at least a call every other week wanting me to donate to a fund to help retired cops. I know they get a hell of a better pension than me because I don't have one, just SS so why should I give them money. That's ridiculous. Most cops have a job to do and do it and for that I give them all the credit in the world. If they are bad cops then they should lose their jobs like any other occupation. They put their clothes on the same as the rest of us.

gearl Level 7 Jan 15, 2018

It's just another form of racism. You cannot judge an entire group because of a few bad apples. Granted, each group's percentage of bad apples varies, and I'm not sure where cops fall in there, but one still has to fight the emotional urge to judge them all unfairly.


I just dislike racist police officers. I do have a problem with Germany and Poland-no desire to go there.

You get far enough south in the US ..hell - the midwest is full of racists too.. It’s just ‘what some people are,’ and you can’t blame that on ‘being a cop’ … as they’ve got racist dentists, teachers, preachers, lawyers, judges, mechanics, waitresses too.. It’s wrong when some racist cop ‘does his thing’ in a shit-hole state ( 😉 ) and every cop in America gets blamed for it..

@Varn I disagree that every cop gets blamed for the actions of a few. I think that when one cop is accused of abuse, every other cop feels that he or she is being accused too. Sure, you'll find people on Facebook who hate all cops, and that's not right in my opinion. But cops need to stop sticking up for their bad apples. While we in the public can separate the good ones from the bad, the police themselves cannot.

@carlyhorton You can disagree with reality but that doesn't change it.. Seems folks are using a mighty wide brush; if you want to get specific, within any jurisdiction, go for it. Regarding the domestic battlefield that cops inhabit, backing up those who back you up is essential. Does that ever go to far? Of course, as it does in war.. The day my local deputies become too fearful or unwilling to act is a day I fear.

@Varn You say that it is "reality" that most people hate all cops because of the actions of a few. The reality I experience is that most people are able to respect cops in general while still condemning the few. Yes, there are a lot of cop haters, but I don't know any personally. They exist online or in the media, but they're not necessarily in the majority.

@carlyhorton “What is with the hatred of police officers?” A broad question I’ve answered several times ... if not ‘in your words.’

@Varn You made the claim "people hate them all." I say some do, some don't.

@carlyhorton Feeling more than a little dogged here … and I don’t appreciate fake quotes. The closest I get to what you’ve ‘said’ I said is: “It’s wrong when some racist cop ‘does his thing’ in a shit-hole state ( 🙂 ) and every cop in America gets blamed for it..” -- and I stand by it. Think as you please, but don’t think for me ~

@Varn I'm feeling dogged too. You're really defensive, and we pretty much are in agreement. The quotes are from you. Here are screen shots. I agree that people blame cops in general for the action of a few. I am not one of those people. You seem to have a hard time believing that there are people out there who DON'T hate all cops based on the actions of a few.

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