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Q: What did the Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor?

A: "Make me one with everything."

M121 7 Jan 15

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The whole story is:

The Buddha is in Central Park and comes across a hot dog cart. He hands the vendor a $20 bill and says, "Make me one with everything". The vendor makes the dog, gives it to Buddha, and starts to walk away. The Buddha says, "Where's my change?". The vendor replies, "Change comes from within." and keeps walking away...

That's how I first heard it too. Funny!


He made the Buddhist into a hot dog? With everthing? Lol.


Was it one of those made with chicken by products?


IT HAD to be Sabretts...I'd kill for a proper Sabrett's right from the cart, with the onions and sauerkraut and ....sigh.....

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