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Vikings win on a crazy play at the end and the player who scored the winning touchdown said “god did it”. Okey Dokey

Specman 6 Jan 14

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In a way he is right. God/creator gave us abilities and its up to us to use them best we can. In a game of course small things win games, whether that is your ability, commitment or training. If you get them right you overcome the opponent.It about all that went on long before the event not the actual incident, can make this happen or at least turn the odds in your favour.

Is is also far better than actual warfare, so lets not get too uptight about it.

The imaginary super being gave us abilities. Right!

Yip and its up to us to use them,some do some don't,its evolutionary supremecy,.


But....but....but....gawd Clearly loves The Patriots better, as do i!

God is Tom Brady.

@IntellectualRN actually i think of Tom as a very athletic jeezus and Bill B as Gawd!


I'm a Tennessee Vols fan. I'm in the middle of the Bible Belt. If the god were able to fix football games, we wouldn't have lost 8 games this season.


The religious nuts think god’s responsible for everything because they don’t know any better!


As a Vikings fan, and sports fan in general, I get tired of athletes who say God wanted me to win, or Jesus was with me today. Why you and not your opponent? Just be thankful you won. Honor your opponent and celebrate.

God obviously is a Vikes fan from the days of Tarkenton and he loves your new digs.


Ya, I was not impressed. Not a vikings fan even tho I live in MN. I heard the Qb refer to something like that too when he was getting interviewed.. like.. " I want to thank Jesus".. SMH


If Williams, #43 would have had his head screwed on, and not made some weird "roll and slide " underneath & past the receiver,The Saints would have won.

So....maybe the Devil made the Saint do it?

twill Level 7 Jan 14, 2018

So, shouldn't those points be deducted then because they were scored by an omnipotent being who isn't on the team roster? It seems like cheating to me. 😀

12 so called players on the field FLAG

Flag for 12 men on the field.


Hope my Pats don't do that next week vs Tennessee Titans.

Gotta prEy to the 13 pound football's gawd nurfboy Brady loses to Jacksonville


That's funny, because he was a Jags fan earlier today. And yesterday he was an Eagles and a Pats fan. You can't root for ALL the teams.

godef Level 7 Jan 14, 2018

I am Buffalo and 34 against Foxboro

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