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Any fans of Game of Thrones here?

Suzanna 5 Jan 15

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Next year can't come fast enough. 😟


I'm a fan, though I've only seen the first couple seasons. I need to get on the ball and do some binge watching.

Gohan Level 7 Jan 17, 2018

Seasons 3 and 4 are very good. I started binge watching after watching an episode called, β€œHardhome” in season 5. I thought it was fantastic and I was then hooked. I had to start from the beginning and binge watched all 5 seasons before season 6 began.

@balou I made it a 'girls night' where bunch of friends of mine gather together and watch GOT. We see 2 episode per party and have a great time!

@Suzanna that's great. Why just girls? No invite for me?


I definitely am. I have watched every show. I learned early on not to get too attached to a character! lol

balou Level 8 Jan 17, 2018

I've only watched the first season, dropped off for me because I got side tracked by other stuff. I didn't mind it, found it alright, just sort of forgot it. I might marathon the whole thing when the new season comes out, but until then I'm in no rush.


Love the show, watched every season. Purchased the entire series so far on DVD. Just bought the books to start reading.


Forced by daughter nr 2 and son nr 3 to watch. Sister nr 4 for being my junior couldn't force me to watch this last season. Is a labour of love and still because is "fantasy" is not that much of my liking but not that is not a show worth seeing. I still prefer "Penny Dreadful". I am one of those not that interested on marathons, if you can't tell the story on 3 seasons? You losing me. Sooner or later you feel the push of, what else can we add? But is a great show with many fans certainly.


Love that show


Books & show. Can't get enough of it.


I have all episodes PVR'ed I may have an addiction problem with this show.


Followed it in its early stages. Have not watched it in a for some time. Very good write like the way it is presented.


Never seen it but i read it was partly based on Anglo Saxon history in the UK. It was a facsinating time in british history with warring clans loyal to regional kings.Lots of wars ,double crossing,marraiges of convenience,betrayal,horrific deaths,power and glory.

My personal favourite is the story of a local king here in NE England about 1400 years ago called King(also saint) Oswald.His story would make a tremendous movie....fact is often stranger than fiction...though without the dragons ; )


GRR Martin has said he took a lot of inspiration from the War of the Roses period.

You could probably take any medieval period in Britain things didn't change that much over the centuries,it was all skullduggary and double crossing for great rewards.


Yay. Game of Thrones!


Who Is your favorite Character from GOT?

John Stone

Tyrion and Arya. They are flawed, dangerous, quick-witted, and fabulous. I truly hope they both survive the end of the series.

@Suzanna Daenerys and Tyrion!

Tyrion and Arya

@Gatovicolo Whats not to love about Jon Snow?...Honest, Honorable, and very easy on the eyes XD

@KKGator Yes I loved Tyrion from beginning, mostly because he is witty and made me laugh! Aria I like for her endurance, and never giving up.

@MyLiege Its funny how much Denny changed. From slave to her brother ambition being sold as a cattle to a Queen. Tyrion is my favorite, because he drinks and knows things XD

I thought so too@Suzanna

Daenerys is my favorite, but I like most of them.

I absolutely hated Jaime Lannister at the beginning, but damn if he hasn’t grown on me. He is flawed and wonderfully played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. I adore the connection he has with Brienne of Tarth. I also like Bronn a lot and The Hound.


Yes, it's one of my favorite shows though I have not read the books.


I own all 7 seasons and can't wait for the next one. I also read the books. LOVE IT πŸ™‚

Me too. I own all seasons and I read some books, not all. Did you guys hear next season won't be out until 2019?

@Suzanna sadly yes... so I will rewatch the previous seasons 5 or 6 times πŸ™‚

@Suzanna yes, and that’s a pisser. I guess the creators are milking this show for all it’s worth.

@balou They are killing fans with the waiting... as is George RR Martin with the next book... it's be promised for about 3 years now... argh!

@Ad4hubby I know how frustrating it is. There are only 6 episodes in season 8. Hopefully they will be longer.

@balou I had not heard 6... 😟 ugh... When it ends... when the show has completed... what the hell will I look forward to on tv??

@Ad4hubby I watched the first season of Westworld on HBO and thought it was really good. It's suppose to continue sometime this year.

@balou Oh yes! I am waiting for that too! I saw an ad for it πŸ˜›


Have yet to see an episode... if anything like the Hobbit or LOTR, would probably binge it.

Its similar in sense that it has its own world and lore and history

I think you would like Game of Thrones. It has very good production quality like LOTR and an excellent cast. More fantasy elements (magic, monsters) show up in later season than in the first few seasons. Also, it's much more adult oriented than LOTR.


I caught up this summer and was enthralled. Love it!


All day!

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